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  1. 0NutsNBolts0

    How to implement CVs in PVP

    For me, the game is not as fun now with more carriers. Planes feel like a constant nuisance and surface ships are fighting PVP, but planes are PVE so you cannot fight back. Not much I can do other than not play as much. It was interesting to see the two biggest CC's playing other games today. Oh well.
  2. 0NutsNBolts0

    French BBs

    Excellent for randoms, not so great for clan battles (from Storm on up). Just hard to beat a Montana for clan battles. I think French BB line has some of the best ships so it did not feel like a grind. Normandie on up are beasts.
  3. 0NutsNBolts0

    Premium ship prices a bit too premium?

    There is no "problem" but looking at your posts you like to argue with other people's opinions. I never said "do not spend money" I was giving my personal view on how I see this as different from spending money on hobbies. Never said I was right and anyone else was wrong, just conversing on a forum. Can you not handle people being critical of Wargaming or something?
  4. 0NutsNBolts0

    Premium ship prices a bit too premium?

    Have you ever gone to buy something here, and find you are confused on what is the better value? Do you know what confusopoly is? "Confusopoly (aka Dilbert's confusopoly) is an economic and marketing term referring to a purposeful act by a seller or group of sellers to confuse the buyer in order to ease the sale. " " The term confusopoly also applies because confusion within the targeted consumer group is purposefully maintained, so choices are based on emotional factors. " There's actually an economic term for this; it's called "Confusopoly." If [the sellers] can confuse the consumer enough then the consumers won't necessary know what choice they're making and they can be talked into just about anything." — Richard Cordray, 2014/01/08 It is one of many techniques used to get consumers to spend without thinking.
  5. 0NutsNBolts0

    Premium ship prices a bit too premium?

    You can't go to amusement parks and ride some rides for free while paying for others. I was talking about people rationalizing spending money on this game as a hobby. I have spent some money on this game, but what keeps me from seeing this as a hobby (like my other hobbies) is what I mentioned above. If you HAVE to spend money to have fun with this game, something is wrong. I am very leery of most of these video game companies. Having played video games since a young child, they are a sacred beautiful thing to me. I am not against anyone making money. Video game companies made billions before loot boxes came out. I am against games being engineered to bore, frustrate, and trick people into spending more money. I would rather spend money with companies that do not stoop to these low levels.
  6. 0NutsNBolts0

    Premium ship prices a bit too premium?

    There is no guarantee any of us will be able to log in a year from now. It has happened more times than not with online games. Also, at any time I can sell my other hobby items to recuperate some money if I want. Those two things prevent me from seeing this as a hobby to spend more money on.
  7. 0NutsNBolts0

    WOW...Answer me this plz..

    Oh you can always use the Discord in game overlay. You set a two key combo that brings it up in game. Works great. It would be nice to have this feature in game, if you want to enable the overlay you could see messages (with adjustable transparency) in game etc.
  8. 0NutsNBolts0

    WOW...Answer me this plz..

    Are you talking about how messages time-out and people do not get them?
  9. 0NutsNBolts0

    Put on CV Opt Out in the randoms

    DDs you can shoot at PVP. Planes you just have to hope the RNG kills them. Carriers are the only class that fight PVE to a large extent. I think that is why carriers can be considered a class of there own. Having a class playing a PVE mini game while everyone else is fighting PVP is absurd not going to lie. I do agree that carriers aren't going anywhere so either accept it or find a new game. I have started getting back into other games.
  10. 0NutsNBolts0

    How do you watch replays with WGC?

    Just find the game's exe file, right click and (send to) make a desktop icon. You can then use that to launch the game and make sure the WGC is not in your startup items. Let me know if you need help. To watch a replay I just drop the replay file onto my game when the game is shutdown.
  11. Wow, an RTS with a retro office-work feel, can you tell me the name of this interesting game!?
  12. Totally agree with this. And I should have said bb's are easy to play but hard to master. I don't know why but dds don't bother me at all like CV's do.
  13. BBs are the easiest class to play so I am not sure I follow. I 1v1 with dd's all the time and win as a bb. As a surface ship, I am not directly fighting planes my anti-aircraft is. That AA is completely RNG based. This is how carriers differ.
  14. No because all of those ships are directly PVP. If any of those ships shoot at me I can do something about it. A dd has to risk (with small health pool) in order to damage. When planes target me all I can do is pray to RNG. Carriers are almost entirely PVE. PVE should not be in a PVP game. Fundamentally they are different enough to be excluded. At the end of the day we all have different opinions. There will never be a button and they will never be removed, so I barely play anymore.