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  1. leops_1984

    Odin reload slowed from 20s to 23s

    Wouldn't be worth it. Without IFHE you already pen 32mm. Throw in IFHE and you pen 40mm. The only meaningful impact of that is you can now pen USN high-tier deck and plating, but at the cost of nerfed fire chance for everyone. I wouldn't take that trade.
  2. leops_1984

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    And there, in one video, is the difference between overpowered and unfun to play against. Spreadsheets can detect one, yes. But Wargaming either cannot or does not want to take the latter into consideration. One thing I've seen from Wargaming's game design is that when designing game mechanics like CVs or submarines, counterplay is an afterthought, if it exists at all. So you have mechanics that, on spreadsheets, appears to be fine, but when you look at it in the game, no, it's not fine.
  3. leops_1984

    BBs suddenly afraid of scratching their paint

    Well, HE spam has only gotten worse, not better. You were away for a year, so you might have missed Smolensk being added to the game... and that is a ship which can stop a push dead just from the psychological impact of that many shells.
  4. leops_1984

    Worst Ranked Sprint Ever

    I mean, remember when ranked sprint was supposed to be a more casual event at lower tiers? Now it's just become another "nothing below high tiers matters" event.
  5. leops_1984

    The coming Califailure: simple fix

    Someone has to have fail dived for a Salem to see a T7 BB.
  6. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    I was briefly a ST before leaving of my own accord, and even then I'm not sure that feedback - individually or collectively - was answered. We're never going to agree on this, so let me be blunt: this change gives Wargaming even more leeway to do what the hell they want. And post-Puerto Rico, post-CV rework, post-Kremlin, post-Smolensk, I don't give them any trust anymore. You clearly believe that the private feedback given matters. Based on Wargaming's record, I can't give them the benefit of the doubt.
  7. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    So what kind of feedback does matter then? Just spreadsheets? Or does our feedback not matter at all, and to the eyes of Wargaming, we're just here to consume? With the only feedback that matters quitting?
  8. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    Color me skeptical that the lack of sunshine on a process won't make that process worse. Again, Wargaming has no goodwill left with me.
  9. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    After 2019, people are a touch skeptical that their complaint and feedback mean anything.
  10. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    And as I already replied, my concern is less for whether I want to know or not to spend money or time on grinding a ship. My concern is more for being on the receiving end of such a ship. I remember having to deal with Stalingrads when they first came out, when they were almost entirely in the hands of very strong Typhoon and Hurricance clans. My clan (this account is just an alt I use pretty much just to post here, my main is on another server) didn't have any. It wasn't a pleasant experience. LWM's opinion is, well, we just take the opportunity to try and kill it. Which a) isn't a particularly fun experience, and b) establishes a clear line of haves and have-nots in competitive formats. Again, not fun for one party.
  11. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    No, I'm talking about being on the receiving end of a broken, OP ship. I.e., the person being shot at by such a ship.
  12. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    And I already do all of that. That answers the question of whether I should or shouldn't buy a ship, fair enough. My concern is for those of us who have to be on the receiving end of a broken ship. What's the message for us? Are we merely to be lambs sacrificed to the gods of balance? Food for unicums and whales? If people raise a stink about perceived to be OP ships, it's because being on the wrong end of an OP ships is hideously unfun.
  13. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    So what exactly is our role? Happily consume what slop is placed in front of us? If they're not listening to this forum in the first place, shut it all down. Because there's no point if they ignore it in the first place. That's not very reassuring. Most of the playerbase already has no confidence in Wargaming's testing processes. The original question wasn't answered. What if this new, secret, behind the scenes testing process results in a broken ship? What am I to do? If the message is git gud and bear with it, that's a terrible message to send. I would be semi-okay with it we believed Wargaming could produce good results. But post-CV rework, post-Puerto Rico, Wargaming's goodwill is exhausted. No one trusts the testing process.
  14. leops_1984

    What is WG afraid of?

    My disagreement with this is that if the development train is headed in a fundamentally wrong decision - if a ship is broken, unpleasant to play against, etc - how is it going to get corrected now? For all the flaws of CCs raising a stink, it's not something that can entirely be ignored. Let's say, hypothetically, that this system was in place for Puerto Rico (or another ship behind a similar grind). And this incredibly grindy ship turned out to be highly meta-defining. Aka, let's say teams of equal skill, the team with this ship wins... 2/3rds of the time. At least. So how are the rest of us supposed to feel? Sucks to be us, git gud or whale? Understand that after Puerto Rico and the current existing balance problems, my level of goodwill for Wargaming is fairly low. I don't trust them to make the right decision for the long-term welfare of this game and its playerbase anymore. And this change to the process does not help.
  15. leops_1984

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    The historian in me wishes they'd called it Seydlitz instead of Mainz.