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  1. its not what you say that gets you reported it is Whom you say it too and whether he or she or it is a whiney little Cu%$t or not.
  2. KwaLevu

    Can't access Armory!

    issue started for me after update to 8.11 hope some fixes it in WG soon
  3. got nothing to do with being the best , its just lucky teams that work together and people who enjoy cutting themselves that will keep going till they reach rank 1. Dont give up ,keep at it, all u need is 4 victories in a row to rank up. PS. being drunk helps me with the losses , perhaps OP should down a couple of beers before doing rank battles
  4. The ship has one very big weakness though and that is myself , but when I do push at the right time it is magical. so listen to these guys that have posted, knowing when to push is the most important skill or (instinct ??) to learn in German BBs speced for secondaries.
  5. 0% , war gaming basically lied in the description or have forgotten to change it. over 500 containers no gallant
  6. KwaLevu

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    price for one is fine for me as I will have to choose which ones I really need , What I would like is the option to buy one signal at a time like the consumables and not stacks of 20 as it is now. Perhaps WG could give us options maybe stacks of 5 or something that isnt over a million credits
  7. KwaLevu

    CV so OP now

    Goons are wonderful people and as for CV is OP , my Minotaur begs to differ. Its not fair that CVs avoid me when im trying to get 50 plane kills. I always ask politely for enemy CV to share the plane kills but they never fly to me , I even offer to turn off my AA once I get plane kills so they can get a kill but they still dont fly to me. I suspect with all the CVs crying about AA they will buff planes or nerf AA , time will tell....
  8. new CVs!! , cant wait to see how my Minotaur handles the new AA.
  9. You want more clans to play Clan Wars , have it like WoT did , any tier and FULL TEAMS. Give us something to fight for other then some silly ranking system. There should be enough ports in the world during world war 2 to set up a clan wars map. this will allow us to log on each day and fight for something we can hold as a clan instead we do clan wars for a few weeks and then its over . Ranked battles is shite all we doing is hoping for a good team. your rank just means u were crazy enough to grind to rank 1 and a sucker for punishment.
  10. RNGesus Mary and Joseph , that explains alot mate , thank you so much , especially the part about strafing being RNG as well.