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  1. captkrueger

    Pink requirements - have they been adjusted?

    I got pink yesterday after a dd cut right in front of me while shooting at a target. I think I hit him twice. Of course was zoomed on target. hey it happens in game and it happened in real life. Bring pink for a couple of battles has no real serious affects to my game. I have no idea what is required to be forced to co-op only but I think you would have to be really careless a few times in a row.
  2. captkrueger

    New to WoWS but not WG

    Hi all and thanks for so many folks contacting me. I was really surprised as I have only been in the game for such a short time. After looking at everything I am going to give TSG4 a shot. Once more thanks to everyone that reach out to me and those that were so willing to make exceptions to their clan rules. Really nice group of people here. See you all on the seas and do ot get mad if I finish you off as I will not if you do the same to me! LOL
  3. captkrueger

    Best place to learn

    The one thing I miss is the “how to play xxx ship”. In WoT there was one of these for each tank where as here it seems to be more of a class thing. For example the St Louis scream brawler to me charge in to reasonable range, turn and smoke the target with continuous fire. But when I try that I am dead quickly. So must be doing something wrong. Oh well I will love and learn. Lol
  4. captkrueger

    Reporting AFK's in Ranked...

    Same issue in WoT. Afk is different from playing really safe. To me afk is not doing anything during the match. Moving to one spot and not doing anything. This was s new technique is wot to try and beat the reporting disconnects and crashes happen. I am sure WG can tell. Plus I am also sure they do not look at a player until the name shows up a bunch.
  5. captkrueger

    I have a question for the Battleship players.

    This is interesting discussion for a new player like me. I find I am burned to a crisp all the time. Nothing shots ap at me when I am in my B.B. even other B.B. Also I am not sure which B.B. is s brawler and which are snipers. I also find it very frustrating that me secondary weapons do so little damage to dds and even hitting a dd with a main gun weapon seems to do little or no damage to them. So thanks for the details as I am still trying to figure this out.
  6. captkrueger

    What do you think is Super

    I got a super today, was looking for signals. I opened it to receiver 50,000 free Xp. for a new player really nice, not sure his a long term player would feel about it, but I am happy. Anything free us always good imo
  7. captkrueger

    2nd crash since last update...

    I got that twice today. Just did a restart of my pc to see if that helps. Will update
  8. captkrueger

    Best place to learn

    Hey all i have been playing mostly random trying to learn the game. But that does not seem to be helping that much. It seems like most folks just do their own thing. Many hug a island, many hug the back wall and sit and others I have no idea what they are doing. if co op better for learning? It seems the bits are just “damn the torpedoes” type which only teaches you what not to do. So is random better or should I be spending more time in co op? Btw only t3 ships so far. Should get some T4 this weekend.
  9. captkrueger

    New to WoWS but not WG

    Thanks for the good wishes. Searching these forums everyone seems to only want high teir players. Ok I guess but difficult for us new players. Will do do some searching in game later and maybe find some newer clans or something.
  10. captkrueger

    Joint Forces SOC Recruitment Resumed

    Hey is this the same JFSOC from the WT game? If yes I was in that fir a year before RL got in the way. Do not have T4 ships yet but working on it.
  11. captkrueger

    New to WoWS but not WG

    Hi all new player here, less than a week looking for a clan. I just need help in playing better. I understand how ships are used in rl but games are different. Unless gone from home for work or pleasure on most of the tome for a couple of hours. Firmer USA infantry and USAF enlisted. Yes I know sounds strange but another story. Currently working on T4 ships for 4 countries. As as for competitive play never the best but always a strong support player. Anyway hope to here back as learning ftom random battles is only sniping and camping which does not feel correct.