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  1. Schnauzahpowahz

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    Shes really not horrible. As you state, play it to strengths. Shes a battle cruiser. With my 14 pt AA/Sec spec capt, shes capable
  2. Schnauzahpowahz

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    OPs w AA, Sims. Gallant is fun, torps are nasty but the guns shoot rainbows
  3. Schnauzahpowahz

    Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    Agreed. Ive got the Julio, its a fun ship imo. If it had a bit more range or speed itd prob be considered op. That heal and the guns make up Id take a spotter plane though
  4. Schnauzahpowahz

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Nice! Reedemed
  5. Schnauzahpowahz

    FWIW, You are Wrong About the CV Rework

    Oh look, downvotes. Because its not the mob fav of bashing it Shocked
  6. Schnauzahpowahz

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    Finishing the PEF campaign playing with said ship got me its worth in gold, bought a bunch of prem camos in arsenal with that. Im pleased
  7. Schnauzahpowahz

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    Amen. I enjoy the PEF, shes not hot fart like some ppl claim. Shes pretty tanky, used HE unless broadside w a cruiser and fairly nimble with rudder upgrade. The AA is above avg, not sure how important thatll be come the next update. Plus i had a 14pt capt in her all the while After so many battles inter woven with the IJN line, im looking forward to shelfing her a month or so
  8. Schnauzahpowahz

    PEF Credit Grind Over

    Ringing the bell. Had her already and finished up today. Sans many credit camos and flags. WGs true aim was to deplete you of said consumables so you have to get more
  9. Schnauzahpowahz

    Any particular way to play the Aigle well?

    I like it, but i also like quirkey boats. Its like a very, very, very lightly armored CL with pretty good peashooters. Hunt other dds
  10. Schnauzahpowahz

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    Indeed. Its the true "all or nothing" armor scheme
  11. Schnauzahpowahz

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    Not entirely sure, the nose plates certainly look so.
  12. Schnauzahpowahz

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    Well met kinsman Instead of nerfing ev galdern thing, bump up others
  13. Schnauzahpowahz

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    Im intersted. Its another fantastic historical ship. Plus shes a looker. But those guns...and HE. :drool: Itll be interesting to see if shes altered before pub release. Cant wait for some game play vids