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  1. Schnauzahpowahz

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    Im one the the bad Vymar drivers. Its a love/hate relationship for me with this bote. I hate the connotation it has with 'having' to take cv route and expected to top the xp board. I dont do the yolo youtube exploit - i like changing it up but seem to get armchair admiral'd from some rando bc im not going *that direction* Love the bote though, as do most of my Kriegsmarine botes. Now when Narai pops up I'll go thru most my T7's and save it for last if i feel like continuing beyond the daily 3 containers. I dont think its the boats fault at all, its the Operation - the type of Operation and the youtube vid that "made it famous" - mainly and really only used well in this scenario. So let it have its 15 mins of fame once in a while with yolo youtube copycat-ers
  2. Schnauzahpowahz


    I dont get it.
  3. Schnauzahpowahz

    High Ping - Unplayable

    Oh well fiber yeah. Fibers fiber I guess. Good for keeping it regular, interwebs and bowels alike I was straight broadband w/ spectrum. It was hot dumpster juice. Went out almost every other day. High ping, crap up/down - def not worthy of what was advertised and paid for.
  4. Schnauzahpowahz

    Bot CVs now too good?

    I came here to type this precisely. I 'member when bots made you think about things... I 'member when matches would last longer than 27 seconds I 'member when you could even use BB's! I came back a few months ago to this new "meta" and pretty much run scenarios/ops now.
  5. Schnauzahpowahz

    High Ping - Unplayable

    I beg to differ on worst. This garbage company called Spectrum exists to take that crown. When I recently moved a year ago, i specifically checked for fiber and thank jeebus at&t fiber was prelaid within my hood. I cant imagine life without it I had the same probs w Spectrum at my old digs and i bothered cust svc non stop. Techs comin out on the reg. Theyd always seem to "fix it" then itd slowly go back to shart after a few weeks. Id say call them, constantly to send techs out. After a few with no joy maybe theyll send a real guy out to look at the line/node (dudes w the cherry picker trucks) GL
  6. Schnauzahpowahz

    RE: Leeroy Jenkins in the Armory

    From what i can tell, he's got no special perks? So just a pretty picture
  7. Schnauzahpowahz

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    Do want the carmen sandiego but only w/ the camo, bit rich for my blood. Grr. I didnt even realize the cansass was in the tt lol - recently came back from a wows hiatus
  8. Schnauzahpowahz

    RE: Leeroy Jenkins in the Armory

    Better than Dasha w/ a do-rag co-manderin wunna mah murican botes
  9. SD looks interesting indeed https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/
  10. Schnauzahpowahz

    Narai teams off bit today

    This is too funny, ditto. Had the same experience today out of a handful of games. 2 were good, and completed before the green transports had a chance to fully land. The others were obviously bots with names like "420yolo694eva" or something intelligently similar & even fake bot clan names One match, a cruiser reversed immediately at the start and... did nothing. Another had 4 ships cv flank with 2 bb's sitting back like it was a sweat match with noone transport side and the mighty mo destroyed like 2 green transports. My personal fav today, i was the last one alive in my 1/10th left hp Hood - facing the last bot bb that beaches itself. It was a 1 or 2 star at best, i figd id ram (still getting penned bow in on approach) but my position was odd and as i came around that island starboard the auto-steer bullshiz kicked in giving the bot bb just enough broadside from me, at 500 feet mind you, to seal my fate. That was my last match today.
  11. Schnauzahpowahz

    The Weimar

    Its a fun bote. Like the hipper and nurnberg had a love child. I dont have the lootjeans capt, prob never will - which adds to the bote massively. Got her a little bit ago, finally ran Narai w it and did "ok" but no yolo-knuckledragger-youtube-hardcore-copypasta-bro style in it..... ...yet I see and read everywhere shes top tier but it for some reason doesn't feel that way to me. I mean, I suck... but I just cant get it to click
  12. Schnauzahpowahz

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    Unlocked the Zara last week but find it uninspiring, while guns are lasers... they just feel anemic. Did poorly w it. On the other hand also unlocked the Surrey and had a 250k + game Sure some botes are just 'more gooder' but how theyre played by someone has alot to do w it
  13. Schnauzahpowahz

    Entire team outplayed by Co-Op bots

    1. Sounds heavenly, I'd love for matches to last more than 2min worth of yolo combat mission/op tom douchery 2. Keep seeing this same ol tired "gEt oUt of COoP yUr noT LurNiNg aNythIng" response in pve topics. Noone cares. I for example dont want to play random because it flat sucks and is way too salty with armchair admirals blabbing the whole match. "Learning" has nothing to do w it. I dont go in randoms topics and say "waaahh youre not learning in randoms, i think im better than you bc i play a diff style of wows, come to coop". In fact i wish sweats would stay out of coop
  14. Schnauzahpowahz

    One Complaint I Don't Understand

    Simply does it to get views. Noones gives a wet fart if someones just gushing over somthing...
  15. Schnauzahpowahz

    Sold my soul to the sweats...

    And hopped in some randoms to get shot at for the last french cruiser split task in stronk BB's (receive damage thingy) You're welcome random ppl out there using my body to farm xp. I feel so dirty Got it done and got the glass shotgun atleast 🤪