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  1. MWSVette1

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    Must be coal day, I got the same, 15k in coal, in a "SuperContainer" for my first crate of the day today. Congrats....
  2. MWSVette1

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    In a Bismarck, its all about the secondaries...
  3. When I started playing, I started with Cruisers, then BB's and finally DD's. I found DD's to be the most fun and the class I do best in. What is your best and class?
  4. That should be 14 daily missions. It started on the first....
  5. MWSVette1

    Why even play T10?

    As mentioned above, Savage ships do not accurately reflect cost of their tech tree T10 counterparts. To be profitable in T10 I find you must have a perma-camo for the ship. The 50% reduction in cost makes all the difference. I play primarily T10 in co-op and average 100k - 150k profit per battle. The reason WG has the economics at T10 as they are is to promote sales of the T10 camos....
  6. 466 and counting….
  7. MWSVette1

    Savage Sinking - 1st - 8th

    From this morning,
  8. Still no patch to download in Steam for 8.5.1.
  9. MWSVette1

    8.5.1 Update notes?

    I use Steam and there has yet to be a download for 8.5.1.
  10. MWSVette1

    Update - Ranked Sprint Fix & More

    On Steam and have not received the download for 8.5.1.
  11. USS Constitution...
  12. MWSVette1

    WOW STEAM Summer sale on premium ships

    Just bought an Indy, Haida and Huanghe all for about $26.00...
  13. MWSVette1

    Had a Wonderful Time!!

    927 battles over 2 months with 909 wins. I can live with that...
  14. MWSVette1

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    It took me months of play to get my 1st 19pt. With over 7,000 battles, now I have a dozen, 5 are legendary. I try to at least play each 19pt, each day for the 50% bonus on the first win. The Elite Commander XP builds very quickly.