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  1. ruggus99

    Desperation... Need Advice

    Don't worry about win rate. I don't even look at mine anymore. Remember this is a kids game played by old guys. Just go in, shoot stuff, die and go to the next one. Apparently, that is what most of the other players are doing.
  2. ruggus99

    You won't see this often...

    The Ford Pinto of the high seas.
  3. Bad as that may be, I have more of a problem with planes which can still fly and spot during a cyclone.
  4. ruggus99

    Is this mm rare?

    I missed the 'div' part of the equation. Thanks!
  5. ruggus99

    Is this mm rare?

    You also had a Tier 7 and they did not. So, 4 tiers, a BB and a DD less. How did it turn out?
  6. ruggus99

    What REALLY sucks...

    He was kinda asking for it, if I read it right. Wanted to get a kill in before the deadline but got waxed himself instead. And the Germans tried to wave him off first. Still better than those Mayaguez guys who got accidentally left behind.
  7. ruggus99

    So, I know I suck but this is ridiculous

    You will find your blacklist and chat block lists are as long as the census of Omaha. Sometimes I wish we had scuttling charges on board, nuke ones, with a 4km destruction radius.
  8. ruggus99

    The Mysterious Case of the Flying Dutchman

    The Bingo base from Hell.
  9. ruggus99

    The Mysterious Case of the Flying Dutchman

    I cannot think of many worse ways to go.
  10. ruggus99

    The Mysterious Case of the Flying Dutchman

    Sorry about the title! The Mary Celeste is just one of those ship mysteries people find fascinating. I am still looking out for the USS Cyclops! I like the Easter egg items they have put on some of the maps, such as the Mont St. Michel. The beached, burning freighter I suspect to be the SS Norwich City which grounded and burned on the island Amelia Earhart supposedly crashed landed. I forget which map that one is though.
  11. ruggus99

    The Mysterious Case of the Flying Dutchman

    I think it was the Mary Celeste.
  12. ruggus99

    Blow out after Blow out

    At least MM the cvs better. A lot of games die over a mismatch of carrier capabilities. Surely even WG could accomplish this.
  13. ruggus99

    Lagging bad in Clan Battle's anyone ELSE

    Servers are overloaded and I wasnt able to get into a couple of games first try. Lots of people are playing these days so we have to bear with it.
  14. ruggus99

    the F key

    Just message block the real obnoxious ones.
  15. ruggus99

    Where the hell did Mainz go?

    Next year is a long way off