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  1. Awe5ome

    2020 Summer sale?

    So the highlight of every summer for me ever since I began playing this game has always been the summer sale that occurred. Generally, this takes place late July/early August however it's almost August and we haven't even gotten a clue if it's happening let alone confirmation when. Normally I'd just assume that it's going to be a late-year but with all the crap WG has pulled in the months with the lack of events or anything really I'm really starting to think we're not getting a summer sale at all, or at least not like in previous years. The only clue that summer sale might happen is that it's happened in previous years and that a brand new "summer" camouflage is coming for Atlanta. If someone from WG would just confirm or deny summer sale is happening I'd appreciate it.
  2. Awe5ome

    Champagne Review

    CHAMPAGNE REVIEW (Please check out other sources before getting this ship, everything in this review is strictly my opinion) Champagne is a T8 French battleship battlecruiser with spectacular guns, amazing maneuverability, amazing speed but armour that rivals paper mache. This ship is what the player base deserves but not what we needed. It takes the passive play that ships like Nagato, Ashitaka promote and takes it to an absolute extreme, where you are rewarded for staying as far from the action as you can and punished when you push in and help the team win. The guns are incredibly accurate with rediculous penetration and a decent reload and decent damager per shell. Overall her guns are the main selling point of the ship and they're probably the best guns at T8. Survivability Hit Points: 52,600 Torpedo Reduction: 28% Armour: 19mm - 430mm The Champagne's biggest weakest is her survivability, she has the smallest HP of all T8's with some of the worst torpedo reduction and horrible armour. In a 1-on-1 fight with almost any other BB of the same tier at close range, Champagne is dead. Despite being T8 her bow and stern are only 25mm which is even less than that of T7 BB's which now have 26mm which renders them immune to T7 152mm HE rounds that don't have IFHE meaning that in a down tier scenario where you're facing T6 cruisers their HE can still absolutely hurt you. She also only has 9.4" of armour protecting her citadel (240mm) which puts her in line with most battlecruisers, Ashitaka having a 10" armour belt, Alaska having a 9" armour belt and Hood with a 12" armour belt. "Battlecruisers" fall on a scale of more cruiser than battleship to this is a fast battleship but the Royal Navy calls it a battlecruiser therefore it's a battlecruiser. With Graf Spee basically being a cruiser with some big guns strapped to it and Hood being a battleship every way from Sunday except she's faster than 24kts therefore we'll call her a battlecruiser. Champagne feels like a battleship when you're talking strictly about her guns, their ability to pen more than Izumo at ranges of more than 3km definitely feels like battleship calibre firepower. But her armour and HP makes her feel closer to Alaska than something like Hood. Where Hood can bounce the 18.1" shells of Musashi if you're angled well enough at close range Champagne struggles to bounce anything because of how large her bow amour is. Playing Champagne in T10 Random felt like playing a pinate, any shots that hit hurt, and when you only have 52k HP a 3-5k HE volley hurts especially if it's coming from a ship like Worcester, DM with very high rates of fire. In fact, assuming you hit the Champagne for 3k damage every second that would mean Champagne can withstand 17.5 seconds of firepower before dying, now this, in reality, is longer due to things like saturation and heals but overall you could only withstand that level of fire for probably ~30-40s before you died. To add to your pathetic armour and low HP War Gaming decided that you are not worthy of getting 5 heals, instead to balance the ship you are only given 4 heals with superintendent. This further encourages players to play at the back of the map and do nothing for the team. Artillery Main Armament: 2x3 406mm guns Range: 25km Reload: 28.6s Now we get to the bread and butter of Champagne, the guns, oh the guns! There are approximately 171,000 words in the English language and yet I could not string enough of them together to adequately describe just how much I love these guns. Their pen is amazing, they have high damage, and even though there's only six of them I regularly am able to hit targets with 4-6 shell hits. Have you ever citadelled a Vladivostok at a range of 22km? Because it's a cakewalk in this thing. Want to hit that pesky Smolensk in smoke unspotted? Pop the spotter plane and watch as 4 of your shells overpen and two magically ricochet because physics! The guns are just so much fun, yes occasionally you get dispersion which would make the Großer Kurfürst blush. And when that happens you really feel it only having 6 guns but 99% of the time you could trim the beard of the enemy's captain with how accurate these guns are. Overall these guns are fantastic! And I keep coming back to it because of the guns! AA Defenses Continuous Damage: 159 Shell Damage: 1260 AA range: 5.8km Champagne's AA suit can best be described as adequate. For a ship that is designed to sit in the back and snipe the AA can feel lacking when you're all alone. I've had a few games where either by pure luck or enemy stupidity I managed to shoot down quite a few aircraft but most of the time it feels like an empty threat especially against the brand new German CVs. In one match the brand new AP rockets could do as much as 15k in two passes and the AP bombs dropped me for 30k "Just dodge" right? The AA doesn't hold up especially against T10 CVs your only option is to try and outrun them or just hope you aren't the target because your AA is about as useful as using firecrackers. Maneuverability Top speed: 34kts Turning circle radius: 850m Ruddershift: 12.4s The Champagne's only means of defence is the stereotypical runaway. With a top speed of 38.5kts using both engine boost and sierra mike signal, you can outrun almost every battleship (Georgia the exception) and run down some destroyers. In the few times that I've been able to push with my team using the engine boost to run down destroyers was really fun. However, most of the time I used engine boost strictly to run away from flanks that have been completely overrun or when I need to reposition myself. The ruddershift felt standard, not like Thunderer or Vanguard where you have an insane 8s ruddershift but still didn't feel as bad as a stock Montana with 20s ruddershift. It's good enough to mitigate damage and move out of the way. Overall the maneuverability was very good it really does feel like playing a cruiser with 16" guns. Concealment Sea detectability: 12.9km Air detectability: 8.9km Smoke firing: 15.8km The concealment of Champagne is nothing special good enough when all you're doing is moving to a middle position on the map and shooting broadsides 15+ km away. The Champagne isn't too stealthy but it doesn't really need to be when you're 15km away from the nearest enemy. Air detectability does feel a little large and I'm often randomly spotted by some fighters that the enemy CV placed nearby but again detectability isn't a big concern if you're sitting at the back of the map. Captain and Upgrades The upgrades and captain skills are your typical battleship upgrades and skills. Slot 1: Main Armaments mod 1 because when you only have two turrets having one of them broken or destroyed really hurts. Slot 2: Damage control mod 1 because there's nothing better in that slot, the engine and rudder don't break often enough for me to justify using Engine Room protection. Slot 3: Aiming Systems because when you only have 6 shells any increase to accuracy helps. Slot 4: Ruddershift mod 1 because you shouldn't be tanking in the first place so equipping modules like fire prevention are of limited use. I'd rather have the extra little maneuverability to try and dodge shells a little easier. Slot 5: Concealment mod 1 because there's nothing better. I found these upgrades to work best on Champagne, you could go for a meme secondary because why not, but you'd see very, very limited use out of that build and would probably regret not speccing into fire prevention and fire mitigation. For my captain, I only have 14 points but you can't go wrong with a tank build especially when you have so little HP and armour any damage mitigation is enormously helpful. T1: Priority Target T2: Adrenaline Rush/Expert Marksman T3: Superintendent, Basics of Survivability T4: Concealment Expert, Fire Prevention I made the recommended skills bolded, basically, if you have a 10 point captain I highly, highly recommend Priority target, then your choice between Adrenaline Rush and Expert Marksman, Superintendent and finish it off with Concealment expert. With your next points get Fire prevention, Basics of Survivability and then whichever 2 point skill you didn't pick up before. Of course, this is entirely my opinion so feel free to experiment with your own builds maybe you do really well with a different build feel free to let me know. Camouflage schemes: (Standard) (Alternative Camo) Final Thoughts: Champagne is a Good bote! Is she OP? No, she's not. Champagne has some major advantages like her main battery but with some big drawbacks like her HP and armour. The ship can absolutely decimate enemy teams if you get broadsides but struggles against bow-tanking opponents. It's very fun to play the Champagne, the guns are addictive you're constantly a threat, no matter the range no matter the opponent, these guns hurt if your enemy isn't careful. However, I'm not sure this is the kind of ship I want to more of in World of Warships, encouraging such a passive playstyle is so counter-intuitive to what we've been trying to get BB's to do for a long time which is push in, support your teammates and get objectives. This ship not only encourages you but demands you play passively because pushing in is met with a hailstorm of bullets, HE spam hurts, AP hurts the only way to not die in this ship is to be the backline, the supporting line. Taking potshots at broadsides and helping whittle down enemies.
  3. I plan to release my review for Champagne this upcoming weekend, so I put together a little compilation of funny/fun moments. I honestly hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. Take care all, and happy Canada day for my fellow Canadians!
  4. Awe5ome

    Smolensk is Ruining the Game

    I have Smolensk that armour nerf did practically nothing. You have a ship which main problem is that it's so horrifically under armoured that every shell that hits it overpens. So reducing the armour even further only decreased the amount of armour that could arm a BB or cruiser fuse. As for reliably bounce? Go against a DM with the old armour layout or the new one it doesn't matter. 67-degree auto bounce angles mean angling the hull is only making yourself vulnerable to citadel hits. Besides cruisers could always reliably citadel a Smolensk, Minotaur especially with her improved AP pen angles of 70 degrees and a very short fuse. The only significant change the 30 to 16mm was that suddenly you could no longer reliably bounce 9+" shells so ships like Goliath, Henri could now overmatch every part of your armour. The armour change had very little impact on the main issue of Smolensk which is she can have 19km range, with 16 rapid-firing guns, while having access to a smoke generator, heal and bullcrap armour that magically still ricochets random shells and allows overpens on everything else.
  5. You’re welcome, took a long time to write and that 1m video also took far longer than expected. But I’m glad you enjoyed. As I mentioned in my review in a 1-on-1 comparison the Alaska is far better, more armour, smaller target, no citadel, longer range, better consumables etc. I guess a direct comparison for Agir is a Scharnhorst moved to T9 but with better guns in exchange for a poor armour layout. You can’t broadside in Agir like Scharnhorst for fear of being blapped and you have to play passively until you can limit the number of ships firing back at you. If you were to get one I highly recommend Alaska even if you have a 10 point captain. I’d recommend that you go with Piority target, adrenaline rush, superintendent, and concealment. Then it’s up to you whether you build Alaska like me, a tank build to mitigate fire damage or if you go for a pyro build like a regular cruiser.
  6. Absolutely just picked her up, trying to get a feel for her right now but she’s my next review. I hope (Emphasis on hope) to have my review out by next Sunday. I’m finally starting to go back to work (woohoo) so my time to work on reviews has drained away, but I still want to get that review out.
  7. I wanted to get this review out sooner, however, real-life stuff kept me from releasing this on time. In that time LWM published her review of the Siegfried and Agir here if you want another opinion then feel free to check out her review. Finally, I just want to shout out @LittleWhiteMouse for giving me the inspiration to start writing my own reviews of ships released, thank you! Anyways if you value my opinion then feel free to read my review and tell me how wrong I am. Without further ado: My Agir Review (The following review is entirely my opinion, please gather more information from other sources before purchasing this ship.) Agir is a T9 German battlecruiser/supercruiser with 9x305mm guns in three turrets. They have decent range, accuracy and penetration while having less armour than you’d typically expect for a German capital ship. Agir has decent HP, guns, AA, Torpedoes and maneuverability. Unfortunately, this comes at a price, Agir sits quite high above the water, with weaker armour and a surprisingly punishable citadel can result in massive damage being taken. TLDR: Agir is decent, she’s a very bland battlecruiser with nothing too special or unique about her. The guns are decent with great AP alpha but weak HE damage, she’s pretty tanky in a one on one situation with proper angling but broadsiding any battleship will see a sizable portion of your HP being removed. The ship is better than Azuma, but Alaska and Stalingrad are far better contenders for competitive play. Survivability HP: 62 850 Torpedo Reduction: 37% The German line is known for its tanky ships. Großer Kurfürst having some of the best armour and highest HP in the entire game. German cruisers get 5 heals instead of 4 like other navies, this is to encourage more aggressive play and to push the enemy. Likewise, you’d expect their battlecruisers to be somewhere in between, heavier armour than a cruiser but weaker than their contemporary battleships. Germans are also known for their turtleback armour scheme, making them almost immune to citadels except in occasional situations. Agir has a few unique traits for starters unlike the battleship or cruiser line Agir gets only 4 heals instead of 5. This doesn’t seem like much but I’ve personally been really missing that extra heal charge. Agir takes a lot of HE damage from cruisers and I’ve found myself often at the end of games with low health and wanting that extra little boost. Agir’s armour is a mixed bag. With good angling and active maneuvering, the armour can hold up quite well. Against cruisers like Hindenburg, the 190mm armour belt combined with the 80mm turtleback does an adequate job of protecting the citadel. However, ships like Des Moines with heavy AP shells improved pen angles and fast reload are capable of dealing heavy damage really quickly. And against cruisers, battlecruisers or battleships with good penetration values the turtleback does very little to protect your ship. Agir has her citadel poking above the waterline, this means that unlike in German BB’s like Tirpitz, Bismarck, Großer Kurfürst who’s citadel is completely beneath the waterline giving broadside in Agir will result in citadels. In a 1-on-1 comparison, I consider Alaska to be a tankier cruiser than Agir. While Alaska’s armour is thinner on the midships plating Alaska has quite a few advantages over her adversary. For example, Alaska’s deck is 6mm thicker at 36 compared to 30mm. Her belt armour is 229mm to Agir’s 190mm. Alaska sits much lower in the water making her freeboard rather difficult to hit. Finally and most crucially Alaska’s citadel is entirely beneath the waterline, meaning citadeling Alaska is far more difficult than citadeling Agir. Artillery Main Armament: 3x3 305mm guns Secondary Armament: 9x2 128mm guns Main Battery Reload: 20s Range: 18.5km Agir’s guns have decent penetration, they have a subpar range and an average reload. They’re not notable in any way other than the good AP shell damage of 9,100, of course, this is compensated for by the lacklustre HE rounds which have a decent fire chance of 27% but low damage 3,600. The shells are also exceptionally fast travelling at 865m/s for both the AP and HE. They’re the second-fastest 305mm in the game with only Soviet bias shells beating them at a whopping 950m/s. The guns feel comfortable to use and aiming at longer ranges is pretty easy. Out to a range of 8km Agir has the best penetration of all T9 battlecruisers with the exception of Siegfried. However, beyond that Agir penetration at long range is the lowest among her counterparts, not by much in fact there’s only 4mm of difference between Alaska and Agir at 21km but it’s still there. This can be really frustrating because of her low HE damage I felt like I was forced to play the ship in the worst way possible. Giving a ship high AP damage and low AP pen at ranges feels like locking off the only good part of the ship. Because of this, I found myself firing a lot of HE in games where the damage was consistent thanks to the ¼ pen rule applied to Germans but lower than if I was firing AP. In-game I found the most success when I loaded AP and fired at broadsides, focusing any ship that didn’t angle enough and ignoring bow-in ships. Playing like this allowed me to get decent damage against enemies and use the guns of Agir to their full potential. Could you do a meme secondary build? Sure I guess, but it’s not recommended while the secondaries are extraordinarily accurate their range and been butchered down to 8km which in a T7 game is usable, but, in a T10 game feel like digging yourself into a hole with a secondary build. Again if you wanted to do it I guess you could get away with it since Agir remains rather consistent with her shots even without aiming systems modification 1, my only problem was justifying the points in a secondary build. To me, it’s not worth it but if you want to do it for craps and giggles then go for it. Now the biggest question for here is would I rather an Alaska than an Agir? Now the stats make me want to say yes, I’d rather have an Alaska than an Agir in terms of artillery but after playing both I actually think I like Agir more. They don’t get the super heavy AP or the amazing auto bounce angles of Alaska but even still I prefer Agir’s guns. Their high shell velocity means you can hit targets at long range with ease and when the AP sticks it bloody hurts. I have regularly chunked battleships and cruisers for 20k using these guns. So, in my opinion, I like the Agir’s guns more than Alaska’s, however, I recognize that not everyone agrees with my opinion. Torpedoes Range: 6km Speed: 65kts Max Damage: 13,700 Reload: 90s Honestly, there’s not much to say about Agir’s torpedoes. They’re your standard German cruiser torpedoes used for close-in brawling as a final means of finishing off opponents. Their position results in good torpedo angles, but because they’re amidship they suffer when getting shot at, often getting disabled and knocked out. They’re certainly usable and inflict heavy damage when they connect but like the Tirpitz often the torpedo tubes are removed from the ship in a hurry thanks to the amount of HE spam in the game. And if nothing else they give you a lead indicator for your main guns. AA Defences 10x4 20mm cannons 9x2 55mm cannons 9x2 128mm dual-purpose guns AA DPS: 369 Shell explosion: 1540 Range: 6km Agir is nothing special when it comes to AA in fact I find her to be rather weak. For the photo above I took Agir T9 and put her against a bot Ryujo at T6 despite being 3 tiers higher than Ryujo took out half my health. Now of course I wasn’t at the controls since I was trying to get a decent photo of her AA in action but it still stands that a T6 got through the AA of a T9. In fact, while her in-game AA rating is 87 which is seven points higher than her sister Siegfried at 80 I’d rather be in a Siegfried to fight enemy CVs than Agir. Siegfried gets access to both the DFAA consumable and fighter consumable while Agir gets neither of those. For some reason, WG decided that Agir wasn’t worthy of the two most useless consumables in the game. If I’m being honest I haven’t found the lack of Fighter/Spotter or DFAA particularly bad (I usually run with Hydro and Spotter anyway) but it’s the fact you don’t get the choice at all that is frustrating to me. Agir’s AA is meh, just like almost everything else on this ship. Is it terrible? No. Is it going to deplane a whole aircraft carrier? Also no. Like the vast majority of ships Agir’s AA falls into the “Doesn’t do crap if the carrier knows what they’re doing” category that the rest of the German cruiser and battleship line falls into. Where does she fall on the battlecruiser list? In the middle, she’s not an Alaska but at least she’s not Azuma. Maneuverability Max speed: 33.5kts (base) Turning radius: 880m Ruddershift time: 11.2s (ruddershift mod 1) Agir feels like all the other battlecruisers, she’s fast in a straight line, clumsy for a cruiser in a turn but agile for a battleship. What I found most interesting was how many people underestimated the top speed of Agir. A few times when I’ve reached maximum speed and got spotted on my way to a key area I would watch shell come flying in and land just aft of my stern. Of course, that only works once and the second time is sure to result in a massive paddling taking place if you don’t angle or dodge. I found the Agir to be nimble (enough) to mitigate incoming fire using the upper 90mm belt to ricochet shells by sailing into the enemy at an angle. Long-range felt most comfortable especially against big-armed BB’s like Thunderer, Kremlin, Georgia, Yamato and Shikishima. Giving ample time to mitigate incoming fire and then turn out to get all guns back on target. At close range, the ruddershift felt more clumsy where I would turn out to bring all guns on target before turning back in to angle the hull. Quite a few times I’ve been on that turning back in with my finger firmly on the A/D key and by that time the enemy has fired and my rudder is only then starting to turn the ship in. Is it acceptable? Yes, absolutely I’m still getting used to her ruddershift time and her maneuverability characteristics. Overall I feel once again Agir falls somewhere in the middle of battlecruisers with Alaska feeling closer to a battleship than a cruiser with her maneuverability and Azuma being a cruiser that’s been elongated. Agir fits nicely in there as a sort of middle buffer erring on the Alaska side of the spectrum in my opinion. Concealment Sea detection: 11.9km Air detection: 8.7km Smoke firing penalty: 11.7km (nothing to do with concealment just really like some of these photos) Once again Agir sort of just sits in the middle of the pack, being slightly less detectable than Alaska and slightly more detectable than Azuma. Her concealment is acceptable allowing for positioning closer to the battle and being able to go undetected rather easily. She’s often spotted by aircraft but in this day and age, it’s to be expected. Nothing really noteworthy here other than yeah, she’s ok. Modules and Crew: With my experience in Agir, I used a different combination of crews and modules here’s what I found to work best for me. For modules: I ran with this set because I found it to work best with a longer range playstyle while not impeding on close-range brawling. It was a hard choice between range and reload but I stuck with range because of the 18.5km base range which with all the HE spam results in playing too aggressively early on in the match eating a ton of damage and dying before anything good could happen. The range mod boosts the range out to 21.5km which allows for a lot more comfortable play on maps with little to no cover. Concealment because nothing else is worth taking, ruddershift because it allows me to avoid more damage, aiming systems because there’s nothing better in that slot, damage control because fires hurt on this ship and main armaments to try and avoid losing torpedo tubes 2 minutes into the match. For my captain this is my #1 recommendation: This is my GK build, it’s your standard tank build. I find it to work better on this Agir because of the 60s burn time and little armour values on the deck/side plating. If you wanted you could drop the jack of all trades skill for expert loader and preventative maintenance but I found the reduced reload time on consumables helpful. However, I know some people don’t like to run tank builds on battlecruisers because they think then they’re playing a BB without the armour so my second recommendation is: Standard cruiser build, please note that only 15 out of the 19 points are used here. Again pretty self-explanatory speccing into the main guns and concealment. This build works ok but with all the HE spam in the game now I just feel it’s far too vulnerable to fire damage. Final Thoughts: The more I play Agir the more average bland this ship becomes, it’s very pretty and her sister Siegfried will eventually be mine! But Agir just sort of became this very bland kind of “meh” ship where there’s nothing to make it stick out from the rest. I mean high AP alpha and high penetration on HE shells is great but honestly, it just feels like a worse Alaska. If you already have Alaska and are wondering which ship you should spend 1m free XP on then the answer is not Agir or Azuma. If you’re like me though, hate DD’s and want a cruiser then which one do I recommend? Agir. Because while the ship is deeply mediocre with absolutely no unique features of its own it at least has armour and can make aggressive plays when your team is down and you need points. Azuma just can’t do that her 25mm of plating and massive citadel makes her a damage pinate that battleships love to hit. Agir is also a very pretty ship, so you know if you just want something that looks cool and you don’t care about performance than sure, Agir is fine. I just have a hard time recommending this to anyone who wants a ship that is competitive or very fun to play, because Agir’s not. Alaska will do Agir’s job better, more consistently for the same price. Basically I rank the T9 battlecruisers like this: 1. Alaska (great pick!) 2. Kronstadt (radar and good armour) 3. Agir (meh, not bad, not good) 4. Literally anything else 5. Azuma What would make her a good bote? If WG increased the range of the secondary battery back out to 11.5km at maximum and gave this ship some improved pen angles for her AP this ship would be a definite recommendation. Doing this would give players who want a good german secondary ship something they could play with without having to re-grind 3-5 lines to get Siegfried. And the improved AP pen angles would just make it more comfortable to use AP against targets.
  8. Awe5ome

    Why are BBs untouched by nerfs?

    They’re not getting changed because BB’s are already the weakest class in the game. I mean if you play a battleship you have great shell damage and alpha strike but have the following disadvantages: - longest reload - slowest turret traverse - the biggest detection range - the longest burn time - a massive superstructure that gets HE farmed - lousy and inconsistent accuracy throwing shells in blocks before suddenly getting a spread so large it would stretch across an entire post code - least maneuverable - slowest speed - weaker AA - lacking access to important teamplay consumables like hydro (except Germans) and radar (Missouri) The current meta is basically a massive screw you to battleships. With so much HE spam battleships are almost always of fire and taking damage. They have the ability to delete a broadsiding cruiser but even then most of the time I shoot and watch as my dispersion can best be described as “in that general area” and get maybe get one hit that of course isn’t a citadel. Besides with all the sky cancer roaming around these days battleships are constantly being set on fire, then flooding, then knocking out an engine or steering repeat.
  9. Awe5ome

    Premium Ship Review #150 - Siegfried & Agir

    Well some beach. Here I was writing up a review for the Agir and just as I'm ready to post it @LittleWhiteMouse releases hers. Oh well. I will say I found it funny how similar are reviews of Agir are, great work as always LWM, you inspired me to write my own reviews.
  10. For me, it will be if both subs and CV's remain in competitive game modes. I mean 5 years and WG still can't figure out how to balance a carrier? And yet they want to add submarines to the mix? Hell, why not just add missile cruisers to the game because at that point game-breaking classes are just the new normal. I find it infuriating that every. single. CC and the competitive players basically say the same thing "Carriers don't belong in the game". CitizenS9 on steam has said "carriers are broken" and last ranked season said "at T7 at least we don't face carriers" Flamu can't go through a stream without saying "carriers are OP" Flambass has said "Carriers are balanced" mocking WG Yuro has a bunch of video's dedicated to carriers being broken The top three clans on EU are "BANCV" "NOCV" "REMOVECV" Hell, even NoZoup has said "[CV's] are a class in retrospect that probably shouldn't have been added to the game." Even WG doesn't put CV's in King of the Sea because carriers break the game balance and it's not fun to watch a game where DD's have to hide beside cruisers for even a hope of being protected. Yet WG in their infinite wisdom is like "you know what we need?" "We need another class that significantly shakes up the game balance for every other ship in this game.
  11. Awe5ome

    ranked experience so far

    See if that player was a good player you would expect to see a PR similar to their win rate. However, you see instead that the player I showed in the screenshots has a PR that is below average. This is only slightly better than their other classes which means they still bloody suck at the ship class just less. Yet despite their below average PR over the course of 500 battles in carriers they have a 60% win rate so either they’re extraordinarily lucky with great teams constantly, or more likely, carriers are giving poor players a massive advantage over surface ships that a 46% win rate player becomes a 60% win rate player just by playing this class.
  12. Awe5ome

    ranked experience so far

    I hate it. 8 players per team with carriers in ranked. Oh, so much joy as I watch my teams only DD get removed from the game in seconds. Grouped up? Doesn't matter AA specced captain? Doesn't matter. Re-enforced an AA sector? DOESN'T MATTER. Pop DFAA, Fighter? DOES NOT MATTER IN THE SLIGHTEST. Oh, the joy of being harassed by someone with a 40% winrate in DD's, CL's, CA's, BB's but yet magically hop into a carrier and become a regular average player. Seriously: Great design WG, you allow people who have zero skill in this game the ability to become a unicum just by playing a single class. GREAT DESIGN. I'm going to start avoiding ranks on even tiers, my god.
  13. CV's will always be OP. Until WG makes AA player-controlled carriers get to fight bots while surface ships have to fight players. I mean I'd be a 90% win rate unicum if I were playing nothing but co-op, and until WG decides that yes, in fact, players should have more control over their AA players get to play a mini-game of World of Warplanes against bots. JUST DODGE!
  14. Awe5ome

    Smolensk is Ruining the Game

    "Smolensk ruins the game" Yeah, we know. It's like carriers, terrible for the game everyone universally hates them and yet WG will do nothing about them.