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  1. Parapraxis_Steel

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Nope. Repeatedly kicked off a Tier 10 Random battle. (12 vs. 12). From the team screen the music stops and it freezes. Sometimes quits to to the desktop, sometimes I have to kill it [Edit: force quit] and go through the login process again. I did get in one time, sailed a few kilometers, as soon as I pressed Shift to zoom in, the view zoomed and froze. At least I'm not pink, though I won't be trying a random until I hear further news.
  2. Parapraxis_Steel

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    If you just give it a file, it will accept that and the ticket will go through. There was no way I was going to pay for Parallels and then get Windows and so forth. I'm guessing they want your Apple Menu | About This Mac | System Report, but I didn't send that. One Co Op game so far and all is well. Crossing fingers and will try a Random...
  3. Parapraxis_Steel


    Has anyone any information on the Montpelier that just popped up in the wiki? If that’s the next premium, it looks cool. Fast turrets and twelve 6” guns.
  4. Parapraxis_Steel

    Giving up on tech tree ships

    Thanks to all for these insights. I have ground up to the North Carolina and found the Colorado pretty frustrating (dispersion and the two gun turrets). The New Mexico is a great ship and I felt I left behind a good battle mate upon moving up. The NC has yet to grow on me, but I do want to top out the tech tree. It does get better and each ship forces an incremental change in your play style. Making me more versatile. Truth to tell, I ground out most of the XP required for NC by playing my Massachusetts B, which is my favorite of all.
  5. Parapraxis_Steel

    Sharp rise in idiot BB captains lately, or just me?

    LOL. You are correct about me. I've yet to spend a dime, though I can see that changing at some point. Buying the game does explain this to some extent and I hadn't thought of that.
  6. Parapraxis_Steel

    Sharp rise in idiot BB captains lately, or just me?

    As a very new player, there is certainly a learning curve to climb. I am not a kid (I'm over 50) and I have done things I instantly saw were wrong. Staying in binocular too long and losing situational awareness leads to all manner of mistakes. Getting caught up in the heat of battle and the wonder of the visuals is a quick route to boorish behavior as well as the murky depths. I like it that to be good at this, I have to realize ultimately there are people on the other side of the server and this is really about playing as part of a team. Being a good team player leads to success and satisfaction. The BB reflects my preferred playing style and temperament (more planning ahead than fast action) and is what I find interesting. Understanding the benefits a BB can bring to the team (AA bubble, long range support, intimidation factor) helps to be a better team player. Which is what the game is geared toward. This being said, I've done some stupid stuff. I try to learn from it and be better. The game is fun and I'm happy to be a participant.