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  1. Carriers are the only class that aren't fighting the skill of the opponent. They are more PvE than PvP. How well a ship will survive is greatly decided before the match even begins. They do not follow the same risk/reward system as other classes. They stifle the strategic gameplay of the other other classes, mostly DD's. They really don't fit in this game, and it is a game not history.
  2. Oh wow 12 voted yes and 7 voted no. I guess I have be in denial of how serious this problem was.
  3. Which poll because I see one where only 5 more people said HE should be reworked. I mean seriously? And since you brought up polls, why then are there far more polls against CV's and only one poll, that you made, about HE spam? I mean if more people are upset wouldn't there be more polls?
  4. A battle ship can push a Smolensk and once their smoke is down or when they leave smoke, can delete the ship in one salvo. I would say CV's ability to spot anywhere on the map, and farm risk free damage has a far greater negative effect on strategic gameplay. How well your ship survives versus planes, is mostly decided before the match begins. HE spam ships are lightly armored ships that have to get relatively close (risk).
  5. 0NutsNBolts0

    The Smolensk isn't overpowered, it's just psychological

    I think people get OP and not healthy for the game mixed up. To me CV's are a great example of something not OP, but something that completely stifles strategic and competitive gameplay. So in that respect, a Smolensk can use islands and has a smoke which some feel is too many pros not enough cons. Wooster for example does not have smoke or torpedoes.
  6. 0NutsNBolts0

    Shells falling 1k short

    This is from Flamuu's stream. https://www.twitch.tv/flamuu/clip/AverageSlickSushiOpieOP
  7. 0NutsNBolts0

    Shells falling 1k short

    OP you can use Streamable to upload, trim down, and share clips or youtube.
  8. 0NutsNBolts0

    When Are Submarines Coming Out?

    Hopefully never to randoms.
  9. 0NutsNBolts0


    The game will replace missing files and in this case they are temp browser files. Chromium Embedded Framework I believe is cef, it is like an application based browser.
  10. 0NutsNBolts0

    would you play WoWS 2?

    Anything without carriers sign me up.
  11. 0NutsNBolts0

    I have a question for you DD players.

    The class with the lowest HP and least survival rate, and who's job it is to go out and front to spot and capture points (that are radar zones) while the rest of the team is relatively safe. Not to mention CV's that are far away hiding and able to farm risk free damage. Ya I can't figure it out either, hmm.
  12. 0NutsNBolts0

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    Without a doubt the biggest issue preventing this game to really grow player numbers.
  13. 0NutsNBolts0

    Sketchy survey?

    The first questions (not required to answer) were age, gender, and race and then all about what games and consoles I play on. This is for advertising? I expected the last page to have a submit button because I wanted to read it without submitting, but it auto submitted.
  14. 0NutsNBolts0


    Once you are logged into Steam you should be able to play wows through Steam, so that is confusing. If you are ever told to change your password, never go through an email even if it looks legit. Steam wows and game center wows are separate.
  15. 0NutsNBolts0

    Missing Supercontainer

    The included super container did not say "Super Container" like it usually does. It looked like a regular large container. Mine had 1000 dubs.