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  1. Had to post this song first. For the contest. My favorite letter is A "I say Ahh ahh ahh ahh" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFG_wchwpUk
  2. 0NutsNBolts0

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    Apparently there is an issue where prime loot isn't showing up on screen for many. I no longer have the Prime Crown to click on loot. If your Amazon is linked you can first try going to the link below and claiming the loot. I logged in to my Amazon account and clicked on "your account", under Digital Content and devices clicked Twitch settings. You should see your linked account (If you don't that is a problem), now click the Twitch Prime icon in the top left above your name. That takes you to a page (below) where you see prime loot and you will see the Warhammer offer click claim. Then logout of the game center and log back in, make sure you have your wows password handy. This is the page where I claimed it because the Prime crown isn't showing up https://twitch.amazon.com/tp/loot/worldofwarships
  3. 0NutsNBolts0

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    After unlinking amazon, now when I select account settings it sends me to EU to login and I can't find a way to stop it lol. Cleared cache and back to NA, but did not work.
  4. 0NutsNBolts0

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    Heres a new weird twist, I unlinked amazon and now when I select account settings it sends me to eu wargaming to login . That was weird, back to NA tried re-linking Amazon but received nothing. Will wait to see
  5. 0NutsNBolts0

    *UPDATED* Problems claiming Twitch Prime rewards

    Added Amazon, but no loot to claim on Twitch or in game. I have Amazon prime.
  6. 0NutsNBolts0

    Canada Day and US Independence

    My two favorite flags.
  7. The issue with CVs in clan battles has little to do with being able to win without a CV. Without the CV spotting, teams could set up strats. For example a 5-2 split, 3-4 split, or all ships going one way. With planes able to show every ship within minutes of the match starting, it basically showed each teams hands to use a poker analogy. Also a CV's ability to find and finish off low HP ships eliminates those exciting wins where a ship could go dark and win the match.
  8. What is your monitors refresh rate? Can you try a different cable to your GPU like if using DVI try HDMI. Make sure all fans are spinning and your card has the proper power cables plugged in, that card should be two 8 pin cables I believe. If using the latest driver, you could try an older driver. The problem is not the game and it is like missing textures.
  9. 0NutsNBolts0

    Looking for a New Clan

    PM sent with Discord link.
  10. Best idea would be buy some premium time. The over powered premiums were taken off the market. There are some strong premiums, but you would do better playing a line versus jumping into a tier 7 + premium.
  11. 0NutsNBolts0

    Will Subs Move to Randoms?

    Such a shame, I truly believe subs will drive away more players than bring in.
  12. 0NutsNBolts0

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    Vote to rename "Flugelhorn_Enthusiast" all in favor.
  13. 0NutsNBolts0

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    Only if I can pick the name.
  14. 0NutsNBolts0

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    The irony of that last sentence is amazing, and I love irony. Your name says to ban people that have a perspective YOU don't agree with. Then you say the issue is MY perspective. You can't make this up.
  15. 0NutsNBolts0

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    Yes the system is in need of a re-vamp or a closer look if this is happening. The name, also, is just asking for it. Toxic name IMO.