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  1. handybilly

    What ships do you hate fighting against?

    Smaland, Julio Ceasar, Belfast and Black. All are OP. Plus when you see a Belfast or Black, you know you are playing against a guy who has been around for a while.
  2. Not sure how you are coming to these conclusions. Hope it is not just based on your own experience. Check the stats here. Perth is borderline OP. Giulio Cesare is unavailable because it is insanely OP and has one of the best win rates in the game. Atago is considered to be a very solid premium. Atlanta, Arizona and W.Virgina 1941 all have above average win rages. Check out this source. http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/shipstatswk/index.html
  3. Bykowski without a doubt. Has one of the lowest win rates of any premium DD. Too bad that the only Polish rep is a total dog that no one wants to play. Especially, when you consider her very distinguished war record. And she has the best Camo in the game with the British 303 Squadron colors. They just got to make this one more competitive.
  4. handybilly

    Fantasy Russian Cheat Ships

    Dude, this is a fantasy FPS. I really doubt that there are many here that need a history lesson on the Russian Navy. Not trying to be rude, just honest.
  5. handybilly

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    Oh yeah....there is that.
  6. Cossack, I am getting totally pimped slapped when playing with her. But oh lord she is so sweet. I just keep crawling back. What is yours?
  7. handybilly

    Ships I want so bad and missed out on

    I screwed around and always found an excuse not to pick up the Alaska.. Now why do I think that I will regret that forever?
  8. Dude, you just got fished...
  9. t-61 alone is worth it. One of the best all around dds in the game. Amazed that she was not as popular as some other ships. Cheap and very good.
  10. handybilly

    Salem or Napoli?

    Once they go into the armory, they are usually there for a long time. You got plenty of time. Go to bed....
  11. handybilly

    Neutral poll on subs in 0.10.8

    The mechanics and if they are OP or not is not even on the radar for me. They are just silly as they now appear in the game. That is enough for me.
  12. handybilly

    Secondary builds viable now?

    I just watched a replay with the Napoli last night. Holy Cow, those secondary's are murder. And it is a CA so does not have access to the 4 point BB skill.
  13. handybilly

    OK, Splain this to me Lucy.

    Well, we are really talking about the Hazemeier mount which was a stabilized mount. However the British found it to be unreliable and that is why they replaced it with the STAAG mounts. We are talking about a mid 30s design with the Hazemeier. American AA was probably the best during the war with their superior fire control systems and excellent radar. If a Dutch Cl is in the 500 range an American BB should be in the 1,400 range or so. The Japanese adopted the Kamikaze tactic because their conventional attacks could no longer get into and out of American AA screens. But we know in a shooter like this historical reality does not matter to much because balance is a priority. American ships just can't have their full AA potential and be fair in any respect. I just pointed it out to show how any new ship introduced has at least decent AA-especially compared to ships that came out before the carrier rework. They probably should rework AA on some of those early boats. God save the poor Cossack. At least WG has not introduced the suicide air attack. Thank the lord for small favors.....
  14. handybilly

    OK, Splain this to me Lucy.

    Well, this is about the same range for the US 40MM guns. So apples to apples here...