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  1. If you mean legendary upgrade it does not expire.
  2. There are thousands of videos from WG and people playing their games that have ads. Either little banner ads or actual ads that you can skip.
  3. I'm not sure the details, but that is my guess that each game can report demographics (or more) on their players to cater ads to them. I would love to know if anyone has more details. It could be for youtube. I just know this small amount of data would be not worth it for them to sell. It's very easy to get millions of people to spend 30 minutes on surveys on the internet these days.
  4. They will help determine what types of ads to play on people's Twitch streams that are playing these games.
  5. 0NutsNBolts0

    Independence loss

    A different Universe.
  6. 0NutsNBolts0

    Rogue Wave containers?

    What do you mean? You can buy the Water World camos for 6000 doubloons for weeks now. Just scroll down in the Rogue Wave section.
  7. 0NutsNBolts0

    Alabama Bundle Buyer Beware

    That is how you get around loot boxes also. Is this the future? At some point people will have to decide do they want the game company to decide what they get, or do you want to decide what you get. I won't settle for letting them decide.
  8. 0NutsNBolts0

    Alabama Bundle Buyer Beware

    Yes I saw that. Also notice Boise is on the list of possible ships, you get doubloons (if you get another Boise) not another ship despite the description clearly saying the contrary.
  9. 0NutsNBolts0

    Summer Savings Deals PSA (will be updated daily).

    So they did not account for you getting the same ship. Like if you just got the ship it doesn't register in your inventory, not a good look.
  10. 0NutsNBolts0

    Alabama Bundle Buyer Beware

    Don't forget Boise and Nueve de Julio are the same ship and lul at the people saying they are different ships or you should have known ya you should have known WG would pull some type of _____, so it's your fault! I did not even think they would put the possibility of getting two of the exact same ships, wow.
  11. 0NutsNBolts0

    Alabama + 2 VIII Premium Containers

    WG, had you just sold each of those ships for $30, you would have made a lot more money. That would have been a really nice sale to be proud of. Making money and happy customers. The possibility of carriers killed it for me personally as well. Oh well
  12. You are saying a discount on ships bought with doubloons? Would have been really nice.
  13. 0NutsNBolts0

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    I remember feeling the same way, but a lot of it has to do with them being unobtainable and notoriously strong. I was lucky enough to play in two of the events getting access to all of these ships. After playing them for a few hours, it wasn't as special as I had previously built it up to be. Iwaki Alpha was really fun because of how unique it is. It has this crazy space dubstep horn as well. All very strong ships, but second time around I hardly played those. If WG stopped selling the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, there wouldn't be people desperate to buy one.
  14. 0NutsNBolts0

    Cheating going on . A hack for sure.

    They sell Depends? Time to get some for clan battles.
  15. 0NutsNBolts0

    Lets do an experiment.

    Well you are perpetuating this myth that it's dd players out to get carriers. The disdain is not limited to dd players. I mostly play cruisers and have always felt CV's stifle creative and strategic gameplay. Not to mention, the nerfs and buffs come literally from data not our opinions on this forum.