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  1. The_Abysss

    Which Wireless KB & Mouse do you use?

    Mostly this. BUT, for a mouse I use the T-90 and clones you can buy off of ebay. They are like $6 each, offer several extra buttons that can sometimes be repurposed in games, are optical, and adjustable DPI. Its a lot of mouse in a pretty cheap package. The downside is they look "extreme". They have lights but those can usually be turned off or adjusted. I also like that they are a full handed mouse instead of a super tiny one. EDIT: Sorry but its wired, not wireless.
  2. The_Abysss

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    Any day. Yep, i like them both, even on stock hulls.
  3. The_Abysss

    lvl 9 iowa

    I am not really enjoying mine now either. I am still on the stock hull and may be too poor to upgrade it when that time comes. Everything smashes it for 15k even bow in, and when im 10k i feel like i cant get it to shoot straight enough/strong enough to cit. Others seem to love it. OTOH, im liking my izumo with a stock hull so maybe its just a preference of mine, as others seemed to hate it.
  4. The_Abysss

    Friendly fire

    So much this. Working with a good player with the slightest situational awareness makes such a difference. I know if i fire them I "own them", but honestly at SOME point those running into them have to be held a little responsible. I charged in my dd one time with no torps available to fire while a friendly cruiser shot at the bb i was charging with his torps. It was a brilliant move by the cruiser because I was probably going to get messed up when the bb reloaded because i wasn't out traversing his guns fast enough for my "mental reload timer". If i wasn't paying attention I could have easily ate that cruiser's torps, but at the same time that bb was seconds away from deleting me and I knew I was presenting him with that opportunity. He did the best thing available to either of us. On the other side of that I am charging a bb who is charging a green bb who's bow in reversing. Green bb is about to die/has like 10k or something. I fire at red bb, green one suddenly decides to stop reversing and go forward, i yell in chat keep going backward torps are coming. He eats torps, also decided to screen the red bb, i finish red bb with 1 torp and guns instead of 3 because he blocked them. So lets review. He missed A. The dd coming up to help him 5k out. Both visually and on the minimap. B. The chat messages. C. The fact that moving forward was the worst thing he could do because he was taking a much bigger risk because of the hp disparity. D. My torps being visible for 40? seconds? E. The beep beep noises as they came in. This is like a solid minute of gameplay this guy had to have zero idea of what was happening in his surroundings. Was he trying to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich between volleys? How is he not at least a LITTLE responsible for that outcome?
  5. The_Abysss

    Friendly fire

    When i launch from behind people I tell them in chat. Half the time they run into them anyway. I know I shouldn't and usually i get burned for doing so, but sometimes not launching them means missing a good opportunity to do so. I think the current penalties are perfect because they let you mess up occasionally but dont make it punitive enough that I follow "never a stray torp" policy that would make torps more useless than they already are. Its hard as a cruiser to launch torps at all because youre often behind bbs if theyre pushing, and dds often have other dds in their vicinity. I mean getting hit sucks, but its already painful for the person that launched them because they killed/dmg their ally. The pink is just insult to the injury of helping their team lose (and looking a bit dumb even if the other ship had to 180 to get into your torps)
  6. The_Abysss

    Welcome to World of Warships

    That seems low considering theres 6 ships still alive. I'd be surprised if another 78k could have killed them all, but there's a lot of factors with this. From the post battle it doesnt look like most of the team did much. To me it's the opposite. When I run it i see why some games i can kracken loss and others i can win with 30k dmg done. Your games are 90% decided when they load up, and understanding that is less frustrating than wondering why im losing (or winning) with no apparent rhyme or reason.
  7. I don't think that most that say they get hit for that much mean in ONE pass, they mean in ONE plane squad, often with several passes, each hitting for 1/4-1/2 range, which can delete or make them largely ineffective for the rest of the battle. Luckily for you, that just means you usually need 2 squads of planes to go out to kill them before they get to the cap. I wouldnt know though, I like many have quit playing my dds until this gets fixed.
  8. I get what you're saying but I disagree. I am pretty much a potato dd, but if i yolo rush a cap and die, my bad i messed up i deserve that death. If i get blapped by some rockets before i can even get to the cap, thats just bad game design. Even if I was about to yolo die it doesnt make up for me not even getting the chance to do it... and learn from that mistake vs getting dead through no fault of my own and with no recourse.
  9. So to the thread title " How to beat 3 CV with a Kaiser, a Guissano, and a Clemson So, be carried by your 3 cvs then? Hope the enemy yolo dies? You show a 6 player match going 20 minutes and a CV still alive at the end, with all 6 of the cv's on both teams at the top. I think your title should be "How to be rescued by your cvs, while playing kaiser...".
  10. The_Abysss

    Rockets on CVs

    Welcome to the world of the CV player, where false equivalencies justify a CV having the advantages of every other class all combined into one that you cant shoot back at. That doesnt even count things like 5 second fires and automatic fighters.
  11. The_Abysss

    Away from game 1 year, lost with cv rework.

    Source? Even most CV players will admit they aren't well liked, especially in certain tiers. This with the other statement combined is pretty funny. Weird how people dislike ships with no counterplay. Super sekret cv survival strategies that apparently NO ONE complaining about them has EVER tried! 1. JUST DODGE!!! - this is entirely dependent on the cv skill, not the player. A good CV will hit you because their planes are faster than your rudder and they can anticipate where youll be while dodging flak. A potato CV can be thrown off by this sometimes, but their ability to harass will always vastly exceed your own ability to shut them down despite full AA builds with all but the most heavy AA ships, and depends more on tier than ship type. Your best hope if being focused (especially by more than 1 cv) is that you flounder around uselessly in the water ignoring the entire surface game to MAYBE avoid half the damage. If you can manage that, be a low priority target, and/or cost them a lot of planes compared to the damage they're doing to you.... then they might decide to bother someone else for a while until one of those 3 things changes. 2. JUST HUDDLE AA!!! - Many ships added to an AA huddle will be effectively useless for adding AA. When you try to do anything in randoms its about impossible. Even well coordinated teams or divisions cant all stay 5k apart and eventually ships start dying. The counter for one ship should never be "Get half the enemy team into a 5k size ball to resist me". It would be entirely possible to field a half a team of poor aa unable to resist CVs, and this goes double or triple where you're most likely to encounter them (4-6) because of the sheer number of poor AA ships. Unicum cvs drop in the middle of huddles, especially if they have a reason to like a low HP ship. I like the blatant dismissal of everyone who thinks differently. People who can do this are -- to be charitable -- textbook examples of bias and willful ignorance. Youre saying you have to try being a [edited] to know what its like being molested. Nope, I know what being molested feels like and it sucks. Maybe being a [edited] has drawbacks too, i dont plan trying it. Also, mitigation of damage is the effective equivalent of finding my happy place, it isnt stopping the attacks like being able to fire my 16" guns is. Its worse too because this molester you cant get away from and he spots you so all his friends can shoot you too.
  12. The_Abysss

    Low tier is for learning.

    First thing, the UK light cruiser line is EXTREMELY punishing as a starter line. By far the hardest cruiser line ive tried... everything that touches it cits it. Second, while i completely agree with everything you're saying, if your friend can't aim at all then coop is usually better for learning that particular skill. Also low tier randoms, as you've mentioned is full of seal clubbers, 3 cv matches, and is usually such a horrible experience for newbies their only desire is to advance tiers to where its "better". Unfortunately the higher tiers punish mistakes almost instantly and don't offer the opportunity to make and actually learn from a mistake. Its just straight back to port. I dont have a fix, its just my thoughts on the subject. The game isn't really new player friendly at all in any capacity. Some games are easy to play, hard to master. This one is hard to play, almost impossible to master for most people.
  13. The_Abysss

    Sometimes you just can't get a win

    Great game! I think the fiji was the high point so far in the brit cl series for me. Just finished edin cant afford neptune yet. These ships do great as top tier, but can SERIOUSLY struggle as bottom tier when you land volley after volley for no or minimal damage. Usually feast or famine.
  14. The_Abysss

    Current CV Meta

    Cvs also used to be rare because one of the things they could do was attack each other. Limiting THAT made them more accessible for the 99%. So they have less alpha and cant cross drop/dev strike, but they're now in almost every game.
  15. The_Abysss

    What Creates this Result?

    I see plenty of games with average WR ~10% apart. That's not the real problem though. The real problem is that even a 1-2% spread is usually enough to guarantee victory, doubly so if it present in both account and current ship. I estimate in 90% of cases any advantage in both ship and account means your team is going to win. That shouldn't discourage anyone from the outset, or really surprise anyone (if it were otherwise 60% WR people would be more common), and upsets do happen. Its just that your individual contribution is quite limited to a bit of luck.... and mostly the skill of the other 11 people.