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  1. JimmyNumale

    What are your opinions on Kremlin?

    Broken. 1. More HP than GK 2. Best Armor of any BB 3.Better AA rating than Worc 4. Torp belt slightly worse than Yamato. 5. Guns that pen the world. 6. best Turret traverse. 7. Fire chance similar to Conq.
  2. JimmyNumale

    What kind of player community is this?

    I've only ever been torped by a friendly player once in my Cv. He was in a Fiji and was yoloing into a BB that has like 8-10K HP left. I told him not a good idea/trade off for the team and flew in and torped and killed the BB. He thought I stole a kill from him, when Im almost entirely positive I saved him and he proceeds to drive to me and torp me a few times before leaving for the port.
  3. JimmyNumale

    This rank season is a disaster

    This entire game has turned into a disaster.
  4. Its not easy, some ship lines can handle it a bit better than others. I watched a dude in a Cleveland the other day absolutely troll a yamato for like 5 min straight and managed a kill on him.
  5. But some drunk Russian with American military envy drew a picture of a boat on an etch-a-sketch in the 1950's so now WG can say well "we had plans for it"
  6. JimmyNumale

    SOON the world will see SOVIET BIAS INCARNATE.

    Wargaming staff when someone found a drawing of a russian "BB" so they can justify an entire line of broken ships.
  7. JimmyNumale

    The iChase Case

    Yea, this game has justgotten to the point where its not much fun anymore Im actively looking for something that doesnt suck but im not having much luck. There are a few titles coming out soon that once they come out Ill be uninstalling this thing.
  8. JimmyNumale

    CVs and Matchmaking

    This shouldnt be allowed to happen. It wasnt fun for either side.
  9. JimmyNumale

    AA is NOT weak.

    The stock planes are pretty weaksauce. The upgraded ones are a good bit better. Also there is alot of people playing AA heavy cruisers right now because there are so many CVs in virtually every match.
  10. JimmyNumale

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    well yea. In the RTS version of cvs if the cv make a big enough oopsie and had the majority of his niche planes shot down the cv was essentially neutered for the remainder of the match. The current gameplay the player just shrugs and launches another round of whatever.
  11. JimmyNumale

    Make shooting planes down matter.

    Most CV players dont risk the last red squadron just to maybe attempt to get the last drop in. A competent CV driver can almost always have a full squad or nearly a full squad ready to go. Ive had matches where Ive shot down 50 some odd planes and dudes are still coming at me with near full squads.
  12. This is true, however the likelihood of seeing a cv in a match was I dunno like 10% of the time, then it was a 50/50 shot you got the potato. So in maybe 1 out of 20 matches you werent going to have a good time, whatever I can live with that. The game has a cv in it now in virtually 90% of the matches we are playing.
  13. This games mechanics used to revolve around certain ships using their conceal to utilize their niche. CVs have essentially ruined that mechanic for many players. I for one have about 30 days of premium time left after which I will be bidding this game a big goodbye. There are a few titles coming out this summer which will be conusming my playtime. Its a shame too this game used to be a crapload of fun.
  14. JimmyNumale

    Harder to win

    I have random bouts of game play time spanning a couple weeks at a time where my battle log shows defeat in 90% of my matches. Then I have times where I feel like every group I get is great and we win most of the time. Maybe your just in the ebb right now. I have noticed the worst time for me to play is during the week in the early afternoon. I end up getting yoloing DDs that whiff point blank torps and broadside cuties getting dev struck left and right. This game in my opinion is the MOST teamwork based game where you can have 1/3 of the team be super unicum and the other 2/3 can be brain dead and still lose to another group of 50-55% win rated players.
  15. JimmyNumale

    Hindenburg, bah! Moskva, rah!

    I have both and love both. For some reason I always feel like I play like crap in the Hindy even tho at the end of the match I look at the top right corner and see that Ive dealt over 100K. Moskvas armor and speed though....