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  1. Almedius


    Then you aren't paying attention...possibly its a reading comprehension problem...or just flat out a troll...
  2. Almedius


    Stop being bad and showing broadsides...problem solved...
  3. Almedius

    Lighten Up

    Maybe he meant "light one up"...as a solution for horrible weekend games...
  4. Almedius

    Lighten Up

    The topic is "lighten up"...so I'm guessing its just bad sarcasm? I've certainly been trying to lighten up....even with teams that put up less of a fight than coop bots yesterday...over and over...I promised myself after a 15 game win streak last week that I would never complain about losses again...I think that promise will prove short lived...Maybe I'll give that "not play today" thing a try on sundays... Impossibly I did have a little fun though...
  5. Almedius

    How to brawl better? Avoid torp death?

    This was helpful to me for post rework brawling choices
  6. Almedius

    Loads of Thunderers in Randoms

    I just got mine, and have been playing it some for the reasons listed...but when I do the teams are glutted with them...The salts starts pouring...people get toxic. I had a Yammy ram me from behind intentionally 2 times starting last game. It got me killed early with only 75k damage. Getting the ship put a huge smile on my face, but the experience playing it has been pretty negative...no fault to the ship....
  7. Almedius

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    He showed us statistical proof of what we already know...bad players are doing much better in CVs than their other ships...The explanation is pretty obvious...
  8. Almedius

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    It was long....and an arrogant dismissal of non-unicum opinions that made me cringe...but the points about concealment + CV spotting + crossfires sums up why many people feel adjustments are needed.
  9. I think the negativity in this game gets way overblown. The little bit I see and get just gets shrugged off. I find most people willing team mates if I'm willing to be one as well. How people can say they play the right way, but get lots of bad karma and PMs is laughable to me. At least in my experience its much more positive on both counts.
  10. Almedius

    no zoup for you was absolutely correct

    There's a ton of useful information one can get out of stats. How you look at it and value it is up to you. To dismiss them as worthless is a bit shortsighted, as is considering them the be all end all of skill metrics. If your stats bother you then make the effort to improve them...or stop caring. Far too many denigrate stats simply because its showing the reality that they are bad at the game. On the flip side you get those that act like theirs is worthy of a lifetime achievement award. In any case the problem is the mindset of the player...not the stats...A bit of self honesty and a balanced perspective is all that is needed.
  11. Give DDs a consumable to avoid detection from air. It could last 30 seconds and have a minute and a half cooldown. using their guns would cancel the effect. DDs already have counters...especially radar and cruisers.
  12. Almedius

    Zao upgrade grind, are you guys kidding?

    I do love the accuracy increase. You absolutely feel it...but I hate the range with it. Sometimes its worth the trade-off. Usually its not these days.
  13. Almedius


    If they just gave DDs and select cruisers a consumable to avoid detection from air for say... 30 seconds? but took away the ability to shoot until it expired or was canceled...It would at least be a start...
  14. Almedius

    PTS Secondary V2

    Fully specced secondary/brawling ships should be able to deter DDs from getting too cheeky, and get a decent contribution in BB brawls. It seems like german 105s are actually in a pretty good place now for damage. Ships using german 128s are not. Better dispersion is needed for staying on par with current Man Sec DD defense. If that means giving up both sides firing again...then so be it