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  1. handybilly

    Mainz B

    Yep, spec her for fire and don't waste time with IFHE. The poor HE damage is more than compensated by the fact that you are not halving your fire chance and the good penetration. One of my favorite ships.
  2. handybilly

    Tokachi, is it me?

    I really like this ship. Don't know if it is a good ship or not but the fun factor is really there. I like it because the playstyle is unlike most other Japanese ships. For a light CL, It is too slow, not stealthy enough, reload is two slow and is made of tinfoil. That said it seems to work for me. Good DD hunter and the torps are useful. Torp reload booster is a waste though. Anyone else feel this way?
  3. handybilly

    The New Meta

    I can stand a sub, I can stand a cv in game but not doubles. Just don't like it. I have noticed that dds seem to be abundant these days. It is what I want to be in in a double sub game.
  4. handybilly

    Best Steel Ship?

    Bourgone is my only buy so far. A very good ship. I think I will opt for a dd next time.
  5. handybilly

    Battle Pass - Pass or Fail?

    I bought the premium and have no regrets. The small price brought me lots of goodies and I really like the Tokachi. Only regret is that I felt like I had to play everyday. I suppose that is what WG was shooting for. Won't do it this time because there is not a ship at the end.
  6. handybilly

    Subs sealed it for us

    Having just come out of a four CV and four sub game, I tend to agree. We won but it was not very fun. My playing time has definitely cut back.
  7. handybilly


    Nope. I am one to not spend money on stuff like this but the battle pass was totally worth it. For a relatively cheap price the upgrade give you so much more. Lots of steel, coal and research points plus a tier VII boat at the end. I just got through playing 4 randoms in the premium CL and can say that is is not like the other Japanese CLs and totally fun. I can't say yet if it is a great boat but it is certainly fun to play. It is a DD hunter and has long range torps with a very fast reload. Just don't get hit because it is made of aluminum foil.
  8. handybilly

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    And until superships, you were certain of being top tier all games.
  9. handybilly

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    Had a pretty good day when I dropped down to tier VIII. But there were "three games with four cvs and four subs." Not much fun but I feel like I can control events more at that level even with the stupid amounts of CVs and subs. Been pretty much full time WoW for five years. But I am shopping around for a good alternative. I fully understand that for a game such as this they have to keep throwing new stuff at us. It is an economic model and keeps interest and player base up. However, although I pretty much accepted CVs as they are, the addition of subs are just killing the joy. Superships are annoying as well but I understand that we seem to be moving towards higher tier play. That's OK but do we need all of the gimmicks that come with them. I mean what the hell is burst fire on a warship? Do they have belted ammo? That said, there is an operation now that is a night battle with star shells. Visibly it is really good looking and it would be nice if there were night battles where star-shells had a meaning. And aircraft could not operate. But that is a bit too radical of a thing to ask for. Well, since that is what really happened. WWII was more about surface battles being at night. It would be nice if they could pull that off. Not whining, it is still a great game. But jeeze they are trying very hard to screw it up.
  10. handybilly

    Mainz B

    Bought it the day it came out. Still one of the best. Worth every penny of the sale price. However, buy the ones that are no longer available first. Jean Bart, Mass, and Alaska. There is a reason that they were withdrawn.
  11. handybilly

    personal lowest record

    The amazing thing to me is that a one HP ship can be just as deadly as a full HP ship. Oh, but don't get spotted....
  12. handybilly

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    As regard to superships I own the Conde and got it way back when it was offered on a trial basis. At that time, I could use it in ranked and she just dominated. She is insanely OP and totally fun to play. But I don't think she is good for the game. I think that a quick fix would be to eliminate tier IX ships from any fight that involves superships. In truth tier IX is even less fun than X due to them having to go up against superships. I just got the Black and love her. But there are times when there is so much radar and plane spam in the high tier games that any dd but a long range gunboat is for all purposes useless.
  13. handybilly

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    Nope, I am taking about two initial passes where I did about 14k of AA damage while only shooting down one aircraft and took 25% HP loss in the two attacks made by that one flight. The very good red CV player focused our side of the map the whole game. There was little I could do to evade him except hide in smoke when it was up. I eventually went down to his attacks. Aside from a couple of long range torp hits, (pan Asian DD) I was not a factor in the game at all. If one ship can cause this sort of game play then I would argue that there is not much fun in it. Can you?
  14. handybilly

    Anyone enjoying tier X these days?

    That is the problem. Some of my favorite ships are tier X as well. But that does not make it fun.
  15. Well of course airplanes bring a lot of fun to the game. So why not have as many airplanes on the map as you can. It will be tons more fun......Sigh.