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  1. leops_1984

    WG Saint Petersburg CEO comments on CC exodus

    They're spinning it as the CEO's "personal opinion". You be the judge how long a CEO's "personal opinion" won't affect how the company is actually run.
  2. Convoy mode was just recently announced and it'll be a while before it hits the live server. (How much do you want to bet it'll be timed with submarine early access?) As for Axis versus Allies, I suspect it's dead. It would have been nice as an end-of-WW2 anniversary event, but reception was poor and the ship balance problems probably killed the mode.
  3. leops_1984

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    So nothing about what got us to this point? Nothing about the blatant disrespect your staff have showed to LWM? What a joke. This is just a polite way for us to get lost.
  4. leops_1984

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Ev1n might well be the nicest guy in the world, and he might try to do what he can at WGNA - but these problems are far from limited just to WGNA. It's a company wide problem, and by company I mean all of Wargaming. Warships, Tanks, all of it. Honestly I'm of the view that unless the highest levels of management - I mean C-titles, studio heads, etcetera - actually have an honest come to Jesus moment. Nothing will happen. And frankly, the heat death of the universe is likely to come before that happens.
  5. leops_1984

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    If I'm not mistaken that port got modified into Novorossiysk when the Soviet BB line was introduced.
  6. leops_1984

    What Port Do You Use? Why?

    I use the AL port a lot because I've found it's the best port to use when examining armor layouts.
  7. leops_1984

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    Bans are pretty much based on popularity and not necessarily power. However, in a format like CBs those two tend to be quite closely correlated.
  8. I have no problems with friendly fire being removed. What I do think is a problem is removing the XP/credit gains from people who turn pink. That's just something which will almost certainly be abused and used to troll/grief people.
  9. leops_1984

    What's going on with my dispersion?

    Shots near islands have always been kinda buggy. What I have noticed with this patch is that in general battleship dispersion - especially vertical dispersion - seems to have become more erratic. It's not just Deadeye removal either - I'm noticing it with ships that I never took Deadeye on, like Sinop.
  10. leops_1984

    WG poll on Battle of the Beasts.

    It was such a horrid grind fest with ridiculous time limits that I essentially behaved as if the event didn’t exist.
  11. leops_1984

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    Another ship designed with excellent counterplay abilities for the other side that I'm sure players won't be too upset at being struck by. What a wonderful exercise in game design. /s
  12. leops_1984

    WG reaction to Dutch airstrike controversy

    When you are employed by a company explicitly as a community manager, you do not have a "personal opinion". Anything you say or do related to the game - especially an an official forum - is, implicitly, a company opinion. You represent the company at all times in community affairs, and you should at the least think about how such statements will be perceived. Right now, all I can see is: internally, they do not give a damn about balancing it.
  13. leops_1984

    WG reaction to Dutch airstrike controversy

    It's from the Asia forums. Archived here to prevent any chicancery. https://archive.is/baCu3
  14. leops_1984

    Nail in the coffin for Powercreep

    Depends on tier. T10 = 46mm T9 = 40mm T8 = 34mm T7 = 32mm T6 = 32mm premium T8 = 32mm
  15. This is pretty much where I am. My wallet has snapped shot pretty much permanently as well.