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  1. Almedius

    Terrible CV news...

    It's an interesting article...and a shame we don't value our history as much these days...I grew up next to Battleship cove...Places like this are priceless... https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/43906/famed-aircraft-carrier-uss-kitty-hawk-is-on-her-final-voyage-to-the-scrappers-torch
  2. Almedius

    So current state of COOP

    I've never been a big COOP fan...but it's harder than ever to find fun in that mode...I still do a couple a day for various reasons, but its just such a hollow experience now...It's pretty much just a feeding frenzy to see who can eat all the free food fastest(and I feel guilty for ruining peoples matches behind me)...that poor noob in the New York is going to finish with 200bxp after shooting twice...after I just speed boosted in and killed the whole flank...how is this fun for anyone?....
  3. Almedius

    Things that make you go hmmm....

    I love this game...but WG has zero credibility at this point when they talk about what the players want...
  4. Almedius

    How I Build It: Incomparable

    Thanks, I was a bit conflicted on the heavy AP shells fire penalty...even with a super heal...but I've noticed most of my info resources are using basically the same build...so it seems to be conventional wisdom...I'll just go with the flow...
  5. Almedius

    Sell the BB's

    There's a ton of brawling going on ATM...some of the most I've ever seen...and it is effective...here is my last game..
  6. Almedius

    Good credit earning ships for coal?

    It's unfortunate that you missed out on Georgia and Musashi for coal, but Kearsarge is a really strong ship + a good earner.
  7. That's my expectation as well...and synchs up nicely with the latest BC type offerings like Repulse and Novo...I'm fine with that...and a fan of glass cannons in general....A weak bow isn't always the end of the world...especially with some of the funky new front and rear cheek armor for turret cit protection...But Ragnar is straight up filthy good and pure love sooo.....
  8. Well I have my fingers crossed. The potential of this ship is the only reason I'm not sailing around in Ragnar ATM...and I really really really want Ragnar...I'm a fan of BBs with torps in any case...
  9. Almedius

    “Jets” are irrelevant.

    I'm sure the whole point of them is power creep on CVs...and we aren't supposed to be alarmed by CVs with even more power / influence?
  10. Almedius

    About Winrate And Scores

    I play with a bunch of people both good and bad...The ones that care the most about stats tend to be the ones with bad stats...
  11. Almedius

    Why did/do players leave?

    Despite my dislike for them, if I leave it won't be because of subs or CVs...Or the questionable changes to the game...It will almost definitely be poor gameplay quality / the player base...It's been on a steady decline for a couple years now...since at least the CV rework...
  12. Almedius

    GPU maxed out

    I run my laptop on a cooling pad...and I shut off v synch + capped fps...It solved almost identical issues for me.(I can push the settings without the internal fans kicking in hard)
  13. Almedius

    LOW Damage Kraken record??

    I had 25k for 7 kills...In my first ever pvp game...in a Hashi(T1)...still tied for my record amount of kills...
  14. I have and love them both...but in this CV saturated t8 MM...I would choose Kidd...CVs literally salivate and try and focus you all match in a Cossack...They won't focus you hard in a Kidd...but....no CVs? Then Cossack by a nose...