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  1. Awe5ome

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    Ok then let's make everything perfectly historically accurate. DD's can be spotted right at the beginning of the game, their 5" gun is useless against Battleships, cruisers and Aircraft Carriers. DD's can only damage other DD's and submarines. Torpedoes wouldn't get an auto lead indicator to have even a slight hope of hitting your target you need to guess the speed of your enemy their direction of travel. You'd need to keep a calculator beside your desk with some paper to even have a slight hope of hitting your target, I hope you've studied your trigonometry. And once you fired off your torps there would be no more Torpedos until you returned to port. The guns of the DD's would also require math, first, you'd have to guess the distance of your target then with that information calculate the elevation of the gun, the deflection to hit the target, the Barometric pressure of the air, the wind speed and direction, movement of your own ship, the wear out of the guns, humidity of the air, not to mention that all these calculations would need to be performed to the shell being fire, ie: weight of the shell, shell drag, shell density and the deformations in the shell. All that to fire then if you miss you'd need to adjust your aim and fire, and if your target changed speed or direction these calculations would need to be performed again. You'd be constantly spotted because almost every nation had radar during WW2 with the exception of the USSR, Japan and Italy, smoke would only obscure your enemy's sight of you, they'd still know exactly where you are. Oh, and if you want perfect historical accuracy then there would be a 40s delay between the time you ordered a command to the time it would be carried out. Because you'd yell into a voice pipe/radio to turn to port, starboard, to speed up or slow down then you'd have to wait for the people in the engine rooms to turn the ship which would take a long time and only then would your ship start turning. Oh, and if you're in a DD then every single shell that hit you could be the end of your ship. I mean in real life if a shell hit your torpedo armament then they'd blow up the ship would be in two pieces. Any damage to the steering or engine room would be permanent meaning that you'd be stationary until someone sank you. Cruisers shells can't do a thing to BB's they're vulnerable to air attack, every single thing above would also need to be performed to fire the guns of a cruiser or its torpedo's. Almost every single thing above would also apply to a Cruiser. Battleships could damage anything but they'd be irrelevant because aircraft exist and the CVs made battleships obsolete. And again all the things mentioned for DD's would hold true for battleships. CV's rule the sky and the sea, there's a reason the worlds capital ships are aircraft carriers, they have long-range they can't be directly countered unless the enemy BB gets into shooting range of the CV. The planes carry devastating striking potential, losses would be rare unless the opponent you're attacking has a carrier themself. There is no realism in WoWs the only realistic part is the models of the ships. Tell me does this sound fun to you?
  2. grammar... so many mistakes. Please fix the mistakes thank you.
  3. Awe5ome

    IJN DD Guns

    @Apokita I gave you a thumbs up just from your profile pic alone
  4. Awe5ome

    Two kinds of people

    Two kinds of people are right, but generally, people aren't all on one side or the other. Most people are like a pendulum swinging back and forth it all has to do with a person's mood, performance and even ship class they're playing. For example, the person on the left a cruiser has to rely on DD's for spotting and are in general a lot closer to the action. They see the work you do, spotting for them carrying out torpedo runs and dealing with enemy DD's and capturing key area's. A cruiser understands and appreciates all the work a DD does because it sees it first hand being so close, I can also infer that the cruiser player probably played well, maybe 3-1 place on the team. All these factors indicate that when sending you that message this player was in a relatively good mood. However, the other player a battleship would have been much further away he doesn't witness what you were doing to help the team capturing a point isn't something he is usually involved in and therefore doesn't really care about it. The only thing he directly benefits from is the spotting you provide, to a BB player a DD is so far away it doesn't understand the situation you're in and is only concerned with damage numbers. That spotting is the only thing a BB wants a DD to do so when it's not done for some reason they tend to get angry at the nearest DD, telling them to "spot". And considering his message it's safe to presume that the BB player did not play too well, my guess would be that he placed anywhere from dead last to 4-5th from the bottom. All this means that when that player sent his message he was not in a good mood which leads to him taking his anger out on you.
  5. Simply put yes, players report other players for playing a particular ship. I have a friend who doesn't play much anymore who is a hothead... a really really big hothead, he often reports players for playing ships like Worcester, Atlanta and various other ships. The occurrences with him usually occur after a very frustrating battle and especially later at night, he uses it more as a way of venting his anger instead of attacking a player who annoys him directly. Do I approve of this? No. But he's irrational when he gets like this and thankfully, for now, he's stopped playing this game. Players should know that if they get reported for playing well it's generally just some player on the other team who's not having a great day and doesn't like that they died to a maelstrom of HE, Aircraft or Torpedoes.
  6. With everything that has happened over the past year, I think we need to talk about WarGaming as a company and our trust in that company. When I started playing this game just over 1 year ago now it was a completely different landscape, players were generally pretty nice, and there were few complaints about WG as a company. However, with the CV rework and countless new HE spamming overpowered ships being added to the game the trust in WG as a whole has gone down massively. Players who have been dedicated to this game have left, and WG seems to push our concerns to the side whenever we voice them. Players have been saying that the Smolensk was toxic for the game and that she shouldn't be released, however, WG released it anyways adding to the HE spam in the game. Not to mention the Colbert which has such a high rate of fire it makes playing any other T10 not worth it. As Zoup said a while ago the next few years will decide whether or not Warships will be around 10 years from now or if it'll become a wasteland as more players leave to pursue other games. (Obviously, I do not own this video, all credit belongs to the Extra Credits channel) If WG wants to improve this game they need to reel in the number of premium ships being released, stop looking at numbers like they're our opinions, improve in the game features and graphics. Send out a quick message asking about players feelings towards WG. We have said multiple times that we don't want more premium ships, we want better game balance and a more enjoyable in-game experience. Just curious, how would you rate your trust in WG on a scale of 1-10?
  7. Awe5ome

    U.S. Battlecruiser Line

    USN didn’t really explore the battlecruiser design. The Alaska was more of a large Baltimore cruiser and the Lexington class design study went from 1890-1924 or something like that. The only nation that produced the battlecruiser on a large scale was Britain but by the end they were more like fast battleships take Hood for instance. Germany only invested into battlecruisers because Britain was building them and japan explored the idea with the Kongo class being ordered from Britain. The USA in all honesty wasn’t actually all that concerned about being a global military power at the time. Most of their effort and money was put towards building up their infrastructure and improving daily life. It was only after one of their boats got sunk that America started to build war machines. USN was especially bad at the start of the war their most modern battleship that they could actually field was the Colorado’s then the Pennsylvania class and New Mexico class. Simply put the USA had no real interest of building battlecruisers, even if schematics were drawn, blue prints laid out, the USA wouldn’t have built them.
  8. Awe5ome

    USN Ships are Missing Something(s)

    USN is fine. Super heavy AP, accurate guns, strong AA seriously USN is fine.
  9. Awe5ome

    ship upgrades

    Yeah while it’s tough to fight a t9 ship in a t7 the risk it poses for game balance is too big to ignore. Some new player not having the recources to buy a upgrade and not understanding the benefits of that upgrade on that ship class facing someone who knows what they’re doing will end in the favour of the expirienced player every time. While I do see what you’re saying it’s not worth the headache MM will have to go through.
  10. So I was scrolling through the settings when I came across submarine controls. Have they existed since Halloween or is this brand new?
  11. Awe5ome

    im horrible

    Stop worrying about what others think of you’re playstyle. As an average player, gameplay and tactics mostly depends on what ship and nation you’re playing. For example, I see you like playing Japanese cruisers, they have fast shell velocity and high fire chance, stay at range of enemy battleships and just rain fires on the deck. However, Japanese cruisers also have terrible armour so if an enemy battleship shoots at you dodge by pressing you’re “s” along with either you’re “a” or “d” keys. As soon as the shells have hit the water mash your “w” key and try to get back up to speed you’ll have about 30s to do so before their next salvo. Islands are even better, by getting yourself in the perfect position you can fire at all the enemies coming towards you but all their shells will be blocked by the island. This is more difficult with a Japanese cruiser because of their before-mentioned flat arch’s but still possible. The island humping tactic is more viable on the US or British cruisers because of their slower shell velocity. Cruiser’s are in my opinion the most difficult class to play in the game, they have to worry about shells from battleships, cruisers and a destroyers torpedoes. They also don’t get the luxury of having a heal (T1-T8 except the British) meaning any damage taken is permanent and to top this all off you’re team relies on you a ton. Cruisers have to deal with Destroyers, cruisers have to spot, cruisers have to deal damage and cruisers have to help take caps. The cruiser is a really difficult but fun ship to play. In my opinion it’s best for a new comer to learn how to play on battleships. For a few main reasons, 1: Battleships are tanky, giving a broadside in a battleship hurts but unlike a cruiser not a death sentence. A battleship can survive, fires, flooding, and enemy artillery easily and they get a heal allowing you to repair damage taken during the battle. 2: Battleships are more affected by RNG meaning if you’re a bad shot you’ve still got a chance of hitting the target because RNGESUS might bless one of your shells to cits it’s way into the enemy ships citadel. 3: Low tier Battleships are slow, this is a really big advantage for new comers. So many new players will just rush out, find half the enemy team and then die because they were the first one spotted. But being in a slow battleship means it’s impossible for someone to rush out and be the only one spotted (unless you’ve horribly screwed up). Being slow surrounded by allied battleships means there’s always another battleship for the enemy to shoot at. Also make sure you have the dynamic crosshair this is because it will give you a time. That time is how long it will take your shells to reach the spot you’re aiming at. It also comes with numbers along the X axis, “5,10,15” those correspond to the time of you’re shell. These are all calibrated for a ship moving at approximately 30kts. For example let’s say you’re aiming at a cruiser 15km away, you’re playing the T10 British battleship Conqueror. The cruiser is probably moving at a speed of 30kts, your timer says it will take 10s for your AP to hit that spot. You’ll put the number 10 so it’s on the cruiser and fire. If your shells land ahead of the ship than the ship is moving at less than 30kts and if they land behind the enemy is moving at more than 30kts. Of course, aim changes based on where the ship is moving for example if they’re heading towards or away from you, you’ll have to aim either above them or below them. Angled targets are far more difficult to aim for, you have to guess on how fast they’re moving if they will turn away from you, if they will turn towards you etc. Take a guess hope for the best and adjust you’re aim. For a more detailed explanation on the dynamic crosshair watch the following video. Hope this helps! Good luck captain!
  12. So as with any game, there will always be good and bad players, I would say I'm an average player. Honestly, it doesn't matter where you're at in terms of skill, new players have the right to learn the game and it's ok to not be good at every game. However, we have to recognize the unfairness of having a team of bad players against a team of really good players, the match is over before it's even started. And especially since now it's summer break and all the little kids are out of school games have become either a win from the start, a loss from the start and it's very rare to get a really fun match with good plays from each side. The game below has become quite common over the past few weeks and it's getting really disheartening. I think that MM should create matches with the number of battles played in mind. For example, one team getting a player with only 130 battles in the game and the other team getting another player with roughly the same amount of battles. This would allow games to receive a relatively balanced teams and therefore more interesting and engaging gameplay. I'm also aware that this will not always work, someone could create a new account on a different server but for the most part, this would achieve better quality games more frequently. And I'm not saying to add a feature which completely blocks off players with a higher number of battles from facing players with a lesser amount of battles. Having a mix of players with higher amounts of games played and players with lower amounts of battles is a great thing because it allows newer players to receive advice from more experienced players. But if we want to get more competitive games then we'll need to balance out teams taking game experience into mind.
  13. Awe5ome


    Uh you have played only 146 battles. On top of that you purchased the Scharnhorst without grinding any battleship line past T4 and most of the cruisers you play are low tier. “BB’s getting lucky” not really you have two button for countering this “A” and “D”, I hate saying this to people but I’ll say it to you JUST DODGE.
  14. Awe5ome

    Azuma or Friesland

    He can do whatever he feels like. Don’t be his mother and tell him what to do, if he wants to spend all day and night grinding XP then let him, no need to judge him.