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  1. CVs are only allowed to be played by the best of the best of the best, if you're just average or worse, they are unplayable. Thats the game everyone around here wants, so thats the game we got.
  2. If by "aren't always" you mean, rarely if ever, then you are correct. Divisions should have extra wait time to make SURE they are playing another division of the same size (and preferably , skill level, surely you can design MM for 3 players?), since they have MASSIVE impact on the outcome of the game, being at a minimum 1/4th of the entire team and often 3/4s of an entire flank as well. Personally, I'd like a "solo player only" queue. I don't want to EVER play against an organized division in random, its insanity to subject players to that.
  3. Possible, but not very likely. Its very rare divisions form mid-game between random players who don't know one another, its also incredibly unusual to bother leaving a division after dying, most people just quit out the match which leaves them listed in the division, note the dead players still in the division. So, while technically correct, its probably not what happened. A screenshot of the opening screen would answer the question though.
  4. Out of sight out of mind maybe, but it doesn't change anything about the horrible MM system. I'd rather know its a waste of my time before i press "W" on the keyboard, so I can go do something else for 20 minutes instead.
  5. This must be fake, because someone here told me the other day it was IMPOSSIBLE for there to be more divisions on the enemy team than your team....so I guess this must be photoshopped?! (Note: Sarcasm)
  6. I'd rather they didn't. The lower tiers is one of the few places one can hide from the unicum stomp divisions that ruin every game they join.
  7. Zenn3k

    Is WoW truly consumer driven?

    Consumer driven? I dunno. I consider it "wallet drive", as in, making $ off people who can't resist gambling, driven. They don't care about literally anything else in the game, only that they find as many ways as possible to try and trick you into spending money for what will amount to ZERO value.
  8. Zenn3k

    What's with the BBs firing HE

    Think about it from the perspective of a new player. They fire AP, they get mostly overpens or bounces, even well aimed shots often don't give you the sorta damage rewards you want. They fire HE, their damage is consistent, they start fires for extra damage, they feel better about it. CItadels are what its all about, obviously, but compare the 1/10 chance your shell actually gives you one when it should vs the pure consistency of HE, its really not surprising. Its the same reason I don't really like BBs or do well in them, the majority of my VERY well aimed shots result in poor damage, mostly via overpens. So I stick to DDs and cruisers that spam HE or SAP.
  9. My first game yesterday had a unicum division on the other side, we lost, badly. That was also my last game yesterday. Losing a game before it begins is just about the worst feeling you can have in gaming and it doesn't make me want to play your game and it certainly doesn't make me interested in financing it. I finally ran out of premium time, after two consecutive years of buying the year long premium bundles....I will NEVER buy premium time again, because WG can't be bothered to help solo players have a good experience and thinks putting them against a TEAM of superior players is good game design. The queue should allow solo players to ONLY play other solo players and divisions to ONLY play divisions (or a solo queue where you can opt into division games). You wanna "play with your friends", then you gotta wait for a division filled game instead of being allowed to ruin the game for 12 other players on the opposing team automatically.
  10. Zenn3k

    Random battles XDDDDDDDDD

    Yes, it did, and no they did not form later, they all sync dropped the game and ended up on the same team in 2-man divisions. Regardless, they still had DOUBLE our average damage in stats before the game and lost 2 ships in their domination of us.
  11. Zenn3k

    Random battles XDDDDDDDDD

    Its amuses me to no end how this screenshot represents what the majority of the player base commonly experiences on a daily basis, and nobody seems to really care about it. Had a great one last night, 4 divisions on the other team to our ZERO, with our average damage being 32,000 to their 65,000....guess who won. The fact 8 people in that game managed to sync drop and get on the same team shows me how incredibly lazy the development team is at making anything even resembling a fair game.
  12. There are vastly more bad premiums than good ones. Especially on sale right now as MANY of the best premiums are not obtainable by normal means anymore, because they were good and people played them, so they had to be pulled.
  13. Zenn3k

    Is this a Jerry McGuire moment for Flambass?

    Not really any shocking information here, Gold has been trash for a long long time. People literally AFK their way to gold with bots (yes they exist). If you don't like T10, stay in Bronze even.