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  1. josh14735

    What music do you listen to while playing WOWS?

    my go-to music are these when I play WOWS: Metallica- Creeping death. I prefer their live performance from either their Seattle 1989 concert or the Moscow 1991 Monsters of rock concert. Seattle '89: Metallica - Creeping death Live Seattle 1989 HD - YouTube ( yep, i love the bass and drumming during the "Die" chanting). Moscow '91: Metallica - Creeping Death Live Moscow 1991 HD - YouTube ( as said above except you have 1.5 million Russians chanting "Die" at the same time ) Iron maiden- The mercenary. i listen to this song while backed into a corner in my Venezia. The Mercenary: Iron Maiden - The Mercenary - YouTube Iron Maiden- run to the hills. this song is perfect for when a flank collapses or a enemy lemming train arrives. Run To The Hills: Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills - YouTube Iron Maiden- Aces High. I seriously love this band. I play this song when i play CV ( which is rare ). i also love the history references to the battle of Britain in this song. Aces High: Iron Maiden - Aces High (Official Video) - YouTube ( up the irons ) Iron Maiden- Senjutsu. the opener to their latest album. it gears me up to defend a flank. Senjutsu: Iron Maiden - Senjutsu (Official Audio) - YouTube Sepultura- Territory. I love this song. It amps me up before alot of matches. Territory: Sepultura - Territory (HQ) - YouTube Pantera- five minutes alone. my favorite song off of "Far Beyond Driven". I especially love the live performance off of "Official Live: 101 Proof. Five Minutes Alone: Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone - YouTube Official Live: 101 Proof: 5 Minutes Alone (Live) - YouTube Gojira- The Art of Dying. I like to play this song for the first ten minutes of the match. it's intense and it keeps me in the moment. The Art of Dying: THE ART OF DYING - YouTube i could list more but these are the ones i listen to.
  2. I'm curious on what music you guys listen while playing WOWS if you do at all?
  3. josh14735

    what class

    The U.S is my highest played nation and my highest played DD is the fletcher. However, my most played ship is this magnificent 15 gun cruiser. I have played around 174 games in the Venezia. I love how this ship handles and how fast it goes. the shell ballistics and flat arcs just make shooting much easier. add to the fact that SAP can deal a good amount of damage ( especially against DDs ) and you get 15 guns to play around with means that the Venezia is not a ship to be underestimated. Oh shoot. My Venezia bias is coming out again. I'm starting find my niche as a cruiser player so there's that.
  4. josh14735

    Suiciding CV

    while i don't remember the event in full detail, I saw an enemy Graf zeppelin charge into the cap, attempting use his secondaries. in short, the enemy team lost their carrier in the first five minutes of the match.
  5. josh14735

    Kearsarge vs Minnesota vs Hizen

    but not italian SAP. my venezia loves it.
  6. josh14735

    kearsarge is stupid

    if i thought the Montana with a cancerous flight deck is OP, i need to get my eyes checked. it's superstructure is a shell magnet.
  7. josh14735

    Profanity in Game Chat

    one last comment but if profanity is a big problem. there's a solution to this problem. this button can disable the chat. see? no problem. no fuss and everyone is happy. ( well i hope so )
  8. josh14735

    0.10.10 new stuff

    Damn. that is one well put trailer.
  9. josh14735

    Profanity in Game Chat

    there's nothing we can do at the end of the day. the internet is just that, a cesspool. about the ratings change, Important Message for the Community | World of Warships. this where i got my suspicion from. i could be wrong though.
  10. josh14735

    Profanity in Game Chat

    Um it's the internet and WOWS is planning to raise their PEGI rating anyway.
  11. well last comment before this thread gets nuked.
  12. well if i were to explain that, this thread will either get locked or deleted. probably going to get locked either way.
  13. It's an online game. What did you expect? i do agree that people need to leave their politics at home but again, No really expects people to do that.