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  1. How pathetic can this site get?

    What I can see there is that 2 torps damdged 2 modules, (the damage in modules don t count in hull damage). You sunk the DD with the other 2 torps.
  2. Una mierda!

    Entre a este juego por los porta y ya no tengo ninguno, los vendi a todos incluido mi querido Bogue, desarrolle el Ranger y no lo compre. En otra cuenta llegue al Lex. En fin lo que te pasa ahora me paso y por eso no segui con los portas, mas viendo lo que se viene que particularmente no me gusta. Pero en fin... ayer jugaba una partida con mi Admiral Hipper y fui el primero en morir, rodeado de aliados fui vaporizado por una salva de un Montana (me dieron sus 6 balas) 43800dmg en 2 minutos de juego. Pero bueno.... no pasa siempre. Con esto quiero decir que no solo los portas sufren cuando son tier bajos.
  3. Lol, you claim because you lose 9 in a row, it happened to me many times, but what really cares is the way in what you lose. Isnt the same lost with 72000 dmg and a kill (In a Tier X battle with a Hipper), than 0dmg, first kill with a salvo (6 shoots) from a Montana (In the following tier X battle with a Hipper, and I was full health).
  4. Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    Yorck changes 0.7.9 Tier VII German cruiser Yorck: HE and AP shells’ 10 km flight time has been reduced from 5.65 and 6.72 seconds to 5.09 and 5.14 seconds accordingly. Damage caused by AP shells has been increased from 5,500 to 5,600. These changes pull the cruiser's ballistics in line with its branch, emphasizing the effectiveness of AP shells specific for German ships.
  5. Has anyone kept the Nurnberg

    I kept the Nurnberg and the Yorck. I love those ships, were the first in what I perform well, and start loving cruisers.
  6. El matchmaking para CVs es horrible

    Si te fijas el 4vs 4 y el 7 vs 7 es en random. Por otro lado, creo que debería darte vergüenza a ti por menospreciar a otro por sus estadisticas. En fin, creo que el petardo sos vos. Genio!!! Es mas si mal no recuerdo deberías ser baneado por humillar a otro jugador. Saludos.
  7. CV Rework Feedback

    Really I dont like this rework. I d hope another thing, like the CVs torp only damaged BB and other CVs like Asashio, that you havent a limited ammount of planes, that you could choose your air wings. That they cant spot enemy forces in rain or storm, and other things that realy just now dont count. I only keep the Bogue and I just sold it.
  8. Honorable Service Campaing

    Solved, I entered to the game and can play it with all my tier 8-9 ships. Dont know what happened, but its solved. Pls close this or delete. Thx.
  9. Honorable Service Campaing

    Mission 2 final task, only can use tier VIII cruiser and in the wiki and ingame description said Tier VIII-X ships only. I have BB and DD tier VIII but cant use them.
  10. Day 1 to 7 reward

    Mmmm I think that WG make reference at the summatory of the items you win if you login all tha days and complete all the missions.
  11. Code for 1 Premium Day

    Thx very much, a question is there a limit date to activate it?
  12. I mean I ll have that amount of coal, 150000 aprox
  13. Hello, have aquired the Musashi in the go Navy event. Now Im reaching the coal for the Oktyabraskaya Revolutsiya. Is It a good deal?. I was making numbers and at december I ll have the coal necesary to buy another Musashi (will it be replaced at arcenal). May I wait? Thx in advance.