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  1. Intricate_Process

    Cookie Consent.. hmm...

    The numbers appear to remain pretty steady over the years. If you factor in the number of people that start playing and stop, it is in the millions.
  2. Intricate_Process

    Ranked - star saving system rework proposal

    Option #2 is definitely in the right direction. As many have often said, team work needs to be rewarded with XP. I think by fine tuning XP, it would be possible to weed out people that simply are not contributing. Possible team work based XP Spotting damage, potential damage, damage after you radar a ship, smoking a teammate who then gets damage while in your smoke. Another idea would be to reward a star based off of over-performing over a span of battles. A metric would need to be found, but that would help people advance that have simply had unlucky teams.
  3. Intricate_Process

    Changes Happen in all games

    To use your basketball analogy, the captain changes would be like raising the hoop from 10' to 20'. Certain skills were increased in cost making a 21 pt comparable to the old 19 pt captain. Adding 1.2 million CXP to the grind is not enriching the game. It is making the use of special flags more necessary. This is a thin veiled increase in grind that will hurt new and casual players the most. Had they added more skill points and kept the same amount of CXP required, then maybe I could agree with your sentiment.
  4. Intricate_Process

    Okay, for the curious, here's my twenty bigs.

    It still amazes me when people post results and think, hey I broke even, or hey I made profit. If you wonder why in game items are overpriced this is why. I look at the results and see someone tricked into buying stuff they would not have bought otherwise.
  5. Loot boxes have not been considered gambling because, although they may cost real money, the prize is not real money. Whether or not it is gambling is irrelevant. Virtual items fall into a gray area because the laws in place specifically refer to actual money prizes. It is an example of technology advancing past legislation. The problem with our current fiasco, is most people had a reasonable belief that they had a chance to get a rare ship with each crate. That just is not the case.
  6. Intricate_Process

    Santa Crates ̶r̶i̶g̶g̶e̶d̶ bug

    How many people would have bought those crates knowing they had zero chance to get a rare ship, until they got all the worthless ones? I really can't believe a company would stoop this low. Just ignore the people that cannot accept the truth.
  7. Intricate_Process

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

  8. Intricate_Process

    Replay Can't Get Past Team Members

    Having same problem. I reset (removed) mods and then fix & repair, still doesn't work. It hangs on "Team members" screen. Update: Deleted the folders that were in the bin folder and files from the patch that fixed the stuttering couple weeks ago, did another check/repair and finally got replays to open without mods.
  9. Intricate_Process

    Social Security fraud?

    Calling over the Voip they can make the number appear as anything they want it to. You will find if you call some of those "local" numbers back they do not exist. I let them talk and waste as much time as possible, only to unload a vulgar tirade at the end. It is one of my favorite past-times.
  10. Intricate_Process

    which crosshair is this?

    The replay bug is not showing the crosshair, and that is the navigator mod (small) version which is the angle thing you see.
  11. Intricate_Process

    Mod to see over terrain

    See post above. There are no mods for what you are asking, I think you are seeing people use the unlocked cam or free cam, or when zoomed in you can move mouse up to see more.
  12. Intricate_Process

    Running WOWS From A Ram Disk

    Edit: I misunderstood. You want to move some of the game folders to Ramdisk? Unfortunately a lot of old information and guides have been hidden to "clean" up the forums. I try to google some old stuff and it comes up with that same error.
  13. Intricate_Process

    How To Fix Your Mods After Today's Patch.

    I'd rather wait and use the updated mods.
  14. Intricate_Process


    Hopefully never to randoms.
  15. Intricate_Process

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    Apparently there is an issue where prime loot isn't showing up on screen for many. I no longer have the Prime Crown to click on loot. If your Amazon is linked you can first try going to the link below and claiming the loot. I logged in to my Amazon account and clicked on "your account", under Digital Content and devices clicked Twitch settings. You should see your linked account (If you don't that is a problem), now click the Twitch Prime icon in the top left above your name. That takes you to a page (below) where you see prime loot and you will see the Warhammer offer click claim. Then logout of the game center and log back in, make sure you have your wows password handy. This is the page where I claimed it because the Prime crown isn't showing up https://twitch.amazon.com/tp/loot/worldofwarships