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  1. KwaLevu

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    price for one is fine for me as I will have to choose which ones I really need , What I would like is the option to buy one signal at a time like the consumables and not stacks of 20 as it is now. Perhaps WG could give us options maybe stacks of 5 or something that isnt over a million credits
  2. KwaLevu

    CV so OP now

    Goons are wonderful people and as for CV is OP , my Minotaur begs to differ. Its not fair that CVs avoid me when im trying to get 50 plane kills. I always ask politely for enemy CV to share the plane kills but they never fly to me , I even offer to turn off my AA once I get plane kills so they can get a kill but they still dont fly to me. I suspect with all the CVs crying about AA they will buff planes or nerf AA , time will tell....
  3. new CVs!! , cant wait to see how my Minotaur handles the new AA.
  4. RNGesus Mary and Joseph , that explains alot mate , thank you so much , especially the part about strafing being RNG as well.