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  1. KelesK

    Update 0.8.5. Feedback and Performance

    You're not allowed to say those kinds of things here. Or anywhere. DD's must always be at the top of the totem pole.
  2. KelesK

    Update 0.8.5. Feedback and Performance

    Accurate. They invited CV players to test the CV rework prior to the 8.0 release. Everyone said it wasn't ready. WG just released it anyway.
  3. Was during someone's live stream.
  4. Is now a good time to remind people about the developer leading up the CV rework? The one who says that we're all idiots.
  5. At this point in time, WarGaming, it is long past time you relieve whomever is in charge of the CV rework of their position. Because it's blatantly obvious to, frankly, everyone with so much as a single working brain cell that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing and most likely lied on their resume.
  6. So.. WarGaming didn't even touch the problem. They just kinda.. Did something else. 5 stars, brain donors.
  7. KelesK

    Update 0.8.5. Feedback and Performance

    I love being uptiered in my T8 CV. It means I can literally go and do something else for 20 minutes. Oh wait.. I don't need to be upteired for that anymore... I think the most beautiful irony is that they gave torpedo bombers a heal.. Which is now redundant because consistent damage deals faster than the heal works and most well placed flak bursts combined with the consistent just shred aircraft faster than they heal. It's pretty evident WG literally don't have a clue how their own system works. You cannot tell me there is an ounce of logic in this change and back it up with balance-based evidence.
  8. KelesK

    Update 0.8.5. Feedback and Performance

    Nerf my CV's harder, Daddy!
  9. After this effort I doubt there will be another collab.
  10. "Side armour: 190mm". It should be noted, regardless, the armour there is not 190mm. Terrifying but also likely.
  11. @Kami @Radar_X @Gneisenau013 Come on guys. I understand some changes need to be made for balance sake but the poor Azuma left the shipyard with nothing. Every surviving document from the time states that the B-65 Super-A Cruiser had 190mm side armour. Please fix it so she's not citadeled by a passing seagull.
  12. None of them are my waifu because WG shoved them all behind a paywall.