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  1. Zenn3k

    How would you "counter play" me?

    It matters because the difference of AA of T6 ships and T10 ships is MASSIVE. That is all. It is much harder for a T8 CV to get anything done in a T10 game, that was the point.
  2. Zenn3k

    How would you "counter play" me?

    You're top tier with 4 (out of 11) ships at your same tier. Yes, in this situation, there is really not much at all they can do, against Enterprise or any other CV. Now get into a game where you are the ONLY T8 ship against all T10 and show me this same gameplay.
  3. Zenn3k

    no more money on this game

    You also just described every ship behind an island that isn't spotted, every DD firing torpedoes, and every ship with a smoke btw. Yeah yeah, you can technically fire back at smoked up ships, but its unlikely you're gonna get more than 1-shell hit at best with a battleship, and thats only if you're smart enough to exploit the "lock on" to another ship (which they should really fix IMO).
  4. Zenn3k

    can a mod delete this plz

    Its not just about distance, its about who is "detected" and who is not detected. Bots generally shoot at the closest visible target. Learn what Concealment is, and how it works (there are videos online that explain). A DD can be closer to the enemy than you and still not be detected.
  5. Zenn3k

    Container Tokens a good laugh

    You spend money on these event containers, you frankly deserve to have your money wasted. Think of these events, where they want you to pay for free stuff...as stupid people tax, don't be the one who gets taxed, I know how many of you folks hate taxes.
  6. Don't play them in co-op. CV play in co-op is basically 3-5 strikes and the match is over. In a real random match, you'll get time for like 20 strike attempts. Its a night and day difference. I'd say the USA line is the easiest to play.
  7. Pushing forward in a BB is usually an instant death sentence, chance are you will reach effective range of MULTIPLE enemy ships at the same time, which means all the sudden you go from perfectly fine to 3+ fires at 25% and falling fast with 3-6 ships rapid-firing at you, probably all in smoke. HE spam keeps BBs passive, citadel deletions keep cruisers behind islands, and radar keeps DD's at max torpedo range. The ENTIRE game is designed to push combat as far away as possible, radar, concealment, spotter plane (which I personally can't stand), torpedoes themselves, etc. You can counter this with an organized push that uses focus fire to kill them before they kill you, but solo queue randoms where your teammates have an 80% chance to have a single digit IQ? Yeah, it makes more sense to hide.
  8. No, the incompetence of others is sucking the fun out of the gameplay. Inherently? It certainly has fun moments from time to time, but inherently fun? Is firing a perfectly aimed AP volley at a broadside ship and have 4 shells land on the right, and 4 shells land on the left in the water due to nothing but RNG dispersion inherently fun? Is having the only spotting on your side of the map charge into radar ships and die 2m into the game, leaving your entire map side to be farmed by ships you can't see while you run away playing torpedo beats to a DD you never get to see the entire game, inherently fun? When things go right, yeah, it can be a fun time, but far too often things go horribly wrong and the game is nothing but frustration. I'd say WoWs is closer to inherently broken and frustrating then it is fun. I'm not wrecking anything, my teammates are doing that for me. Far too much of the game is dictated by the actions of others, a players individual ability is almost the lowest factor in their win/loss rate. You can certainly win games at times, nearly alone, many of us have had those huge damage 6+ kill games before, games we carried so hard we were able to defy the odds against us, but generally, thats not the case, generally your dead teammates ruin any chance you could ever have to even make an impact. What is a gunboat DD gonna do without support spotting? Open water kite against 6+ ships firing at it? My choice? We have no choices, we have RNG. The only choice we ever get to make is what ship we wanna queue up with, everything else is at the whims of others, either the WG staff or the players in the match you get placed within. Queuing up in a DD - My choice Being placed bottom tier - Not my choice Being placed with carriers - Not my choice Having multiple 12 KM radar ships on other team - Not my choice Having poor teammates - Not my choice Because my ACTUAL choice is so very limited, I have to make that choice based on the factors I cannot control, which means a HUGE chunk of ships are just unplayable. A ship needs good to great AA, if its a DD it needs 10+ KM torps, if its a DD gunboat or cruiser it needs enough pen to damage everything it might see 2+ tiers above it, if its a BB it either needs overmatch potential or great pen angles, or some other gimmick. Does it have enough armor and a citadel thats not the size of a planet, so that when the 3 ships the spawn near me all get dev struck I can at least ATTEMPT to farm some damage while I want for the loss thats already assured 4m into the game? I generally find in any play session, I look at my lineup of over 120 ships and only want to play about 3 of them, because they check the required boxes needed to compensate for what I cannot control. Is finding over 90% of the ships I own generally unplayable, inherently fun?
  9. Zenn3k

    CV Help Request

    CV damage doesn't get respectable until Tier 8. Below that, if you do 50k damage, you had a "great" game.
  10. Zenn3k

    CV vs Halland

    Just stop playing CV. When enough people give up on the class because of ONE ship thats being heavily played specifically to make playing it impossible, and the spreadsheets start noticing, they'll fix it, and not before.
  11. Blueberry is clearly the best type of pancakes
  12. Zenn3k

    New Premiums

    Depends. But the rate at which I'm in blowout wins is far less often then when I'm in blowout losses. If the game is such a blowout I didn't even get to do any damage, then I of course do not enjoy that either, I rarely get chances to farm damage in blowout losses either, usually the team dies so quickly that firing your guns becomes a death sentence.
  13. Zenn3k

    European DDs are the Worst.

    They are torpedo boats, don't get detected, if you do get detected, start running away IMMEDIATELY, don't fire back, don't wait, run.
  14. Zenn3k

    New Premiums

    Ummm...what? Humans blow out the CPU 90%+ of the time, what are you talking about?
  15. Zenn3k

    New Premiums

    First game played in about a week or so? Look at those scores....look at that team positioning...truly magical. I literally stopped launching planes after we got pushed up to the top of the map with half the team dead almost halfway through the game...and I STILL topped EXP for my team... I guess I'll take another week off, this isn't fun. You can kindly keep the CV comments to yourselves, Naval Battles was the only reason I was using it in this situation, as the EU DD's have removed my desire to touch the class. 20200502_021205_PASA518-Enterprise_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay