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  1. MWSVette1

    Coop only players, what's your reasoning?

    In short. No snark...
  2. MWSVette1

    The value of a cap

    I have found a cap can be as valuable as sinking a bote. Always take the cap. I never understand when hooman players leave the cap with just a couple seconds before capture. Just slow down for a second, get the cap and punch it....
  3. MWSVette1

    Georgia just dropped in a Super Container

    Fun bote to drive. Nothing like t-boning a sub at almost 40 knots....
  4. Just hit 5,000 in the Haru... What is yours?
  5. MWSVette1

    Dropped Torpedos too close

    I only fire at close range and yes they need at least .5k to arm. Close range vastly improves your torpedo hit ratio. In my Japanese gun botes I average 49%.
  6. MWSVette1

    Famous World of Warships movie quotes

    This business will get out of control, it will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it.... Hunt for Red October Fred Thompson
  7. MWSVette1

    US BB Event Part 1 Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I finished. The Kansas Sucks....
  8. Knocked out 3 of 5 today. Will finish at least 2 more tomorrow to move on to the "Hall of Fame"...
  9. MWSVette1

    I'm Out...

    My father would have said "And do not let it hit you in butt on the way out....."
  10. MWSVette1

    Super Bots skills

    They do not really evade all that well, My torps hit them 56% of the time...
  11. MWSVette1

    Serious submarine exploit

    It is no more an exploit than a DD hanging in smoke til the opposing bote get just short of the 2k assured spotting distance and firing your torps point blank....
  12. MWSVette1

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    As a "Fleet in Being" the Tirpitz tied up a significant RN force until late 1944. Not bad for a BB just parked in fjord...
  13. MWSVette1

    Torpedoes and BOTS, old story, but why?

    While my evidence is only anecdotal, I have noticed the same thing recently. It seems to be a relatively new turn of events, they did not used to do this....
  14. MWSVette1

    Interesting Lineups

    For me it is the 3 Japanese gunbote DD's. Even after the HE nerf, I still set a fire with the first salvo almost everytime. If it is a DD or Cruiser I start a 5 second countdown and as soon as the damage controls ends. I light them up again. Great fun...
  15. MWSVette1

    Torpedoes and BOTS, old story, but why?

    Contrary to popular belief bots suck at evading torpedoes...