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  1. She was hurt, Enterprise has some of the slowest planes at T8, especially the torps. Takes ages to get anywhere.
  2. Zenn3k

    the Puerto Rico IS NOT a premium ship

    Its a cruiser with bad BB guns, how is that balanced in anyway? A ship isn't "balanced" because its bad, its just bad. PR is limited time ship, Stalingrad is "you get it eventually" type of ship. If anything, PR should be better because of its limited offering, not worse. Either way, I used it twice, that was enough to show me I never wanna play it again, it'll sit in port forever or until it gets a buff to make it not complete garbage. I'm not that broken up about it, I only used 2 paid boosters with extra doubloons from Black Friday, grinded the 4 directives for the rest, which got me enough coal for smol and steel for stalingrad...ya know, actual good ships.
  3. Zenn3k

    the Puerto Rico IS NOT a premium ship

    We've already had massive power creed with other ships, if you release a ship substantially worse than those ships, there is no reason to use them. The ship isn't even balanced, its just flat out terrible and pointless. Why would I EVER play PR over Stalingrad? There is zero reason to ever do so. I'm not gonna play a ship because its "cool" or any other reasons, I'm gonna play it because it wins games. If a ship is greatly worse than its counterparts, it doesn't even need to exist.
  4. Zenn3k

    the Puerto Rico IS NOT a premium ship

    Its really an awful boat, not even "mehboat", just BADboat. Has an awful dispersion for no reason at all. Its like playing a T8 BB with radar basically. There is literally no reason to ever take it out.
  5. Zenn3k

    ST, ships balance changes

    The problem is you are spotted much sooner before you fire your guns, making cap contesting basically impossible, the enemy DD will spot you almost 2 KM before you could ever spot them, putting you at a major disadvantage. What good are great guns if you're at <50% health before you have any chance to use them? No thank you.
  6. Zenn3k

    My Puerto Rico is now floating!!

    I finished mine last night, but I won't be playing her, because she is pretty darn awful, just two games of co-op showed me all I needed to see with shells going all over the place. Completing her gave me enough Steel to finally buy Stalingrad though, which I'm enjoying immensely, its shells actually go where you aim them. Its night and day. Stalingrad is like playing a T11 SuperCruiser, PR is like playing a bad T8 Battleship.
  7. Zenn3k

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    Navalpride has been crying about Mass since it came out. He's called me a "stat padder" for playing "such an OP ship" multiple time.
  8. Zenn3k

    Directives/Missions Deleted?

    What are you gonna do in 2 days that you couldn't manage to do in a month?
  9. Zenn3k

    Puerto Rico needs a nerf

    Its really trash, I used it in 2 co-op games, one to knock snowflake, and another cause the first game didn't give me enough information....but after those 2 games, I can't see myself ever using it in random, its dispersion is incredibly bad and it gains nothing for that dispersion. There is ZERO reason to use it over something like Stalingrad, which is a same tier cruiser. Its port queen status until it gets a meaningful buff.
  10. Zenn3k

    ST, ships balance changes

    Goodbye Kleber as a usable DD. That detection makes it useless now. I was grinding that line but I might as well just stop now.
  11. You missed the point. I meant "MATTER" in terms of balancing the game. Things are only over-powered vs players, what you can do against a bot is completely irrelevant.
  12. Wow, you farmed 100k damage on ships that make zero effort to dodge/avoid damage or use their AA effectively? OMG, we got an over-powered ship folks!!! Why do people talk about co-op like it matters? It doesn't, at all, not even a little bit. Its a place to test out guns on a new ship you've never used, a place to knock off snowflakes or complete directives for things like "hits with main battery" or "ships sunk", and its a place where people afraid of random go to blow off steam in some boats. IT DOES NOT MATTER. News flash, there is more to ship strategy than "SAIL AT EACHOTHER AT FULL STEAM"
  13. I mean, if you want all your cruisers to be dead 5m into the game....
  14. Zenn3k

    CV vs DD balance

    The overwhelming majority of players would prefer to go 12 and 0 with 500k damage too. Or never have to deal with Torpedoes from that forever invisible DD 8 KM off to the side. Players generally don't want anything that gives them a difficult time.
  15. $80 for a CV without torpedoes. NO THANK YOU.