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  1. y_vonne

    The music thread

    These 1 hit wonders helped me get a $235 speeding ticket, (93 mph in a 65) with this blatant Sublime vibe rip. After asking for my license & registration, I said, "what's the dillyo"?. He was not amused
  2. y_vonne

    I'd rather have nothing.

    yes. i got a Hawkins. Sold it to get more Det flags
  3. y_vonne

    The music thread

  4. y_vonne

    Aircraft carriers in general

    i don't know what all the fuss is about. i've played 135 battles in the last week, all DD's, all Randoms, Tiers 5-10, & got blapped by CV's exactly 6 times. are they op in the right hands? absolutely. but the fact is that the majority of the CV captains currently playing are'nt El2azer or unicums. i would'nt miss CV's if they were gone, but i'm always happy to have one on my team that knows what they're doing. most don't
  5. y_vonne

    Video Theater

    "my god you can swill it down, can't ya"? lulz
  6. y_vonne

    Who have you seen in game

    saw @Col_Nasty & @Ban_CV_Complainers
  7. y_vonne

    Weekend Spree, August 28-30, 2020

    started off a little scrubby, bounced back nicely
  8. y_vonne

    The music thread

  9. y_vonne

    Hiding stats

    No good DDeed goes unpunished
  10. y_vonne

    The music thread

  11. y_vonne

    The music thread

  12. y_vonne

    Fletcher at 5+ and a Greyhound Review

    if u don't mind X'ing out a couple pop up windows... https://ww4.0123movie.net/movie/greyhound-101111.html?play=1
  13. y_vonne

    The music thread