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  1. y_vonne

    The music thread

  2. First, the definition of shame: noun a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior. "she was hot with shame" If any player ever experiences "a painful feeling of humiliation or distress", over a video game, they should probably call a doctor, or a hotline. No /s. verb (of a person, action, or situation) make (someone) feel ashamed. "I tried to shame him into giving some away" notice the the word 'tried'? You can't make someone feel a certain way, that's on them. While every player has the right to play their ships however they please, what those same players don't have a right to, is how others respond. You're just a casual player who could'nt care less about stats? Good for you. But why does it seem like those that say they don't care are the most vocal about it? Why would it bother someone then to have a anonymous stranger on the internet telling them they suck at a video game that they admittedly don't care about? If it does, become a better player, or disable battle chat. If not, scrub loud & proud. You can't have it both ways. Stats/Statistics: Players don't bring their own into the game, they're provided by WG. It's the only metric that matters. Personally, I don't care if a player is the greatest bf, wife, husband, friend or citizen in real life . When you click battle, you're now player on a team. You wanna yolo & head back to port in 3 minutes cause you don't like the MM, CV's or another players clan, etc? No one's going to stop you. Just don't cry if you have to hear about it. It's a team game. And some of us like winning Does being good or great at a video game matter in rl? Of course not. It is just a game, but that's what we're talking about.
  3. y_vonne

    This has to stop

    'Below average' player rages when teamed with slightly poorer players, makes thread stat shaming self lulz
  4. y_vonne

    The music thread

  5. y_vonne

    Who have you seen in game

    always nice not to embarrass oneself when playing with/against other forum'rs @Dr_Venture in his Kaga & me in my Benson got 1st and 2nd team score in a very gg @Final8ty in his Asahio & me in my Benson. we won @Lert in something Tier 9, me in my Mahan. I got torped by a team mate, then deleted. @Lert got team score. we lost
  6. y_vonne

    The music thread

  7. y_vonne

    The music thread

  8. okay then Being a lower tiered DD, idk if it's ever a great idea to rush any cap, when spotting's infinitely more helpful, but since we're past that... the second you spotted the Bismarck, i would've turned West, knowing their DD was probably in the cap, but since you out spotted him, no biggie. Since you were turning in...The second you spotted the Akat, you should've started blasting him, smoked, & kept shooting. Your support took over half his health, & had you stayed in mouse look instead of trying to line up a torp angle, you could've sent him to the bottom when he peeked out of his smoke for those couple seconds. Once you launched torps at the Bismarck, you should've got moving fast, not smoke up with 1087 HP & start shooting! It was only blind luck he missed you, but still, you kept shooting? Yikes Should've gone with your first instinct & threw torps at the Soyuz instead of the DD. Turning on AA when it was'nt necessary with 1087 HP? Anyway. It's always easy to say what someone shoulda, woulda, coulda done. No one does'nt make mistakes & a win's a win. GG
  9. y_vonne

    Who have you seen in game

    had @desmo_2 on my team for a whew win, each having a eyebrow left of health. very gg
  10. y_vonne

    Trolls in game

    13 366 battles & a 27.85% battles survived as a cruiser main? Sure it is'nt you dying first hun?
  11. y_vonne

    The music thread

    one of the first rap songs i remember hearing. Liberty Haze says hi If you smoke like I smoke Then you high like every day
  12. y_vonne

    so i checked the EU forums...

    not to be snarky, but who cares what they post? I'm not doubting you, but the NA has the best players & the best clans, so i'm pretty sure this & any further developments will be addressed in great detail by our very own to everyone's dis/satisfaction
  13. y_vonne

    The music thread

    they really need a 'scary emoji', haha from everything i've read...
  14. y_vonne

    The music thread

    *Happy Holidays*