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  1. Feyevich

    Jianwei, surprised me

    Jianwei Pan-Asia WR:75% PR:4 216 AvDmg:72 643 AvDes:1.88 After reading so many comments I didnt expect such results in this ship. Im not a great player, and never win in a short time so many achievements in a ship. Foour-hpul 2 times; witherer, arsonist , high caliber, etc. I was in may way to GM and decided grind instead of use free exp, and was a very lucky choice.
  2. Feyevich

    The Bayern is awful

    Tigerspook, I reserached it on saturday. Research hull B, is another ship... more concealment, more range, very much AA, more HP and spoting plane. Really is another ship, resarch it and the judge it.
  3. Feyevich

    Daily Shipments: Doublons

    Yes, you re right. I miss in the translate. Thanxs
  4. Sorry, but I dont understand, how many doublons I get in 14 times? 6300? or 12600? 450 DOUBLOONS FOR ENTERING THE GAME (AVAILABLE 14 TIMES DURING THE 28-DAY PERIOD); BONUS 450 DOUBLOONS.
  5. Dont waste your time in upgrading AA. Try to play near a cruiser or anothe BB with upgraded AA, don t go alone. Im no a good player only survive 37% with the Musashi, but I was benn sunk by airplanes 3 or 4 times (from near 120 I was sunk).
  6. Feyevich

    500 Secondary Hits

    I do it in random with my loved Warspite.
  7. Feyevich

    Icarus/mid tier UK DDs are AWFUL

    This is from yesterday with a 6 points commander. Im a low average player, for me is a good ship once you start adapt her. The fights were on CAP against DDs and cruisers. Icarus VI 3 66.67% Super Unicum 1 638 Muy Bueno 28 546 1 0
  8. Thx to clarify, so the discount I see is from the naval base... I supose
  9. Yes I biught it yesterday at that price. But you are right. I purchased it quickly and dont take care of that. I must be payed 3605000 credits instead of 4429000 (dont know if naval base discount applies)
  10. Feyevich

    update ??

    Thx fot the replays.
  11. Feyevich

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    Answer: Lightning is better than Cossack??
  12. It happens the same to me, lot of tier 8. But I love this ship. In high tiers you dont expect to get citadel hits, but you can do 10000dmg per salvo with her accuranci. Great heal too ( a flag can help a lot). Its a funny ship to me.
  13. Feyevich

    update ??

    So this, its a patch?? What is been patched?? UPDATE ARRIVES OCT.18; PREPARATION STARTS 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET AND ENDS 04:00 PT/ 07:00 E
  14. Feyevich

    changing green team to red team

    Ohhh come on Stephen.... I have something to tell you.... Its no easy..... Santa doesnt exists.... Its just mum and daddy