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  1. Schnauzahpowahz

    Battleship: it's an awful movie but it does have Mighty Mo

    Hah, yep I noticed it on, flipping between it and 1408. Mighty Mo scene coming up soon The lovely, professional actress with more than just looks () helps with viewing the movie
  2. Schnauzahpowahz

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    I remember Flamus and he's quite critical and i dare say he was enamored with her so... we shall see! I personally dont see the need to buy, i have several higher tier US cruisers but who knows what the future will hold
  3. Schnauzahpowahz

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    So the supertesters were saying its fantastic and almost op, back then sure. Whats changed, whatd they nerf off it
  4. Schnauzahpowahz

    Inappropriate name?

    Just a small Richard
  5. Schnauzahpowahz

    What daily containers do you pick?

    Resources. Can build up a bit of coal quite quickly
  6. Schnauzahpowahz

    I'm having a bad time with the Alabama

    I figd out the hardway it pays to face tank and def not show that big sexy rump at all. Try not to get too too close
  7. Schnauzahpowahz

    DDs all heading to CO-OP

    Just my observation, since almost 20 have clicked yes, its true to a degree Dont mind them either way, welcome them infact. Just shows me the cvs may still need work - or the whole adapt or die thing.
  8. Schnauzahpowahz

    DDs all heading to CO-OP

    I play co-op mainly, quick games, less [edited] (usually) - but as of the last week there is an unholy amount of DDs, usually 3 per match now which would be the case once in a blue moon. DD mains heading over en mass? This tell you somthing WG?
  9. Schnauzahpowahz

    Konig Albert is for sale

    Im on NA and not seeing it anywhere, its region specfic, special offer or an oversight that was removed
  10. Schnauzahpowahz

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    Shes really not horrible. As you state, play it to strengths. Shes a battle cruiser. With my 14 pt AA/Sec spec capt, shes capable
  11. Schnauzahpowahz

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    OPs w AA, Sims. Gallant is fun, torps are nasty but the guns shoot rainbows
  12. Schnauzahpowahz

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    Agreed. Ive got the Julio, its a fun ship imo. If it had a bit more range or speed itd prob be considered op. That heal and the guns make up Id take a spotter plane though
  13. Schnauzahpowahz

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Nice! Reedemed
  14. Schnauzahpowahz

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Oh look, downvotes. Because its not the mob fav of bashing it Shocked