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  1. WWIIJunkie

    CB'S down

    Experiencing the same issue. Interestingly, I can get back in game, but only without mods.
  2. I figured out what was wrong. I turned off custom skins in the port options. Never mind. ;)
  3. So, I received special Leningrad Defense camos for Leningrad and Minsk in May/June for completing 20 and 30 missions respectively (the event discussed in the attached forum link above.) Today, both camos suddenly disappeared. I happened to have just played my Minsk (with the Leningrad Defense camo) and only noticed it went missing because I got a notification that the camo had been demounted. This was weird, as I have the camo auto-resupply set to enable.If I hadn't checked notifications, I likely would never have known the camo disappeared. Here is a screenshot of the notification I saw (the red box is added to highlight the relevant info. Anyone else having this problem? UPDATE: I had disabled custom skins in additional content. The camos simply weren't showing up, but I still had them. [SOLVED]
  4. WWIIJunkie

    Joy to the world

    Awsomesauce. It'll just be a surprise in game....
  5. WWIIJunkie

    Getting Disconnected from Server in Middle of Battle

    I am experiencing this problem as well. It kicks me out within several minutes, every time. I can re-enter, only to be kicked out again. I'll be honest, fixing this isn't worth my time anymore. It's not my computer. It's not my internet. It's WoWs.
  6. I saw your note about the new nvidia drivers, so I went and installed them. Guess what? My in-game browser tabs don't work anymore! haha This is absurd.
  7. This issue resolved for me after I updated Windows and the firmware on my PC. I'm not sure which fixed it, but I can now see the tabs.
  8. This describes what I am experiencing since the last patch too. I am running Win 10 tho.
  9. WWIIJunkie


    Having the same issue post-update. Also sent in a ticket. Mine freezes right after I've gotten out of the queue and can see who my teammates and opponents are. Also, I'm a Windows 10.
  10. WWIIJunkie

    Crashes after patching.

    I just attempted a co-op battle, this time with an Icarus. Shortly after entering the queue...when the game load screen is supposed to pop up, it crashed again. This needs a fix. :(
  11. WWIIJunkie

    Crashes after patching.

    I just tried to play a battle with a CV and this happened to me. I suspect I have a very pissed team right now! Please let us know when this issue is fixed! I'm reluctant to play until I know I won't just crash upon the game load screen. I suspect I already have a penalty from the one game I just crashed in.