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  1. MWSVette1

    Farewell my friends (PVE Thread)

    Wish you would stay and continue to post, but fully understand if you do not. Look forward to seeing you and wish you good fortune in the battles to come...
  2. MWSVette1

    Akizuki vs Kitakaze

    The Aki is my best scoring bote for Base EXP bar none. Haru comes in second Kita third...
  3. MWSVette1

    Forget the Subs - CV's are far more OP'd.

    "CV attacks are impossible to stop." That is exactly what the captain of the Yamamoto said....
  4. MWSVette1

    Bots Come After Me From Across the Map...

    You are very popular....
  5. MWSVette1

    Need Citadels? (PVE Thread)

    My go-to bote for citadels is the Moskva. Had a battle with 24. For me it is a citadel monster...
  6. MWSVette1

    What ships do you fear in Co-Op?

    I have had to change my CV strategy. I used to let the AA guns begin to fire as soon as the planes were in range. Would set priority sector and turn into the planes keeping broadside to maximize AA fire. Generally shot down most of the squadron and still be able to dodge incoming fire from the reds. My new strategy is to turn off the AA guns until spotted by the planes (within 3 km not 6km). The bot planes do not seem to have as much time on target. This is not as effective as the old strategy, but I am not losing 25% of my HPs on the first strafing run...
  7. MWSVette1

    What ships do you fear in Co-Op?

    As a DD main I do not fear any bote, but I do have a healthy respect for any torpedo BB's and cruisers...
  8. Only reason I want this ship is it gives me a T8 headstart to the T10. When I get the T8 I will research the T9 and T10 with FXP. And then probably only take them out for snowflakes... Lol....
  9. MWSVette1

    Who have you seen in game

    Early am. Best time to play...
  10. MWSVette1

    Back from a WeeGee sabbatical, ship question...

    Regardless of class, to be successful in Coop these days you fast ships that have a high rate of fire. In others words do not expect great scores in a Vermont for instance...
  11. MWSVette1

    Favorite ships for collecting ribbons

    DD - Aki,Kita and Haru. Cruiser - Smolly and Mino. For cits Moskva BB - Georgia
  12. MWSVette1

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    The point is they are not just better, they are a lot better. I never get sunk by CV's either but I also hardly ever even got hit. A little shuck and jive move and other than them spotting you for the surface ships they were no threat. They are now a credible threat. A salvo of rockets can take out about 25% of a DD's hit points...
  13. MWSVette1

    Community Tokens & Leningrad

    What DLC? Just pull up the WOWs site and read the blog...
  14. MWSVette1

    Bot AI / Pathing

    Bots cannot drive....
  15. The operative word was cruiser. Not Battleship....