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  1. Awe5ome

    CV plane spam

    The two are not remotely similar. If you're not capable of fighting a DD then that's on you. If you're fighting a DD in a battleship there is counterplay, knowing your ship and the enemy's ship will allow you to adapt your strategy to the situation. For example, knowing if you're fighting a Shimakaze or a Daring will allow you to know when torpedoes will be up, how many to expect and roughly their intentions. A Shimakaze has no other purpose than to sail around and attempt to torpedo enemy ships. Most players have little to no interest in actually fighting for caps and map control. This can be used to your advantage. A typical Shimakaze player will position themselves on the map border and will attempt to flank behind enemy lines. Angling yourself accordingly and timing the intervals between torpedo salvoes can give reduce the amount of damage taken and hopefully buy your team enough time to capture the opposite flank. A Daring by contrast will have more interest in map control and will attempt to stay closer to the centre of the map to maintain capture points. This again allows us to if not know where the enemy torpedoes will arrive from but how many and how often. Not only that but there are guaranteed consumables that will essentially guarantee you immunity to enemy DD's for a limited amount of time. Hydroacoustic search nullifies their ability to effectively land torpedoes, radar exposes their location for a limited amount of time, smoke guarantees a blocked line of sight between you and the enemy DD. Of course, these consumables have their limits and downsides, I wouldn't recommend staying in a smokescreen when there's an enemy destroyer following you. But there are guaranteed ways to mitigate damage and survive longer when fighting an enemy DD without support. Carriers by contrast are a complete abomination and any notion that there is a "complete counter" to them is misleading, false, and hilariously idiotic. Antiaircraft guns no longer perform to their historical values and because of wargaming's complete ineptitude when designing these ships are almost idiot-proof. The DPS of most guns is low with high alpha damage flak being dodgeable with simple WASD key presses. Fighters are hilariously useless at their intended roles due to their inability to shoot down enemy aircraft, short duration, and vulnerability to enemy AA. The counter to the fighter consumable is another fighter consumable. The only semi-useful consumable that is occasionally useful against enemy aircraft is the DFAA consumable and even that has its glaring flaws. First and foremost on most ships, DFAA competes with hydroacoustic search. Why on earth would I ever swap out hydro for DFAA? I can guarantee myself the use of the hydroacoustic search consumable, from spotting torpedoes to enemy ships there will always be uses for hydroacoustic search in battle, especially with submarines being added to the game. But DFAA? There is not that same guarantee that the consumable will be even REMOTELY useful. If I press battle with DFAA instead of hydroacoustic search then there's a chance it's not a CV game. Wow, now the main ship that my consumable is designed to counter isn't even in the battle, sure would be useful to have hydroacoustic search... because guaranteed there will be DD's/subs/ships with torpedoes in-battle. But let's say that I get a CV game, well, there's a chance I end up fighting on the opposite flank all game and the CV doesn't visit me once. Probably could've used that hydroacoustic search in that case. But even if I get a CV game, and the carrier does visit me, then DFAA barely buffs the AA damage in any noticeable way. Not to mention that shooting down aircraft is completely meaningless since CV will endlessly produce planes. Given a theoretical game that lasted an infinite amount of time a CV can send endless amounts of planes to attack you while suffering no lasting ramifications to itself. Oh, and carriers can create an instant crossfire. There's no need for cleaver positioning to achieve a crossfire on enemy vessels, Nah, instead you get to create an instant crossfire anywhere on the map at will. So now I get the choice of being nuked by a CV for 10k damage in torpedoes or 10k from enemy gunfire. What great design. If you truly think that CVs are balanced then not only do I disregard any opinions you have about this game as rubbish but I question if you're even playing the same game. Comparing DD's to CV's is comparing apples to oranges. Sure, both are ships, but the similarities end there. DD's can't spot anywhere on the map within 2 minutes of the battle starting. DD's can't instantly set up a crossfire on enemies by purely existing, it takes time and positioning to get yourself a crossfire on enemies a DD. DD's can't sit in the back of the map sending out mini torpedo boats to launch attacks against enemies with no threat to themselves. DD's don't have the armour, HP of a battleship once they finally are spotted, nor do they have an immunity to detonating or a 5 second burn time. Destroyers may be annoying on occasion but that takes skill and patience to perform well in them, unlike the overpowered rubbish that CV's are.
  2. Awe5ome

    FDR got nerfed again in 0.10.8

    Did I seriously read someone complaining about an overpowered ship of an overpowered class complaining about balance changes that barely bring her down a peg? Oh no! FDR has gone from T12 to T11.9999999999999999999991. Her squadrons have more HP than T10 cruisers, more than T8 battleships, and they hit like a truck. The lack of critical thought that is required to play her makes me depressed as any idiot can get that ship to perform due to her indestructible planes. She has a 12/1 kill ratio and is immune to human ineptitude. If you cannot get this ship to perform for you then that says more about your abilities rather than the ship's abilities.
  3. Awe5ome

    When will 0.10.10 drop

    It's always on a Wednesday, but given that there have been no videos about the upcoming update released recently, I would predict November 10th.
  4. Ngl, at the end of writing this I actually realized that eyes were stinging a little and my eyes were beginning to water, though I’m not certain if it’s out of tiredness or sadness.
  5. I picked this game up in the summer of 2018. During the three years I've been a part of this community I have played almost every single day. Hours upon hours grinding and just playing. I have never devoted as much time, energy, passion, money, to a game and likely never will again. I have almost every single British premium ship with the only exceptions being the T7 Belfast, Plymouth, Druid, Agincourt and Campbeltown. I have played this game through thick and thin, and will probably be here till the day the servers are shut down. However, the recent treatment of a certain CC and the overall lack of any sense of morality, integrity or basic respect that is required for any professional relationship has really driven me away from this game. Not to mention the pathetic excuse for a "SuMMeR sAlE!!1!" Instead of selling in-game ships for a significant discount, you instead decide to lock a bunch of crappy loot boxes behind a $200 paywall. Not to mention the "95%" discount on the final bundle containing a random T9 ship container. These containers have never been available in the premium shop. As such they have no pre-determined value, nor do the summer sale tokens. Praytell, how can something never sold prior and for a brand new temporary currency be discounted? Since they never returned to their "regular price" it makes the discount completely arbitrary. This dances awfully close to the line of being illegal (at least here in Canada) since you're not able to sell an item at full price and slap a discount onto it to create a sense of urgency. However, I'm not a gambler, and I wasn't about to spend money for some crappy loot boxes that would drop a T5 premium and a T9 premium ship. For the same amount of money, I could guarantee myself any ship I wanted by just purchasing it directly from the premium shop. Or, you know, spend that money elsewhere with a company that respects me as a human being and not just a walking wallet. But what really annoyed me WG about this entire thing was when I saw this: If you haven't played in over 6 months and just logged in you got half of the "summer sale" that was locked behind a paywall for the rest of us. Not to mention that just by winning 15 battles you got a T9 ABSOLUTELY FREE. What did the rest of us blokes who have been loyal customers and players for literal years on end get? We got the privilege to pay $200 for the same thing. Really Wargaming? I spend basically every waking second of my free time playing your game, I spend thousands of hours in-game playing, I create content for your game by making videos on YouTube and writing reviews for ships on the forums (albeit poorly written). I continually stuck by the side of this game year after year, I endured the thick and thin moments and this is how you repay your most loyal players. By refusing to give us the same sh** you gave players who ghosted you, left you for dead, and couldn't give less of a rat's *** about your game. Am I surprised? Of course not. I am so used to being run over by you, I've gotten used to being disrespected time and time again. You couldn't care less about me, or anyone else in this community who actually cares about your own damn game. Hell, I don't even expect a response to this. I am fully expecting you to ignore this like you ignore everyone else and do whatever the hell you want anyway because you have gotta chase that quick buck. And it will never change. You will never care about me. Why? Because you've already gotten money out of me, so you couldn't care less if I dropped off the face of the earth. And for the people quitting who haven't spent money? They were doing nothing but taking up a server slot. This won't change. You won't change. And I'm sick of playing second fiddle to players who downloaded the game 2 years ago and haven't touched it since. Seriously Wargaming, 3 years of playing practically nothing but your game. 3 years of trying to improve this community, of trying to entertain this community, of trying to educate this community. 3 years of me looking up to CC's because I thought making content to improve this community was really fun and something I wanted to do. To be completely honest I still kind of want that, even though Wargaming doesn't listen. Because I want to help grow this community and share something I'm passionate about with the rest of this game. And truth be told I cannot decide if I hate wargaming for constantly screwing me over and over, or if I'm just sad that they keep doing so. But at the end of the day, it honestly doesn't matter because the result is the same. You don't respect me, you don't respect any member of this community, we literally mean less to you than the players who abandoned you years ago. And honestly, I still haven't learned my lesson, because here I am, writing out a long impassioned rant about the game and community I love that will change no important minds, won't be noticed by ANYBODY and it's completely irrelevant because Wargaming will do whatever they wanted anyway. I don't know how to end this rant, I am angry, sad and tired, maybe I'll go get some rest. Maybe the World of Warships in my dreams respects me and the rest of the playerbase for playing their game, but if that happens then reality is rather cruel.
  6. I could write a well-thought-out explanation as to why CVs, in general, are super OP in a game based around concealment and surface ships, but I'm not going to. Mainly because it's a waste of time to attempt to tell most of the playerbase what they already know and the few who defend CVs don't care and/or don't have an understanding of the core game mechanics. Besides they don't matter, the only people who matter are the WG employees and they couldn't care less about what we the playerbase thinks about the game balance. So all in all, threads like these are pointless, they go nowhere, lead to no change and in the end don't actually matter.
  7. Awe5ome

    cv haters and bullies

    As for if you're taking the opposite stance then it's understandable if you're raging in the forums. CV's are broken and WG refuses to do anything about them.
  8. Awe5ome

    cv haters and bullies

    Take time to somewhat ensure what you've written is legible. I can't respond if I don't understand what you're saying. However, if you're angry because you believe CV's are balanced and got yelled at because they aren't then you're not getting any sympathy from me. CV's are the most busted ship class in this entire game, and if you disagree well you're just wrong.
  9. Over the past 2 years I've played this game I've had a lot of fun moments, that being said there were moments that I hated this game. When WG rolled out the CV rework I quit the game for over a month, but other than that I've played this game every single day. I've spent more money on this game than I have spent on any other game, and I love this community. I want nothing but the best for this game and generally am not one to rage at WG for a decision that I felt was ridiculous. I've contributed to this community with premium ship reviews (albeit poorly written reviews) and have made compilations of this game. I started a clan and have helped a bunch of new players learn the game and become better at it. I honestly couldn't be prouder to say that I support this game and community, back in 2017 when hurricane Harvey hit USS Texas we raised $281,000 and we've probably impacted the lives of many through WG support of "Save the Children" and "Wounded Warrior Project". I don't want to give up this game, and I don't want to see it become a pay-to-win game, or see the core community abandon it. However, the lack of thought that has gone into this update is insane. CC's were warning about this happening, the player base was saying don't give us more HE spam and don't bring in deadeye. Yet here we are. I don't get it, why? Why would you guys shoot yourselves in the foot and then insist everything is fine? If you've played this game you know it's not fine. Old players who left are just happier that they quit. And here we stand, left with what was once the best Naval MMO you could get. I genuinely want to know WG, did you not hear our concerns or did you just not care? Are you actively ignoring any feedback that isn't exactly what you want to hear? And are you not playing your own game? When the rework was first announced I thought "huh, cool! It be nice to see some of the old outdated skills get replaced with newer more effective ones." And you know what? Some of these changes I like, for example, a secondary build costs 10 skill points instead of 14. I can have a different captain builds on different classes. And I guess the 21 skill point cap is a cool change over the previous 19. But when we consider the pros and cons of this update I find myself with a lot more cons than pros. CONS - Deadeye, this single skill is the dumbest thing in this entire update. Because it appears as though you guys forgot something about circles, circles have the smallest perimeter to their area. This holds true even when talking of eclipses, and since deadeye decreases the maximum dispersion of both horizontal and vertical dispersion you just reduced the perimeter by 10% but the area that the shells can land has decreased exponentially. This is such a massive buff for long-range ships. IT'S INSANE. You know what? I just realized that I'm putting a lot of work into something that very few people will see, fewer people will care, those who do care are in the same boat as myself and WarGaming will continue doing whatever they want so there's no point in me writing this out. Besides, I've given well thought out feedback before and never once received a message from a human saying "We'll consider it" or "No we're not doing that". On top of that, the mods will lock this thread, HapaFodder will write a company-issued statement about "caring for this community" and "we're looking at the numbers" before locking the thread himself. Or he'll just outright delete this and give me a permanent forum ban for all this. I'm just so sick of this. So I'll end with this, WG if you're reading this, take away deadeye, give us back the old system and actually listen to what we're saying. I'm not going to issue a warning about the community abandoning you, or say that you're driving committed players like myself away, but I will say that that this past year has been heart-breaking, depressing and I didn't need you to fix something that wasn't broken by blowing it up with a 16" gun. I'm done, feel free to delete this.
  10. Sometimes I'm infuriated by this game and the dumb decisions WG has made over the last two years but this is one of the sweetest things I've ever read. Stay strong John I hope to see you on the virtual seas! O7
  11. Hey everyone, I recently made a new video and would like some feedback. Criticism, suggestions etc. I'd like to improve so anything is useful thanks!
  12. Awe5ome

    If I have a ship that is expensive

    YES! Anything monty python gets a thumbs up from me.
  13. Awe5ome

    Crystal Balling WOWS in 2021

    I highly doubt that WG will allow such a game to exist. We have carriers limited in all tiers(?) to 1 per team which in my opinion is three too many. Subs will likely have a similar mechanic introduced, but WG will do whatever they want despite common sense.
  14. Awe5ome


    If you have an IQ above room temperature then absolutely. 8" guns and stock Edinburgh torpedoes at T5 with trollish armour and a heal. The amount of stuff you can pull off is unbelievable, I've rushed a Texas, Gneisenau, Kaiser and come out the other side. I've tanked upwards of 2 million potential damage in Exeter. She's not as nearly as powerful as she was, SAP hurts, AP rockets hurt more but as long as you can think at least one step ahead then the ship still remains an extremely capable and powerful ship.