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  1. asking for fairness is ridiculous?
  2. wow that brought a tear to my eye... if i could shake your hand i would .....thank you. - and as for the virus ...i have been working with my support team and found it was a javascript that their page was calling to a file on my system that then would forward to the infection, this only happened in chrome if i had the java turned on and when java was off it worked ok but no scroll bar - so im starting to think it was in the scrollbars java scripting somewhere. ... no other sites ever triggered it and many virus scans i did never saw the file as bad so i dont know if was the code from their side or what, but after clearing the cache in chrome it cleared it up.... again thank you to all that had input...as you can see this has been an issue for me and my clan. and all i was looking for is fairness..... thnx again
  3. thank you that is all i have trying to say this whole time... california usa...its legal....and i had/have cancer/lymphoma ..soooo....
  4. i have and they say "it been taken care of" and yet they still exist after weeks ...so nothing has been done... things like "main weed smugglers" or "i support cannabis" , "stoned temple pirates" ... all still there last i checked... or "sit, wait, talk, toke" or for alcohol they say is bad as well beer and titties beer and whisky ...you'll find about 20 variations of beer or whisky or so if you search... please anyone try it yourself and see how many names violate the terms... just an example....
  5. thank you to all who reply with ideas about what it could be... but in my 20 plus years of tech service the test lead to one thing.... as far as false flag... not...its actually auto downloading the googlefix.exe file and that is the virus...i see the eula screen a for a second then another screen saying google needs to be fixed and it starts downloading. i goto many pages a day for my work and never get tagged anywhere i go... i do have about 20 people a day attacking my ip address but all blocked by firewall... i goto the wargaming site legal pages and i get attacked by the googlefix.exe virus... i tested this on 3 different computers all with symantec corporate security and using 3 different scanners AFTER to make sure my systems are clean all is good here... just when i go to these sites on wargaming.net...it either redirectrs or itself is infected... but i have found it ONLY on their site...nowhere else. as a webmaster i have to remove attacks from sites now and then so i know that its possible for someone to inject code without the site admin knowing... and as a tech / troubleshooter... from the tests i have done lead to only one result... its got to be them...
  6. done did... im out... farwell... and when it happens to you... well...yea.... again this was all just a warning... even the link they sent me here is bad. and if you click on it it opens to a googlefix virus.
  7. problem is we have had the dead time stoners clan name for many years on many other systems... with no issue... and had it here for almost a year with no issue... must be some crybaby wanted to get back at us somehow and this was the only way but to the point of reporting other names in offence ... they say they took care of them as well but they still exist.. so their not doing crap. and as for the virus... i have security on my system enough to catch the bad stuff... and this is the ONLY website that i have ever gotten this virus pop up tested it on 3 different computers to make sure... and yes its their site... look up googlefix.exe virus and its not millennial crap either im a 48 year old man with cancer and have been singled out and discriminated against for some reason... all these other names are still allowed but mine was so offensive? wth
  8. after losing our clan name to "rule violations" i see there are many others that have the same violations but are not being renamed as we were forced to do... no drugs or alcohol references.... but there are over a hundred that violate still. we were the dead time stoners.... as i among others smoke to relieve cancer sickness and more. but they allow names like "main weed smugglers" and "stoned temple pirates" or "beer and whisky" or "titties and beer" all of which are worse than ours was. AND AS A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC THIS IS OFFENSIVE!!! then after looking to the wargaming wiki, EULA, and terms of service... ALL OF THEM WERE TRYING TO INFECT MY COMPUTER WITH THE "GOOGLEFIX.EXE" VIRUS. if anyone else reads this before they get infected, affected, or effected by them i hope they stay as far away from this game as possible. as it punishes the innocent and lets the violators walk free because they spend money.
  9. Are you looking for a clan that has no rules about when to play or how often you play or even how you play...? check out -DTS- "Dead Time Stoners" we got voice but dont require you to use. no requirements at all except please be at least 18 and friendly to other members...and yes we allow non smokers. we will do clan battles if we have enough on that want to ...otherwise just basic killing. we are always happy to help do an operation or just answer questions for the new people. so get all the benefits of a clan without the worries of being dropped for not playing.