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  1. MWSVette1

    I'm Out...

    My father would have said "And do not let it hit you in butt on the way out....."
  2. MWSVette1

    Serious submarine exploit

    It is no more an exploit than a DD hanging in smoke til the opposing bote get just short of the 2k assured spotting distance and firing your torps point blank....
  3. MWSVette1

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    As a "Fleet in Being" the Tirpitz tied up a significant RN force until late 1944. Not bad for a BB just parked in fjord...
  4. This is not golf. You do not just get to yell fore and no longer be responsible for your ordinance....
  5. MWSVette1

    Kill stealing???

    What people don't understand, 90% damage to a DD without the kill is worth just as much a 20% damage to a BB and a sink ribbon...
  6. MWSVette1

    Pink Forgiveness Idea

    Yep, Happens to all of us. But accidental splash damage is one thing. Taking no responsibility for their torpedo's is another. When you have someone in a T10 bote launching torpedo's from 8km away into a cap with two teammates between him and the target, that can be irritating. They should know better...
  7. MWSVette1

    Winners of the Huanghe 1000 fiesta!

    When you find that bote that suits you....
  8. MWSVette1

    LWM Smolensk Review is up.

    And now you come to the forum to complain instead....
  9. MWSVette1

    Best destroyer?

    Finish the T7 and get the Akizuki and the will, will return. The rest of the line does not feel like a grind. The Akizuki, Kitkaze and the Harugumo are nothing but fun to play. Their machine gun like firing main guns are great. I have 19pt commanders in all 3....
  10. MWSVette1

    Best destroyer?

  11. MWSVette1

    Coop change is not quite enough

    No, you won't.....
  12. MWSVette1

    Best destroyer?

    For me, DD Gunbote - Harugumo DD Torpedo Bote - Shimakaze
  13. MWSVette1

    Who have you seen in game

    Had very enjoyable battles with @mikemet then @Mikebello, thanks guys. And then a battle with @dEsTurbed1…..
  14. That creeping smoke is what is fun with both the Perth and the Huanghe…..