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  1. MWSVette1

    The Last stage of Prinz Eitel Friedrich event

    Four nations down, two to go...
  2. MWSVette1

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    RIP George H. W. Bush 41 A class act... CAVU
  3. MWSVette1

    Which ship is your most fun?

    It is a very situational bote, but the Asashio can be a blast.
  4. MWSVette1

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Review #3: Fourbees

    Love the Asashio, she is a ton of fun. The only thing that would make it better would be if the Deep Water torpedoes to hit cruisers too. Like the Pan-Asian ones...
  5. Bought 8 crates, 80 Lurker Camo 3750 doubloons 14 days premium Not unhappy but would have liked at least 1 ship... Could not help myself. Bought 2 more hoping for a MassB, 20 Lurker Camo 35,000 FXP Bummer still want a MassB...
  6. MWSVette1

    Topside Tuesday - Best Looking Ship

    The Atago is one very good looking bote. Sadly that is her best quality...
  7. MWSVette1

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    Yes please, 12 v 12 in Co-op would be great. Played my first 2000 battles in Co-op before starting randoms. What like I like about Co-op is the banter in chat is far less toxic and snarky.
  8. MWSVette1

    Sovereigns: Is it still possible to get more?

    I have a bunch of left over Guineas. It would be great if we could convert them to Sovereigns….
  9. No you are right, more battles do not make you more intelligent but they would make you more experienced. And since this is a skill game and not a brain teaser, experience counts considerably more. In my long life I have found that the most intelligent people will at least listen to those who have more experience. It would appear that you would not be one of those people... Good luck tilting at windmills....
  10. For someone with only 448 battles you seem quite sure of your opinions and yet are willing to completely disregard the opinion of folks with thousands of battles...
  11. MWSVette1

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    Let me start this with saying compared to so many of you in this game, I am a potato... I started game by playing Co-op and did fairly well. Played 1750 games and tried randoms. Huge difference in playing humans versus bots. In the 90+ percentage WR in Co-op only 45% in random. Started in cruisers, then BB's, now I have been playing mostly DD's. I actually enjoy them most in random, even if I am not very good. It seems to me, that the job of the DD is to first spot, second cap, third do as much damage to the reds as possible. All while trying not to die. But if I do die I am not that hung up about it. Generally I am happy if I do not die in the first 2 or 3 minutes, spot 6 or more reds and do more damage in HP than the ship I am driving. If I can do all that and not die. I consider it a bonus. My primary goal is always a win for the team, as long as the team wins, if I am sunk doing all of the above that is fine with me. If not than I have not fulfilled the role of a DD as I see it. Do I have the role of the destroyer wrong?
  12. MWSVette1

    Icarus/mid tier UK DDs are AWFUL

    I doubt he "let" me kill him. As he was not sitting still. He was moving at flank speed in open water. He did not even knew I was there. I do not think he expected the torpedoes to hit him one at a time and then one after another. Or that there was even more than one headed right for him. After the third or forth one he began to turn but it was too late. He stopped the flooding after the first one. By the last two his damage control ended and he flooded.
  13. MWSVette1

    Icarus/mid tier UK DDs are AWFUL

    Love the single torpedo drop on the Jervis. Launched a line of 10 torps one after another about 5 seconds apart. 6 hits one after another into a Bismarck. He never saw it coming. Bye bye Bismarck...
  14. Got a free Perth and 10pt captain yesterday. Big fan of Super Containers today. p.s. Have also gotten 100 AA flags now twice. Not nearly as exciting...
  15. My Sims has a launcher and 2 racks of depth charges on back ready to go....