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  1. And once again, this company shoots itself in the foot.
  2. leops_1984

    How much longer do we have to endure Subs?

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.
  3. leops_1984

    More San Diego Nerfs

    The only explanation for why they're absolutely brutalizing this ship is she'll be distributed via some relatively easy to acquire method, and WG are setting its value accordingly.
  4. Not like the DDs with depth charges do a much better job of countering subs anyway.
  5. leops_1984

    Visual Representation of Ship Depth Charge Blasts

    Wargaming is not interested in honest to god testing and experimentation. They are only interested in testing that confirms their pre-existing biases and preordained decisions. As for the results themselves, two words: false advertising. Wargaming is advertising a product that literally cannot do what they promise. Used car salesmen have more ethics than this.
  6. I completely agree with you. They want imbalance because, well, it's easier to monetize. Sell power on either end of the spectrum.
  7. leops_1984

    Cv's cause toxic gameplay

    Not particularly. Why? Because I can counteract that to some degree. CVs? Nah, he just picks a target and despite what the surface ship does, the strike gets through. Sure, I shoot down a few planes, but did that actually harm him? No. Wargaming is not great at counterplay, and CVs (and soon to be - subs!) are a prime example. Your forget that unicums like you need people like me - just average players - to populate a server. With a "git gud" attitude, don't be surprised to see normal people drop the game at an alarming rate. Oh wait, that's already happening.
  8. leops_1984

    Cv's cause toxic gameplay

    Jimmy Doolittle was fighting a war. This is a game. Now, if I want to blame someone, I blame Wargaming. Clearly they want this. They WANT unbalanced AA, frustrated players, because they can monetize and sell game power. Frustrated by CVs? Here's this shiny new ship which will have good AA! We promise! (Not really, no.)
  9. leops_1984

    Cv's cause toxic gameplay

    So if I'm victimized by poorly designed mechanics, non-existent counterplay, I'm supposed to say, "please sir, may I have another?" Not everyone likes being on the unfair end of a match. How about if I beat you up for an entire game with no response, would you enjoy that?
  10. leops_1984

    Cv's cause toxic gameplay

    If the playstyle of a ship causes anger and frustration on its victims, that is entirely on that class of ships and the design that Wargaming has promoted.
  11. Brawl exists to feed normies to clan players.
  12. leops_1984

    Do NOT play Brawl

    Trust me when I say that one or two horribly unpleasant games on the wrong side of lopsided teams is enough to drive most solo, "ordinary" players away from this mode.
  13. leops_1984

    Do NOT play Brawl

    See, my clan on my home server was pretty decent and active. Until all the [edited] from the CV rework onwards basically drove us away. Also, you do realize how much your comment basically sounds like "eat cake, peasants?"
  14. This would actually impose pain and discomfort on CV players. And Wargaming would never allow that to happen.
  15. leops_1984

    377k Damage from Carriers - the new norm

    WG has his money/resources/etc. Once they have that, they don't care.