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  1. Feyevich

    Research Bureau & "Veteran Players"

    Sorry man, I have been playing this game for one year and 4 months, and have 11 tier X.... so dont understand. If you play since 3 years ago... dont you have free XP and credits to research another branch?? I see lot of vetenas sitting in huge amounts of free XP and credits
  2. Feyevich

    Guepard thoughts?

    This DDs are really fun to play, I have Sirocco, Jaguar, Guepard and Vauqueline I love this last one. But guepard is not bad. The key is fire guns when max speed and ambush with torps (they are fast). Keep distance all time you can. But you can contest caps with support., when the Battery reload buster is on you can win any dd duel.
  3. Feyevich

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    I only want to say that was a difficult way for me, but woth it. Really I still cant believe what Monatana can do. Montana 10 EE.UU. 20 75% 1 891 107 356 1 1.8 Iowa 9 EE.UU. 86 48.84% 1 164 61 652 0.44 4.45 North Carolina 8 EE.UU. 223 48.43% 1 095 49 233 0.63 1.83 New Mexico 6 EE.UU. 144 52.78% 844 34 335 0.58 1.2 New York 5 EE.UU. 30 43.33% 718 28 120 0.37
  4. Feyevich

    Super Container Love

    Two times I have had two the same day, with a month between them. The first tandem were camos (50-50); the second one 50 camos and 30 days premium account.
  5. I m fortunate, I got Vauqueline and Guepard two weeks ago, and yesterday I got Jaguar. All in free containers.
  6. Feyevich

    Weekend Spree.

    This week end for me was very good. Played 63 random battles. Achieve the birthday mission, Montana arrived to my port (My 10th tier X), and have 6 very good battles, achieved my first Solo Warrior in my Vauqueline, and played 4 battles with good results in the FdG.
  7. Feyevich

    fight with us mission week 2

    Fight with us has 5 steps, in each step you win 200k credits, you get the final reward when you complete the five missions Fisrt mission win + 1400 base xp, second 1500. then 1600, and so on
  8. Completed 2 directives and all missions (didnt count the crates), all free crates. I get Vaqueline and Guepard missions.
  9. Feyevich

    Protest French Event - Cash Grab

    Thanks I understand now.
  10. Feyevich

    Protest French Event - Cash Grab

    Sorry, but dont understand. Whats the problem if you acomplish the previous 4 missions and win in this process 1000 doublons? There is no need to buy doublons...
  11. Yoshino performs well.... and shima..????
  12. Feyevich

    Danger, Will Robinson

    You voted for the Wall isnt it?
  13. Feyevich

    Sold the Fuel Tokens for...Credits

    I spend fuel tokens in camos (66 camos)
  14. No no no Sir, Im 54 and still young . Try the Algerie, mx speed/range and spam fire is a good boat.
  15. Feyevich

    Done complaining......just done

    Look @1502_T you must understand that the way to improve in game is practice. In a BB you must have near 30% main battery hit ratio to be effective in dealing damage. (this must be complemented with positioning). This is only battles, and practice no other way. Take a BB you feel comfortable and play. Thats the way. See videos and look where the people aim to get citadels, it ll help.