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  1. CommodorePerryIPA

    COOP Battles not 100% mirrored (not talking CVs)

    I noticed this too. I stopped playing co-op until the CV bot stuff gets sorted out, but did play my Dreadnought and Bismark to get the extra flag missions done for them. PRO: It gives a reason to obtain and play a good ship. So I went through all that work to get my Musashi and maybe now won't have to unleash a Musashi against my team. CON: In the past, if I played a really bad ship in co-op it didn't matter because the opposing side got the same ship. Now, if I play a bad ship, the red bot team may get a better one. Overall. I am fine with the change..adds variety.
  2. I always thought this was an interesting video. Some of these training videos are quite interesting. I especially liked the one that shows what not do when captured as an airman. I also now know how to shoot a real bazooka and can survive if my plane goes down in the Sahara. I can now also load cluster bombs on a bomber in a pinch. Oh, and lots on how to load shells in the BB big guns!
  3. CommodorePerryIPA

    Real-Life and In-Game BB Question - Spotter Plane

    This I suspected because every description I read or saw on video of battleship battles has them trying to go broadside (like the British at Jutland). People sometimes seem so smug about "angling properly" and learning the "correct" way. But from what you wrote, it sounds like the exact wrong thing to do in real life.
  4. CommodorePerryIPA

    Real-Life and In-Game BB Question - Spotter Plane

    Thanks Royeaux! So it looks like it not only could happen, but did.
  5. CommodorePerryIPA

    Seriously?!? Operation Aegis... O_O

    It would help if the game told the correct names of the three BB to destroy. (If I am understanding the mission correctly) I suggestthe OP write a guide for completing the scenario given that the ones on-line are outdated. :)
  6. CommodorePerryIPA

    The sexiest butt!

    No subs to drop the depth charges and hedgehogs on.... seems like wasted potential. (That is what those are, right?) And LittleWhiteMouse gave BestButtBote to October Revolution. ;)
  7. CommodorePerryIPA

    Real-Life and In-Game BB Question - Spotter Plane

    Thanks for the great responses everyone. From reading them, I can see my original wording was ambiguous. I edited my original question to clarify I was asking why the ship's rear guns didn't blow the plane up.
  8. Why don't the ship's rear guns shoot off the spotter plane and catapult in-real life when shooting at enemies behind the ship? Do they stow away the plane before battle, or maybe only take the plane out when ready to launch? I look at the ship models and it looks like it should be in the way for a lot of ships.
  9. Talk of moving Guilio Ceasare (sp?) Italian BB from Tier V to VI.
  10. CommodorePerryIPA

    POLL: Have you actually played less post 0.8.0?

    I would guess about 20% of the playtime I normally would have done. I normally play co-op BB but not this week. This week I usually do one Narai scenario to get the first crate, then when bored actually tried playing some Tier II co-op DD (not my usual thing). I normally would have played hours of co-op to level my Tier 5 through 8 BB's, but have avoided them (my premium time and 200% bonuses went unclaimed.). My forum time reading and posting is about 5X normal.
  11. CommodorePerryIPA

    which class of ship to play

    I would love to try that ship!
  12. CommodorePerryIPA

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    I don't own a Guilio, and agree it is overpowered, but all the same I would be furious if I bought it for cash and it was moved from Tier V to Tier VI.
  13. CommodorePerryIPA

    which class of ship to play

    I like BB's best .I don't mind the very slow pace and the need to plan ahead. Some HE spamming cruisers are fun too when i am in the mood. I don't play too much DD or torpedo ships because I hate hitting my own side and tend to be too cautious as a result. CV... too soon to tell but don't think I will get too much into them. I have a few stashed away so i can try them out when this mess is over. For shear fun, a brawling secondary spec'ed German BB is the most fun to me.
  14. CommodorePerryIPA

    Are Coop Matches a Viable Option for Grinding exp?

    The journey is the destination, so if you are playing for fun and don't care about getting every ship, co-op is relaxing. I have only played 40 Random games and not spent a cent on the game yet, so I guess you could say I am doing it the hard way. But I have a lot of free time. Coal isn't too hard to get, so I got Musashi, October Revolution and Charleston all with co-op coal, and Dreadnought during the missions. But Free XP comes very slowly and even getting the Tier VII Nelson will take me forever still. On the Tech Tree, I just got Bismark and 4 Tier VI BBs, but am no hurry to get higher. Running out of port slots was a huge problem until the last holiday sale and crates with doubloons.
  15. CommodorePerryIPA

    Wargaming: Any ETA on Bot CV's in Co-Op?

    @Estimated_Prophet Thanks. Hope to see you in-game sometime. @AdmiralThunder Totally agree! I find I agree with almost all of your posts and enjoy reading them. Your guild members in general usually have interesting things to say here, given the PvE perspective. @khorender_1 I did some research. Segregating statistics has precedent in this game, and is certainly reasonable and doable. They segregated stats after closed Beta, and this change is probably on par with that one, if not more. I wasn't around then though so cannot say for sure. I found a person who played Beta, and you can pull up his Beta stats just by clicking a link. I won't show his stats here though because I am not sure if we are allowed to link to players' stats. I will send you a link privately as an example so you can see how they implemented it. That is exactly the kind of format I was suggesting.