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  1. Zenn3k

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Its certainly felt really bad lately. I do really well and my teammates just sail straight into lines of torpedoes over and over and over. Had a game recently, ABC cap style, I spawned near C cap, using a Mass B with secondary build. As we approach the cap and the enemy team starts to get revealed, it become clear this is the Lemming Push, half the reds are here and aiming at me. Slam on the brakes, throw in reverse and just try and survive....my support around me dies as fire is raining down on me, the DD of course tries too hard and is radared and blapped. Cruisers give that broadside all day and explode. Its just me and a King George left on this side, attempting to turn and run without getting deleted. So what is A and B doing? A capped and B is still contested. Somehow the large majority of MY team proceeds to fall to roughly 4 total red ships. We lose the game with about 3 enemy ships destroyed, me and the KG still somehow alive and chased to the border by now. With half the fleet chasing us, we stayed alive, but with almost nobody in their way, everyone else managed to get themselves killed with ease. That, is not, fun.
  2. Pleased the Aigle will finally be useable, it needed 8 KM torps BADLY.
  3. Zenn3k

    Buffs coming soon!

    Isn't this already the case? Or is the change from 6.99 to 7 suppose to be a big deal? Or did you typo and this is actually 8 KM cause then the Aigle will actually have use.
  4. Whats worse is if you start a game with say...15 minutes of premium time and the game takes the full 20 minutes, your score at the end is counted as if you didn't have Premium because it expired while you were in game. WG is insanely greedy about its premium time in that way, also counting hours you aren't logged in is another very scummy move regarding premium time.
  5. Zenn3k

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Can't really compare the MM in this game to queue dodging in World of Warcraft....its not even remotely the same thing. There is no way to queue dodge in this game.
  6. Radar is annoying but not impossible to deal with....you just can't even get closer than about 10km to any CA in the game, which isn't game breaking, but again...annoying. I've done okay in T9+ MM with a DD, but its a lot less fun than taking a Tier 7 (anything) out for a game.
  7. Zenn3k

    How many is your losing streak?

    Unless I went on a long winning streak, I usually log off after 3 losses myself. Last night it didn't even take three, two losses and a game where I died a bit earlier than I expected and that was all I could stand for the night, my team apparently won that game (I found that out hours later), but I didn't really care at the time. Doing 150k damage with some kills and losing really saps all the fun out of the game, especially when both losses were totally winnable, but your teammates just suicide and lose a winning game. The amazing ability of players to turn wins into losses never ceases to amaze me.
  8. Zenn3k

    Prinz E Friedrich grind Really?

    I completed this "horrible mindless grind" in 3 days over less than 100 games. I used flags and premium ships I had available, it wasn't that bad at all. Its important to remember its GROSS credits earned, which unless you die instantly should be at least 250k per game (I was averaging closer to 400k myself). Thats only like 25 games per country, thats not that bad. Now the PEF itself, THAT thing it bad. The grind is easy, the ship you get, is terrible.
  9. Zenn3k

    are DDs OP?

    Yes in the sense that the first team to lose all its DDs does usually lose the game, but it does sorta depend on how many BB babies you got and if they have any sense in avoiding torpedoes as well. If the last DD in the game can't land any torps, he's not doing all that much by that point in the game.
  10. Shouldn't be that hard, they already have a "line of sight" code that exists for detection as it is, just use that instead.
  11. Zenn3k

    Favorite Premium

    Atlanta - dakka dakka Massachusetts - secondary spec is amazing, its much better than the memes will have you beileve. Boise - Super Heal at T7 on a CA? Don't mind if I do!
  12. And then being radar'ed and destroyed. If there are Radar ships in the game, my DD doesn't go anywhere NEAR the objective until about 5 minutes into the game. I'll sail around the edge and help hunt down the enemy DD if I have support, but I'm not going into the point just to be radar'ed and die.
  13. I run a secondary mass and I love it. If I was gonna try and take secondary's into T10, I'd use the KG to do it for sure. I play pretty aggressively in my mass as well, I push up further than most would expect and it rewards me with people slipping into secondary range, doesn't hurt the guns on the Mass are very effective as well. I also make sure to use my WASD hacks to bait and dodge torps, I don't get hit with them too often, which is a required skill for driving a boat like this in this way in the first place, anticipate and avoid torpedoes!
  14. Zenn3k

    Completed the PEF event

    Earned mine this weekend. Have no intension of actually playing it though, fires too slow for HE to be effective, AP is ineffective against anything with armor, not much sense using a ship that can't do anything to Battleships.
  15. Could really use a slightly faster reload.