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  1. Out of votes, so I'll just reply and say: EXACTLY.
  2. And they dominated as a group, BECAUSE they played as a group...ya know, teamwork, in a TEAM BASED SHOOTER, tends to work. I don't understand the desire to be a perfect SOLO answer to all problems in a TEAM GAME. If you refuse to work with your TEAM, you deserve a bad outcome.
  3. The new rocket changes make rockets entirely unusable against all but the most braindead of DD drivers. Bullets in front of me? Spam S key. Bullets ON me? Spam W key. Never get hit again. Its just that easy. Imagine if a BB took a shot, and you saw an outline of where the shells were going to land...would you EVER get hit by a BB again? Not a chance. This design is basically that, and requires the DD being attacked to not be paying attention (so, really REALLY bad player) to ever land a strike. If they follow through with this design, there is no reason to play CV at all anymore, only Midway HE bombs would be able to reasonably interact with DDs at all, and DDs dying is what wins games. At that point, its better to just play a DD and forget CVs exist.
  4. Had a game in an FDR where a Mino, a Grozovoi , and a Halland sailed as a group the whole game, not only did they dominate, but I couldn't even spot the DDs for more than about 3 seconds before all my FDR planes just evaporated. They had something like 7 kills between the 3 of them, took an entire flank. Ships traveling in groups are ALREADY no-fly zones. Giving a single ship that much AA power effectively makes the CV class pointless, at that point, it makes much more sense to just play a DD and spam torpedoes while invisible like everyone else, and we're right back to World of Destroyers.
  5. I don't see how subs will even be playable. A sub on the surface is fish food, and you'll be forced to the surface pretty fast. Whats next? DDs with 15 KM detection? Cruisers that can only shoot their guns 90 degrees from the bow? (thus being forced to broadside all game), maybe BBs that burn for 5 minutes and can't put out fires? It just sounds stupid as hell and pointless to play a Sub if you have to play at a massive disadvantage for the majority of the game. Not to mention how historically inaccurate it is, subs pretty much surfaced for three reasons, Air, Recharging batteries, and long distance travel. Surfacing in a combat situation was IMMEDIATE DEATH and only ever done when there was no other choice.
  6. Zenn3k

    Hyuga Good , Bad Or Otherwise ?

    K, maybe I should have said, have they improved any premium in the past 2 years...cause pretty sure all those were done a LONG time ago. There hasn't been any recent improvements made that I can recall. Z-44 for example could use it, as it was released as total garbage...yet no improvements given.
  7. Zenn3k

    Hyuga Good , Bad Or Otherwise ?

    Have they EVER buffed a premium? There are multiple premiums that are awful trash, never been buffed. What makes you think they'll start now?
  8. Zenn3k

    Hyuga Good , Bad Or Otherwise ?

    Don't know, don't care. Its a premium they said they can "balance" later, so it doesn't matter if its good, cause they'll nerf it, and if its bad, they'll probably leave it bad. I will not buy premiums that can be changed after I buy them with no ability to get a 100% refund.
  9. Zenn3k

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Sooo...Subs will be totally unplayable trash out the gate, cool, guess I don't need to worry about unlocking any of them then.
  10. Zenn3k

    What use is Detonation?

    I detonated two ships tonight, I had to just say "sorry, Detonations sucks, please run the flag". I didn't even hit one of them, HE bombs landed NEAR him (which usually results in an incapacitation)...instead he exploded. By far the worst mechanic in the game.
  11. Zenn3k

    big CV balans

    Oh look.... Left AA on the entire game Ran away from team support and charged into the cap as quickly as possible This kinda play is really no different than showing broadside in a cruiser to multiple battleships and getting dev struck. There is no reason you need to be the first ship in the game to enter a cap circle, you can stay a square back and support the cap circle, stay with your support cruisers and still contribute to the game, moreover, if you make yourself easy to kill, you are going to be attacked until you are dead. A smokeless DD that allows himself to be plane spotted with his AA on is asking for punishment, especially when they continue to charge forward with their AA on.
  12. Zenn3k

    big CV balans

    Maybe @Ahskancewill feature it on his YT channel, lol. I'll go out on a limb and make the prediction that OP left his AA on and made himself a really easy target to kill, they generally do when they die this easily.
  13. Zenn3k

    Does Friesland's captain become Dutch too?

    Don't get why it even had to change, wasn't Friesland the first EU ship in the game anyway?? Why can't it just be a special exception and be EU AND Dutch and allow both captain types? Seems like the best solution to me. Knowing how WG likes to ruin things, I'm sure they'll just toss off everyones Commanders and tell us to start over, cause screw the players.
  14. Not true, there are more than enough players, the reason WG won't do it, in their own words: "Variety". Basically they say they keep MM at 2 so there are more ships you could run into, they care nothing for the quality of the gameplay, just that you see more ships.
  15. Zenn3k

    What use is Detonation?

    That took me a bit, stupid typos, lol.