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  1. I see you have it all figured out.
  2. @Leopard_IX As you do not appear to be a member of QQ7 (yet defend their actions for them) and that is a recruitment thread, I think this is a more appropriate venue to continue the discussion. If you think that I am unwilling to share my stats, you are mistaken. I am happy to send PM screen shots of them to clan leadership upon request. I am just unwilling to post them all over the internet. If you read above, one clan saw my stats and were impressed (and they were on par with the many clans I attempted to join). So, it seems that perhaps, some clans are jumping to conclusions and or missing opportunities due to an inflexibility to give someone a chance. I am curious on your thoughts on why stats should be all access to everyone. You know what assuming leads to? If in doubt, look it up.
  3. So many top tier clans are actively aware of mods such as Match Making Monitor (MMM), Stream Sniping, and perhaps even the disgruntled Insider who leaks game tactics to other clans. Many competitive clans take efforts to remove and or mitigate these threats with ad-hoc Operational Security (OPSEC) measures. Delayed streaming, mini-map covers, silent and or private streaming accounts, and an iron grip on what Discord channels, guests, clan members, and leadership have access to. You could say, they do not want to share many of their strategies, tactics, and player assignments because someone somewhere may or will try to use it against them. However, when it comes to player/clan recruitment, this whole process is turned on its head. These same clans seem totally oblivious as to how stats can be used against them. I am not even in a competitive clan, have so-so stats (note my generic terminology), and can tell why there should be more discretion with how clans receive, view, and share statistics. Example, if I am in a CV and I see through my MMM that the enemy has the best Gearing on the server, because he doesn't hide his stats...my sole focus that game will be that Gearing. Information is of high value...anyone who thinks otherwise needs to go read a book about intelligence, how it is collected, used, and made to do predictive analysis. What is predictive analysis? In layman's terms, it allows you to guess what will happen next. Let us go back to our Gearing. If I see he/she has a 70 percent win rate and does 100k average damage a game with a destruction ratio of 4.0 over 250 games, I can logically conclude that he/she will be a significant factor in who wins the game. Not only is he/she productive in damage, but it appears their damage is not just farming damage and results in a high number of kills. As a CV main, I should make every effort to disrupt that Gearing's game and or kill him over any other target. In come the rocket strikes, and after a few runs, he is dead, guess what, we win the game. Back to recruitment, I recently applied to many competitive clans. I was very selective with which clans I did apply to. No worries, I won't name and shame them here. Most of the clans either laughed at me or straight up mocked me in the open and on their discords for my request to be considered in their clan. Only one clan took a risk, and in my opinion, this risk was likely to assess as a meme (initially), more on that later. The biggest decision of these clans not to recruit me stemmed from my decision to hide my stats (which on most of their recruitment pages, was not highlighted as a necessary application requirement, and IMO should not be). If you want to see my stats, I would have PM'd them to the clan leaders in question...in private. The one clan that acquiesced to this request was ...I believe pleasantly surprised. Others will be left in the dark because of the arbitrary need to see everything public, which is likely based in a bias that players who hide their stats are crap-bags. While this may be true most of the time, there are people such as myself, who just have a better appreciation of OPSEC and do not like to be targeted early in matches because of this. Now, there is a decent counterargument to be made in that, once you have our clan tag, "you will be focused more." Fair, but why give the enemy who are running MMM any more fuel to confirm what they believe to be true? Some things simply cannot be avoided, it is an assumed risk. However, clans should become more private on how they show their stats and manage their open data. In this instance, one member of another clan (not even in the one I was applying to) said that having your stats showing doesn't even matter. I guess posting your clans strategies for Clan Battles, and other comp wouldn't matter either? Get real! I will conclude with this. Why would I apply to a top tier clan if my stats were not equal to and or exceeding your clan average? Why would I show interest in such a clan unless I felt I had something to contribute? In the corporate world, you do provide a resume, you may even have a social media semi resume out there, but I promise you, you do not hang your resume in the open for everyone in the world to read about your life. So, why is there a requirement to do so here at WoWS? I have played in numerous online games where there are clans, and this is the first time I have seen a "hard-no/mockery" for an unwillingness to be an open book on stats. I strongly believe that stats matter and how you perform influences games. A 40 percent player is a 40 percent player because they are not helping but actively hurting their team by their actions. Maybe in the future, less focus on what the stats look like on https://na.wows-numbers.com/, and perhaps, a bit more interpersonal questioning, deliberation, patience and willingness to consider a certain player's point of view before casting mass judgment about that player and denying them and your clan an opportunity.
  4. Gin_Blossoms

    The RNG Family is Looking for new members

    Interested in competitive play. Would you want me? Or at least give me a div test?
  5. Why would I give enemy teams information and sacrifice personal OPSEC? Clans should be encouraging players to hide their stats, not expose them.
  6. How do I join this competitive clan? I want a purple tag too so I can get preferential mm!
  7. How do I apply to this competitive clan?
  8. Gin_Blossoms


    Your link to discord is broken. How do I join this competitive clan?
  9. Gin_Blossoms

    Getting good Wiki

    Do they have early access to ship changes such as what happened to Henri, Kleber, and Hinde in the last patch? Dare I even look to see if those updates have been addressed?
  10. Gin_Blossoms

    Earl Grey (Shame on You!)

    Heard Earl Grey is resigning/terminated? Honestly, not surprised and I hope he learns a valuable life lesson about thinking before posting inflammatory information in future jobs. WG made the right move.
  11. Please read this out loud.
  12. I dont care to give you the time of day with a real response...if you want to know why go play it yourself.