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  1. Ill try with torp boats.
  2. Feyevich

    Moskva becoming a premium ship

    Another question will be what will happen with the unique upgrade wich worth it in Moskva, so make me ask the new Moskva will have new features as special ship?
  3. Feyevich

    The Same Ship in Two Different Tech Trees

    Ahh dont forget Black ships. And HSF ones.
  4. Feyevich

    The Same Ship in Two Different Tech Trees

    I wold have liked that WG had chosen the ARA Gral Belgrano (CL-46 USS Phoenix) instead the ARA 9 de Julio, at least is a different ship (same class), and the first survivied to Pearl Harvor attack and was sunk in the Malvinas war. The second has an horrible story for a ship
  5. I have the same issue. Made a ticket and tech support said me that was my problem, that they havent any report. Try this external link
  6. Feyevich

    PSA: Direct access to your Dockyard.

    @iDuckman told you that I love you???? Thanks very much man!!!!
  7. Feyevich

    dockyard recompensation

    I have the same problem here, made a ticket and cant solve, if its individual.... how so many people have the same issue??? Thx to @iDuckman I can access with this external link.
  8. Hello @iDuckman have you got a link to Dockyard?
  9. Feyevich

    Can't access Armory!

    Having the same issue, cant acces to any external link.... Arsenal, inventory, caln page....and now dockyard.
  10. I opened 19 200 flags 20000 fxp 1800 dbs 2500 coal 24 camos
  11. Feyevich

    Servidor indisponível para o Brasil.

    Hola amigo do Brasil, traduzcan esto: Server maintenance was prolonged for 1 hour until 6:00 AM PT, notification was published on the Portal:https://worldofwarships.com/?utm_source=global-nav&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=wows-forum
  12. Feyevich

    Luigi and torp aceleration

    Thx very much for the replays. Ill use it.
  13. Hi, want to ask if worth it torp aceleration in Luigi build for Brindisi and Venezia. Thxs.
  14. PLS @Femennenly can you close this thread???? This is troll work.