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  1. Sbels

    Anything on Napoli?

    on anything CV related asking reduces time to release by 1 month so the soviet CVs came out yesterday now
  2. coal, steel, RB and free exp ships dont get that mission only premium shop ships do and I doubt she will be for direct sale as she is tier X but who knows
  3. atm I I dont think any are in danger they just removed alot of ships I could be wrong though
  4. Sbels

    The New Hybrids and Carriers

    What's the problem Graf Zepplin and Lowenhardt have a light cruiser attached to each side and a dd on top just to make sure and better secondary range? Midway has an Atlanta strapped to each side also lol.
  5. Sbels

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    fair enough and yes I know the answer could have been a translation error but still that seems oddly specific wording
  6. Sbels

    Asked & Answered Missouri Mission Questions:

    this line scares me a bit, if they had said "If issues arise" or "if we discover issues" the way it is said makes it sound like they know there are issues with it and hope WE don't notice
  7. Sbels

    Old Missouri regrind really?

    Even if you did have to grind (no re needed as the extra credits were built in from the start) they at least gave a path too keep your extra credits they technically didn't have to do a thing they could have just nerfed it and been done with it. Just Saying
  8. lol sorry I should have said fix "MORE RESOURCES" Containers and that is their name Coal is obtained primarily from daily containers — especially, the More Resources type of container will always contain Coal. Some challenges and combat missions, as well as some battle mode progressions, e.g. Ranked Sprint seasons, offer Coal as a reward. above is from the official Wiki Economy - Global wiki. Wargaming.net
  9. Actually due to the new system for flags you can get ALOT more than 3 containers in a day which makes flag and signal containers by far the most distributed
  10. Sbels

    PSA: New Prime Gaming Loot

    yeah when I logged in it popped up a thing to claim hit the button then it errored out
  11. First lets call them what they are "coal" containers cause if they were resource containers they would give Coal, Steel, and Research Points. My point though I am so tired of hitting resource container and getting 1 bag of coal and two flags sets and almost every time one of the flags is exp flags which I have a bazillion of. Something called a Resource Container should drop mostly resources if I wanted flags I would hit the signals and camos container button. I don't so much mind when I hit the button and get coal and Free Exp that at least makes sense but something called a resource container should not drop mostly consumables. Please WG fix this it is so stupid that a resource container gives barely any resources.
  12. I have figured it out this is how to make CV vs DD combat fair 1. If a CV uses bombs against a DD instead of causing damage the DD is healed by the amount of base bomb damage 2. If a CV torp hits a DD it provides a speed boost for the number of seconds as the torps base damage and of course causes no damage to the dd 3. If a rocket hits a DD it causes no damage and places a 30 second smoke screen around the DD 4. If a CV secondary hits a DD it does no damage but immediately repairs any damaged modules on the DD including any fully destroyed ones 5. If a CV rams a DD the CV explodes and sinks and all air born planes are also destroyed DD is undamaged There we go fixed the CV vs DD stuff so DDs are perfectly safe from CVs Next time we will discuss new homing torps for dds radar causing full cloaking effect for DDs and hydro causing DDs to fly
  13. Sbels


    ahh yeah now I remember that dev blog geesh that was a while ago I was thinking a 20' Vermont variant lol
  14. Sbels


    Noticed a new tier X BB that hasn't been talked about in dev blogs on the ships added for testing anyone have any info on her? Same for Rochester? The following ships have been added for testing by developers, supertesters, and community contributors: IV Komsomolets, VI Serov, VIII Pobeda, X Admiral Nakhimov, VIII Chkalov, IX Kearsarge, VIII Rochester, IX Carnot, X Connecticut.
  15. The problem with this idea is thus, scharn, gnies, hood (as built), dunk, constellation, straus were all either built or under construction true BCs. Alaska class were of some nebulous alternate class which would also consume agir, azuma,yoshi and PR. Siedfried would fall into true BC. BTW the definition of bcs are fast capital ships with the same size guns as contemporary BBs but less armor and usually fewer guns and yes I know the scharns as built had 11" guns smaller than their BB counterparts but were built for raiding rather than fighting other surface ships. The Dunkerques were built to combat the scharns hence their odd gun size. Arguments could also be made for Florida to be a BC. Now the real rub for this (at least till the new german line comes in) all these ships except gnies are premiums it makes no sense to create a whole new in game class around a hand full of premium ships. Then you have the Kongos they were built as BCs yes but were refit and upgraded into fast BBs. Hood is another nebulous case in some documents she was classed as a BC at the time of the start of the war and others fast BB so there is that.