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  1. chirpy96

    Torpedo Mechanics are Broken

    I have to agree with you. Torpedoes are definitely broken, one time I was truing to dodge a torpedo in my Tirpitz, and it was probably 0.5km away from my side, well guess what? The darn torpedo still hit!
  2. chirpy96

    New Payment Method

    Hmm, alright. I was looking for a ship, but I’ll still probably get premium as that always helps! Thank you!
  3. Hey, I don't know if I should just submit a ticket for this or not. So, I was hoping wargaming could add a paygarden option for World of Warships, because I see they have a paygarden option for World of Tanks. I have a gift card that I really would like to use and can't find anything to use it on.