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  1. JimmyNumale

    Glad I just bought the Yeuyang, thanks WG!

    The YY was overpowered. Its balanced now. Thank you WG. "she rellies on high DPM to deal damage" --- .... You dont say...?
  2. JimmyNumale

    Glad I just bought the Yeuyang, thanks WG!

    So mad. Hopefully you didnt buy the premium camo!
  3. JimmyNumale

    Glad I just bought the Yeuyang, thanks WG!

    Well I see you're obviously upset about the nerf to the YY. I think it needed it you dont. WG obviously agrees have fun.
  4. JimmyNumale

    Glad I just bought the Yeuyang, thanks WG!

    I dont need to play a specific boat to know when its an issue. I have eyes and can see what happens to BB's and cruisers. Gearing needs to have its torp conceal increased to around 1.6. There is no reason why torps that are running that fast with that kind of range should be that stealthy, Shima can really only torp. Sure it has guns and can maybe finish off another ship. But 1v1 in a knife fight against these hybrids, if you dont have smoke or the ability to run you die, its just that simple. Gearing (YY inculded) should not have the same level of conceal as a pure torp boat. Go into the port and look at the YY, then look at virtually every single other DD. Then tell me the profile isnt more streamlined into the water. Not being usefull in contesting caps is [edited]. Torps while knife fighting can happen but its not common and all boils down to guns, which the YY and Gear have some of the highest DPM in the game. The Shima sucks, I know it, most players know it. I still play it because I enjoy a challenge. If I want to piledrive some noobs I just hop on my Haru and set everything on fire. The nerf to YY will still make it playable.
  5. JimmyNumale

    Glad I just bought the Yeuyang, thanks WG!

    This ship needed it to be honest. No reason why a ship with that level of conceal should also have some of the best torps in the game. Its ROF was too high and its low profile made it a pain to kill. The ship is maneuverable and isnt very slow. The radar mounting is just dumb WG needs to just give everybody radar and get it over with. Im glad this thing is getting nerfed.
  6. JimmyNumale

    CV Rework Feedback

    Not spending another damn dime on this game until these broken [edited]ships are fixed. I got to play 2 matches in a row where I got to play for like 1 min before getting crosstorped.... FUN. NOT.
  7. JimmyNumale

    CV rework and its possible impact on DDs?

    Alright I give up DD's were the only class I actually enjoyed playing, Having match after match after match of chain radar by 4 ships its impossible to play this stupid [edited]game any longer. GL all. [edited] you WG
  8. JimmyNumale

    Suggestion of a temporary radar stealth

    This game is wholly unbearable now. Wargaming is doing a fantastic job driving away their consumer base. The game should be called World of Chain Radar forever and collect points.
  9. JimmyNumale

    Possible Solution to Radar

    WG really needs to do something about radar in this game its really getting out of hand. Ive had almost 5 matches in a row where I could do literally nothing while the cruisers chain radar together. trying to play a DD is basically like sticking your balls in a doorframe and slamming it shut over and over again.