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  1. handybilly

    2 cv low matches need to stop

    Don't like it but most new CV players are at this level and won't get into games or learn their craft if participation is limited. The compensation factor is that most tier IV CV jocks are not very good. Get a couple of good ones working together and that breaks everything, but that is a rare event.
  2. handybilly

    Gotta admit T6 is so messed up due to MM now

    My personal feeling is that tier six has some of the most interesting ships in the game. Fun factor is there and there are not a lot of silly game play issues that you will see at upper levels. I play tier six as much as I play higher tiers and really don't fret about being up tiered. Bottom tier just means that there is a red ship in the same predicament. My goal is to do a better job assisting my team than that other poor sucker. Winning is a pretty good salve for being bottom tier. Perth, De Grasse, T61, Nurnberg, Graf Spee and Devonshire to name a few good tier 6 boats.
  3. handybilly

    me likey GA (self serving brag post)

    Got it last week and am a little timid as I am not sure what I am doing. Not the best win rate. Any advice will help. Got the Thunderer and like her. She is easy to play and forgiving. Not a BB guy at all so it is a big bit for me to take them into tier X. But I got her and want to do well with her.
  4. Yep, this is a must. Plenty of the quick commands are worthless folderol and can be replaces with more useful ones.
  5. handybilly

    Italian Mid Tier Cruisers Just Sad

    Agree, Amalfi if my favorite CA in the game. She is fast and turns like a DD. Best open water CA in my opinion. SAP gets good by tier VIII. And the guns are laser beam accurate at any range. I too like her better than the top tier boats. But they are fun as well.
  6. handybilly

    Premium Ship Review: München

    Kind of surprised that people are not picking up this ship. I have not seen red one yet. Kind of glad about that. I dunno but I just click with the Nurnberg and am liking and learning the Mainz. Nurnberg has one of my best win rates and since the IFHE rework I like it better. You don't have the DPM but the German six inch guns don't have to give up the fire ability like most other 150mm gunned CL have to. I think this has made German CLs much stronger since the rework. (Since they never lost anything while the rest did). Munchen is another story altogether since it has has something that other German CLs lack-speed and stealth. And I prefer speed over any other asset in my ships. The guns are not as good but they are still good German guns and you can do some nasty business with them. I am looking forward to getting very good in this boat. I like Germans Cls but with this one you can do so much more. This is a very fun boat and I like fun. Just don't get hit. That should be simple enough. Someone said that she would be at a disadvantage vs DD gunboats but I am not experiencing that. I mean she has accurate 150 mm gun with a five second reload. I don't know many dds that can stand up to that for long.
  7. handybilly

    Munchen may just be the real deal

    Well she is different from her big sister Mainz in that she can be got to 9.4 km concealment where as the best the Mainz can do is a pitiful 12. This along with her speed makes her better vs dds as they just spot the Mainz to easily. Mainz is a hide and daka boat purely while this boat has much more versatility but with much less DPM. She can open water fight if you keep her at a distance. Both are good but Munchen is more fun. Since the IFHE changes, I think the German light cruisers are the most effective in the game. The HE is not as powerful but turns out to be overall more effective because you don't have to take IFHE to make it work which allows it to be be great at starting fires. Most six inch guns have to be one or the other but the Germans guns get to have both. My win rate in the under-rated Nurnberg has been steadily going up since. But I just hate slow ships and the German light cruisers are very slow. The Munchen is something different in that regard.
  8. handybilly

    München is a fun boat.

    Maybe ten games and she has become my favorite. What is not to like? A German Nuremberg type but with none of the faults. Unlike other German Cls she has great speed and great concealment. Take that and those wonderful guns with a five second reload. She can island fight and she can open water fight. Fun factor is there. Oh, just don't get hit by anything......
  9. handybilly

    Struggling with getting citadels

    I suggest you watch Noster's excellent video on targeting and aiming. It really helped me.
  10. handybilly

    Cossack just highlights whats wrong with the game

    One of my favorite ships. I have a low win rate but now that I have learned her quirks my rate is going up. Quick acceleration, quick turns, lots of smokey things. Torps are not her specialty. However she does reload fast and they have ten km range which is better than Lightning. Great concealment and her 8 guns are the best in her tier. She is a capping specialist and DD killer. I do agree that late game when there are few ships left she is helpless vs CVs but that is pretty much every dd in the game except the European line. I have become a big fan of RDF and think that most all dds benefit from it. Cossack shines with it. Problem is you need a 14 point captain. In ranked and clan wars she is very popular. That says a lot about her.
  11. Only a few games in but I like this boat. German light cruiser guns with great range and blistering reload. And, it is fast and maneuverable. As will all German light CAs just don't get hit. But this one has the speed to open water fight. What do you think.
  12. Well, she may be fat but she sure is ugly......
  13. Halland. It is just stupid fun to know that you have those torpedoes. Not the best ship on the map but the most fun of any to play.
  14. handybilly

    Brindisi: my new low

    Not a bad ship but I think the Almafi and Venecia are better. Improved rudder shift is important. Cause this ship can't take hits.