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  1. BingBongBrian

    USS Flint nerfs, simple oversight or intenional??

    Flint absolutely IS a premium ship, please do not spread misinformation. Right, Thunderer is a SPECIAL ship, not a premium. That's why it's been nerfed, same as FDR, Stalingrad, etc. All the T10s are special ships, which unlike premiums, do not have the increased credit earnings and cannot be sold, and can receive balance changes anytime. Once again, Flint is a premium ship. Thunderer and other T10s are special ships.
  2. BingBongBrian

    How to get free doubloons

    Become a recruiter! Takes quite a bit of time and effort, but it pays off!
  3. BingBongBrian

    USS Flint nerfs, simple oversight or intenional??

    The difference is that Atlanta is a normal premium ship, while Flint was handed out to all the superunicum tryhards in old ranked, and for steel as well. Yes, it's out for coal now but is still ridiculously expensive for a T7 ship. No point in trying to compare Flint's stats to Atlanta's when the average Flint player is much better than the average Atlanta player.
  4. BingBongBrian

    Update 10.9 and everything in it!

    They announced the removal of T5 and T7 containers over a month ago...
  5. BingBongBrian

    USS Flint nerfs, simple oversight or intenional??

    Not only did they not buff Flint's range to that of old Flint with AFT, but they OUTRIGHT NERFED the reload from 4.9 to 5.1 seconds. So much for no nerfs to premiums...
  6. Oleg! At least the other ship containers treated me a bit more nicely...
  7. BingBongBrian

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Da fuq is this crap? The message is clearly signed "Best regards, WoWS Team." My message was about how bad the apology was, I didn't mention Shonai once. Did you even read my message? Why was I pinged???
  8. BingBongBrian

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Woah, this apology was even shorter than I expected... how long did this take to come up with again?
  9. BingBongBrian


    When you view your profile in game it should show your last date played. If not just try to accept a referral. If it says "We already have you in our ranks, commander!" then it hasn't been long enough. If it lets you accept the invitation then it has. I've PMed you a referral if you're interested. Good luck!
  10. BingBongBrian

    Premium Ships with NO ASW??

    Yes, this is to be expected, as none of the USN cruisers other than Atlanta/Flint get depth charges.
  11. BingBongBrian

    Premium Ships with NO ASW??

    The point of my post was that they were nerfing old premium ships, especially those no longer on sale (8/10 of the premiums on my list are no longer available for purchase.) Missouri is coming back for sale, so it's obvious why it gets ASW. ARP Yamato is a clone of a tech tree ship, so it does not count. Yes, but the difference is that Makarov and Kutuzov are no longer for sale, while Molotov is. Smolensk is a special ship, not a premium.
  12. BingBongBrian

    Premium Ships with NO ASW??

    The submarine update is very obviously WG's way of blatantly nerfing old premium ships to get people to buy new ones. As far as I know, the list of premiums that should have ASW based on their tech tree counterparts includes the following: All USN tech tree BBs get ASW, yet Massachusetts, Georgia, and Ohio don't. All IJN tech tree BBs get ASW, yet Musashi and Shikishima don't. All MN tech tree BBs get ASW, yet JB doesn't. All RN tech tree CLs get depth charges, yet Mysore, Belfast, and Belfast '43 don’t. All Soviet tech tree CLs get depth charges along with Nurnberg, yet Makarov and Kutuzov don't. Zara gets depth charges, while Gorizia doesn't. It's not a coincidence that ignoring the T10 special ships, 8/10 of the ships on this list have been removed from sale.
  13. Not exactly. I suspect that the drop rate for camos is closer to 30%. Still not great, but better than 8%. They handed a bunch of these containers out on PTS and my friends and I got a few dozen combined. Nah, my very first DY container on PTS dropped the Freedom camo for Salem. One of my friends got Waterworld for Grozovoi. I suspect that the drop rates of the better camos isn’t too much smaller than that of the crappy ones. We’ll have to see of course.
  14. BingBongBrian

    The Dubble Strike

    Double Strike is not the second hardest achievement to get. Unsinkable is undoubtedly the second hardest, if not THE hardest.
  15. BingBongBrian

    Where is Summer Sale?

    Well they hand out four in PTS, and there's two parts, so eight in total. What'd you get in your other seven? I got five sets of 14 special signals, National permacamo for Albany, Master of the Waterworld for Grozovoi, and Freedom permacamo for Salem.