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  1. 8.0 was officially released with MASSIVE changes to the game. As it stands, it's either the bane of your existence or the greatest thing since sliced bread. This post will just be some things I've noticed since the patch came out, feel free to leave suggestions or bugs that you may have noticed. Tweaks During my time playing in the new patch, I've noticed a few bugs. For example the torpedo camera in-game. When pressing (Z) to follow released torpedoes the camera becomes glitchy. It looks like a slide show of images as the torpedoes move towards their intended recipient(s). Also when playing I could consistently hear the sounds of guns firing when neither myself nor others around me were shooting. Improvements The AA sector system has awkward key commands, to pull up the sectors press (~/`) and then click on the side you want to reinforce. In the heat of battle that is a very awkward key to reach for and then to have to manually select which side is reinforced. It's just awkward, I would personally like to see the sectors have key commands. For example (X/C) would be a more comfortable reach when in the heat of battle. Also, I would like to see the BB sector switching time reduced. This is because battleships are most often the targets of air attacks, this isn't a surprise to anyone. They're big, slow, unmanoeuvrable and generally have a lower AA defence rating than cruisers. The 12s base switch time is just too long, carrier players realize which side is reinforced and then just attack the battleship from the not reinforced sector. By the time the reinforced AA sector has been changed the attack is over and of no use. The AA switch time can be reduced but again it's still too long and battleships are left to try and dodge the attack. I would also like to be able to target specific squadrons again, even if it doesn't even give any increase of DPS on that squadron. I want the ability to FEEL as though I can choose which aircraft I target instead of this praying to RNG. Finally, I would like a way of choosing how much I can reinforce a sector. For example, if torpedo bombers were coming from the port side and bombers were coming from the starboard side the ability to reinforce the port sector a little more than the starboard sector would give players the feeling of choice. In the end, 8.0 has a lot of problems and if I'm being honest it feels like it was rushed out to us unready. However, the new rework has potential and all though myself and others will miss the chess-like feel of the old CV's the new rework promises to bring in new players. These are just my thoughts on what needs work and what I'd like to see be introduced into the game. I'd love to hear your opinions, ideas and thoughts of this rework, all I ask is that you don't rant about WG screwing things up or insult other peoples ideas. Have a great day! :D
  2. Awe5ome

    Hood AP fuse 8.0

    8.0 just came out and it’s contriversial to say the least. Regardless of that 8.0 gave us some well needed buffs, Hood being one of the ships that got a buff. In the new update Hood’s sigma went from 1.8 to 1.9 and the AP fuse went from 0.0015s to 0.0033s. Now I think the accuracy buff was needed but the AP fuse is hindering Hoods performance in game. Before 8.0 damage was easy to inflict on all kinds of ships, Hood would citadel every cruiser it came across and by aiming halfway up the hull Hood could land 10k volleys on battleships easily. After 8.0 the AP overpens all cruisers and yet Hood still can’t do reliable damage on battleships. Because Hoods Krupp and shell velocity is lower than that of other nations the shorter fuse allowed Hood to absolutely destroy all cruisers and still fight enemy battleships with relative ease at medium-short ranges. The shorter AP fuse was useful against battleships because if a ship charged bow on at Hood the AP would enter the superstructure and arm allowing for lots of high damage regardless of angle. Hoods new AP fuse hurts her because she just doesn’t have the gun velocity for it to be useful. And Hoods low Krupp value means that she still shatters against enemy battleships. I would change Hoods ammunition back to the 0.0015s fuse, it was just better all the time in every circumstance. Or if you’re going to make it a battleship instead of a battlecruiser you might as well go all the way with it, increase the Krupp and the velocity along with the accuracy. The ship currently is REALLY struggling to do any kind of consistent damage, I had a 120k damage game followed by a 24k damage game. I think Hoods accuracy buff was needed but the AP ammunition really needs to be looked at.
  3. Awe5ome

    Vanguard a good buy with much improved tier 8 MM?

    I don’t have all that many games in her but so far she’s been my second favourite ship (after hood) for a few reasons. 1: Vanguard has the best mm for any t8 I have ever played, 70% of the time I’m top tier, 20% I’m in tier 9 and the last 10% is tier 10 matches. 2: her rudder is rediculous 9s is better than some cruisers, I know for certain that you annoy all the BB’s because they just can’t land shots on you 3: her heal is the best for tier 8 bb’s. 4: her AP is good, I mean because I’m almost always top tier, I lol pen almost everything for 10k damage regularly 5: her HE is good and it’s better than monarch so you can set fire to enemy ships like in KGV 6: her AA is decent if I know I’m going to be in a carrier match I feel like Vanguard is the best for the job, her AA is decent and even if you don’t shoot down all the planes you can just as easily dodge out of the way 7: concealment is good Cons 1: gun angles are awkward and you need to be basically broadside to use all of them 2: she takes a lot of HE and fire damage 3: secondaries are meh 4: her citadel is easier to pen than monarch or hood All around the best way I can describe her is a Hood, with Warspite guns, hood rudder shift and warspites turn circle (kinda). If you liked the Warspite you’ll probably like the Vanguard.
  4. Awe5ome

    Is the Monarch under powered?

    Ya so was I until I got her and realized just how bad she is in almost every aspect of the game.
  5. Now I don't have to many games in my Monarch so you might want to take everything I say here with a grain of salt, however in my games with her I find her to be very underwhelming. The reasons for this is because she feels like a KGV at tier 8 with non of the good bits. Monarch has 9 fifteen inch guns that have neither good AP or HE shells, the AP is the standard bad British amour piercing shells with poor angles and bad penetrating power. The HE is better in many ways but it still struggles at T10 games, the HE pen is better than that of other nations but the fire chance is only 35% for reference that's only 1% better than Bismarck. The concealment is good and is one of the few areas in which it excels 14.1 without any upgrades. The survivability of Monarch isn't all that impressive either, fully upgraded she has 60,500 hp which is the worst in the tier. That would be okay if she got a good heal but she doesn't she restores 323hp/s. To put that into context Hood VII restores 338hp/s, Bismarck 387hp/s and the newly released Vanguard can do 430hp/s. So Monarchs survivability is one of the worst for its tier. Now her maneuverability is middle of the pack she turns better than the Amagi by 100m but is out turned by the NC by 30m. Her speed is decent 29.4 knots isn't bad but she's second worst of all ships at Tier 8 only beating the NC. Monarchs AA is mediocre, while she isn't the first target you would go for she surely isn't a plane eater. Her AA is worse than that of the NC and the Richelieu. The secondaries are basically non-existent, they have a 5.3km range with a 6.3s reload time, with 8 guns per side. the NC has 5km range 6s reload, with 10 guns per side. Richelieu has 7km range and a 12s reload, with 9 guns per side. Bismarck the best of all of them has 10km range with reload of 7.5s and 3.4s, with 14 per side. Finally her range is... bad. Fully upgraded she has 18.1km range (no spotter). The NC has 23.3km range. The Amagi has 19.9km firing range. Bismarck has 21.2km range and the Richelieu has 25.3km range. So she's not a sniper but if you try and brawl you'll lose. And even at mid-range you aren't all that efficient because your dispersion feels worse than Bismarck so you only get maybe like 2 hits on a target. Those are the reasons why I personally find the Monarch to be underwhelming. She doesn't excel in much, she is mediocre at best at a lot of things and she does poorly in almost everything else. Now I know a lot of you got her to work for you, so if you could I'd love tips! If you disagree that's fine but this is how I feel about the Monarch.
  6. Awe5ome

    Is HMS Hood worth it?

    You probably won't see this however I feel the need to express my opinion so new people on this feed can see where I stand As of 2018-10-14 her guns are insane. The turrets traverse faster than Bismarck or Tirpitz at only 31.6s for a full 180 turn. The firing angles are good enough that you don't need to expose your broadside. As for her guns, I generally only use AP because the fuse time means that you can citadel any cruiser and a few Battleships at 10 km or less. And because of your speed you can control the engagement distance. The Hood will get hurt by plunging fire so make sure you engage ships at a distance where torps are useless but not far enough away for there to be any serious arcs. Also she handles like a cruiser the rudder shift time is fast but the tuning circle is the size of Britain itself so you cannot dodge torpedo's well, that's fine because you have 67,700 HP (more than Bismarck) so you can take a few hits. She is also the biggest CV troller in the game my Hood isn't configured to take down enemy aircraft but I shot down over 32 aircraft one game. Also 32knts of speed you can out run anything except Iowa or Missouri. My configuration Slot 1: Magazine mod 1(British people TRIGGERED) Slot 2: Aiming system (so you can actually hit sh*t) Slot 3: Damage Control mod 1 Slot 4: Rudder shift (so you can dance between Metal fishes) Commander skills 1: Expert loader 2: Expert Marksman 3: Basic Firing training/vigilance 4: Concealment Expert
  7. Awe5ome

    How to Iron Duke

    So you just came from Orion? Well it's time to move into the higher tiers because you are in tier V you will face tier VII occasionally. This ship prepares you for higher tier matches, with that out of the way how do you play the Iron Duke? Well this might sound dumb but you play her like a Battlecruiser. Now before you start typing that horrible comment let me explain, Iron Duke lacks speed,fire power and AA defense so how can she be a Battlecruiser? Well like a Battlecruiser she is big and easy to hit, she lacks armor against ships like Fuso and Queen Elizabeth so you make sure that you go after cruisers and only engage BB if you are in the ideal position. Because her shell size is small you are perfect for destroying enemy cruisers citadels just stay far enough away that you don't get torpedoed. Helpful tip! Also since you're new start learning that the only reason a cruiser will show you a broadside is because they're launching torps, if this happens hold S until you're in full reverse and start tuning towards the ship launching torps. The torps will pass in front of you than you can go full forward again. Commander Getting into Iron Duke take your commander from Orion and start training him this will allow your ship to become better. I recommend this as it will allow you to have that slight advantage against an enemy ship of the same tier. Consumables Higher Tiers means the victory comes with the slight advantage so go to your consumables and look there's two things you need in order to win in random battles Damage control party 2 and Repair Party 2 this will allow you to fix more fires quicker and repair more often than your enemy. Upgrades Slot 1: Main Battery Mod 1 or Mag Mod 1 Slot 2: Damage Control Mod 1 Slot 3: Main Battery Mod 2 so your turrets actually turn This is how you play the Iron Duke good sailing to all of you.
  8. Awe5ome

    Iron Duke (Garbage)

    OK I personally disagree, I'm not arguing the stats because yes they are crap however I have had 119,000 damage. In order to play this ship well here are a few things to know: Upgrades slot one: Magazine mod 1 do this because even though your turrets might be knocked out not being detonated is better. Slot 2: Dam Con 1 Slot 3: I recommend you go with either AA mod 1 or turret traverse because you will either fight aircraft off or be able to actually turn your turrets. OK now that you have that its time for your captain take your captain from the previous ship Orion and use him as it's easier to start training now plus you will improve the performance of your ship.