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  1. y_vonne

    Why are Detonations still a thing?

    because they're hysterical. the last time it happened to me, i knocked over a drink & burnt my rug. 2 words: Juliet Charlie
  2. almost tempted to try that, but ppl would lose their minds
  3. y_vonne

    Bad Ideas For WOWS (Humour)

    put all pink ships in a Ocean map mode where u have to be the top xp'r 3 times to get back into Randoms all pink ships must wear fluorescent pink camo until such time adding a "r3kt" voice macro
  4. i disagree that being uninformed is the 'why' more & more matches like that are commonplace. changing rewards to discourage selfish game play would be a plus, but imo, the current majority of players just can't be bothered to learn to improve & don't care who else is affected by it. if there be any "blame", it should fall on the company that created the current meta. what does it say when regular forum posters would'nt put themselves through the sh*t show Randoms are & advise others to do the same if they want to enjoy themselves? i'm not criticizing co-op players, but if it's to avoid Randoms at all costs, idk
  5. y_vonne

    The music thread

  6. y_vonne

    Is this game more luck then skill?

    Is this game more luck then skill? nope. some ppl like to believe it is, but it is'nt. there's nothing lucky about getting better
  7. is using a game forum to post pseudo-philosophical questions pretentious? who cares? ppl take themselves way too seriously this. the right meme at the right time can dress up even the most tired of topics
  8. y_vonne

    DD PLAYERS-Stayin Alive!

    so, basically this topic could have been called, 'Good advice from a bad DD player'...? if ur going to sing it, bring it
  9. y_vonne

    Never give up

    winning's fun
  10. y_vonne


    u mean "moobs", lol? although less than 1% of men develop breast cancer, anything can happen. i'm sure there's something else men can get checked out though
  11. y_vonne


    if u or a loved one is over 40 & has boobs, please get annual mammograms. early detection helps save lives keep the fun in funbags
  12. y_vonne

    The music thread

    my favorite thread. i've heard music here i might not have been exposed too in everyday life & it's always a topic ppl relate to. everyone likes music
  13. y_vonne


    that's the new 1 i hear u. had the day off & the weather was good, so why not save a few bucks. i'm not really mechanically inclined to any extent, but i enjoy a challenge. working on being more tech savy
  14. y_vonne


    pads & rotor, a little over 3 hrs. did it for almost a hundred less than quoted. my brother was kind enough to jack it up pretty happy with myself :)