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  1. Gin_Blossoms

    AP rockets, eh?

    Wait till they make Armor Piercing torpedoes...oh wait...that's submarines.
  2. Gin_Blossoms

    CVs.... I Wonder....

    I agree. Ever incapacitate/destroy turrets with bombs and torps? So, we should be able to disable your flight deck for 20 seconds or so when there is a massive hit? Say every time you take more than 10k damage RNG rolls and if it hits the mark, your flight deck is incapacitated.
  3. When you click the battle button, hover over the number ships waiting for battle and see what Wargaming sees/defines as the roles of the ship types/classes they have designed. I find it hilarious that CVs are...supposed to target/sink big ships. But over and over, the first three minutes of most games is defined by rocket planes hunting and sniping DDs. Rocket planes are devastating to destroyers, but at the same time, give the CV a real counter when a DD singles them out for battle. My proposal would be a soft nerf to CVs while maintaining the spirit of ordinance variety. Simply make Rocket Planes a consumable or have a re-arm/initial reload similar to that of a DD torpedo system. This would allow for DD counterplay should a CV be hunted, but at the same time give DDs a better chance at early game survival. If the rockets were not available for the first two minutes of a game (2 squadrons especially)...I think most DD captains would be fine with it. It’s the soul crushing lack of counterplay that irks/vexes me. This would also allow WG to explore CVs with more niche focus...such as seen with DD TRB, slower and faster torpedo rearm etc.
  4. Gin_Blossoms

    Player Stats.. what they tell you and what they DON"T

    64 percent of the time, you want me on your team.
  5. Gin_Blossoms

    Blaming the cat in WoWs

    This is a great thread, WG should do an event surrounding gameplay disruptions; something tells me it would make for great levity around here, given everything else.
  6. Gin_Blossoms

    Why Introduce Semi Armor Piercing Shells?

    Who necro’d this meme thread and why?!!!
  7. Gin_Blossoms

    A question about subs.....

    10 degrees down bubble. leave them reeling from the feeling!
  8. Gin_Blossoms

    Another ship setting sail...

    @Femennenly You said ask anything; What do you believe were the top three changes that WG made to the game during your tenure (last 21 months) that you feel were of the greatest impact and/or well received? What do you want changed in the future (within NDA) opinion? What change/modification to the game do you believe caused the greatest strain between the community and the WG staff ( globally)? Thanks for all your hard work and best of luck in your future career!
  9. Given Flamu's videos today, I thought I would echo your sentiments and let this thread serve as a continuous reminder of what was, what is happening, and a glimpse of what has not yet come to pass.
  10. 8k battles wow you are a true veteran.
  11. Gin_Blossoms


    I think this is a fantastic idea, with a couple of modifications. If you go to the following link https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage you will see there is already an international women's day camo. I think it SHOULD be supported with something more permanent, possibly even promoted through the female leaders across wargaming (ccs, and employees such as Dasha and Fem). They could even hold contests for best design and add in emblems patches and special ships that had famous female captains. Thank you for trying to expand the world of warships universe beyond the men in the world and offer alternative ideas to making ships marketable to all sexes, genders, etc.
  12. Gin_Blossoms

    Rockets on CVs

    Which one is most likely to occur within the first two minutes of the game with no counterplay? 10 x 406mm shells hitting you for half or more of your health...OR 10 x rockets from a Midway hitting you for half or more of your health (in the first pass) Edit for context: DD play
  13. I see you have it all figured out.