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  1. Gin_Blossoms

    Battlewagon Wednesday - The German Navy

    The famous ones from wwii. Bismarck, Eugen, Tirp, Scharn, Gneis, and Graf Spee.
  2. Gin_Blossoms

    Tempted by the Huang He sale

    If you are not an advanced player, you will struggle in this ship. You must be methodical, and hope the game lasts more than 10 minutes to make it shine. That said, I found the torps and guns solid while the aa was a bit to be desired because of the lack of dfaa.
  3. I still think a super container with a drop down menu attachment would be far more useful than random ...but only Sith deal in absolutes...and we all know WG is not a cabal of Siths snickering when we dont get what we want.
  4. Gin_Blossoms

    Mid-Tier Mondays - Favorite Maps

    I am a huge fan of Trident (with the evening appeal). I just feel like it is a very balanced map, and offers advantages and cover to all ship types.
  5. It needs a smaller detection that is all. I've been playing it with IFHE ...surprisingly useful.
  6. Gin_Blossoms

    ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    The guns are fine. Any ship in which I am averaging 6 to 8 citadel hits a game is fine for me.
  7. Gin_Blossoms

    Man slapped in face by a Seal weilding an Octopus

    Reminds me of how occasionally, a unicum divs with a new player to the game...and someone else gets the idea they will go and beat the seal down...only to discover the seal has a club of his own.
  8. And I actually like this map a lot. Just wish less players went A on it...usually the team that does ends with only base XP...and not a 1.5 modifier.
  9. Gin_Blossoms

    Bretagne — French Tier V battleship.

    Just curious, what is a full fledged guide? Where can we find an example? Is this just serving as a placeholder to link to the wiki page?
  10. Gin_Blossoms

    IFHE WHAT THE HELL did WG change it ?

    Yeah, its a very misleading mechanic, not well thought out. I dont use IFHE on my BBs, but many have found them useful for winning.
  11. Gin_Blossoms

    You Do You

    So, in your opinion, only Hurricane Clan members should be posting advice? And your closing line there is a VERY big assumption.
  12. Gin_Blossoms

    Icarus: Review and Discussion

    I've played two games in it, averaging 116k a game. Both were tier 8 games. So far, it passes the litmus test of viable.
  13. Well, perhaps too soon, but I imagine your community might have an idea or two. I look at chat problems almost the same way I look at speeding. I would argue that almost everyone speeds witting or unwittingly. Some even justify it by saying, "I was going with the flow of traffic." It's only those times the police are out in force do the speeding tickets and other traffic violations tick upward. Like drunk driving...on a weekend. I look at the chat the same way. We all get irritable from time to time and many of us say or do things both witting and unwittingly that offend others. However, I think punishment should be moderated much like a driver's license. A license can have so many points. Every identified offense takes points off while those who follow the rules or follow them most of the time...retain their points (or earn them back)? This of course would require regulation but might assist in avoiding these debacles of mass punishment. Perhaps the first or second offense require chat etiquette training? Perhaps a video from Dasha...her soothing voice helping to identify how to better use the chat room for productive comms vice ignorant ranting. Besides...I think most captain's here would love to see the faces of WG staff in videos...get involved...own the problem.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. Perspective is reality...what one person types can be interpreted and reported from a completely different perspective.