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    Z-52 needs a buff

    Plain and simple, the Z-52 is in a very akward state in the game as of right now. With the addition of the Daring, the Z-52 has no unique trait besides fast loading torps. And with the new flooding mechanic, those torps got HEAVILY nerfed. Even though they reload fast, they are close to the worst torps in the game. Concealment is mediocre, guns are mediocre, speed is mediocre, large size...etc. I mean where does this ship really stand out? Hydro? That's very situational and almost useless with all the radar ships. Fast torp reload? its a total of 8 torps that do very little damage? The Z-52 is a tier 9 ship in its current state. What are all your thoughts??? The fact it has the lowest damage of all DD's with the fastest torp reload is proof enough wargaming needs to examine and buff the Z-52
  2. Wargaming, You need to address the problems with DD after the update. Nobody wants to play DD anymore, its terrible. You are constantly spotted by cvs. This changes how DD's play. So many times I have seen DD's sit behind battleships now until planes are gone. This needs to be addressed because by fixing one type of ship you have ruined another.
  3. My opinion on this new cv rework is it is great, HOWEVER. You need to make it so planes cant consistently go after 1 bb and cause flood after flood after flood. Constantly forcing them to use damage control. I mean come on Wargaming, this is fairly obvious. And the new dd spotting, is incredibly bad too. Ive been in so many games because no one wants to play dd now. Fix these few issues and you did what the re work was supposed to do! I hope someone from wargaming reads this and understands many of us are concerned about the current state of the game