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  1. HuskerBill

    Strike Passes

    Checked Armory but did not see anywhere where U selected any battle to use the strike passes. Where is the Battleship minigame? Just saw this posted: Warship Strike is currently unavailable
  2. HuskerBill

    Recommended Ships for Coal?

    Salem is pure awesome. Have it and love it!
  3. HuskerBill

    New Code

    How do you activate the treasury map contest?
  4. HuskerBill

    PSA: Hampshire Web Campaign Info Is Up

    Correct! Can we complete the task, ONLY ONCE, or can we do both sides?
  5. HuskerBill

    PSA: Hampshire Web Campaign Info Is Up

    Logged out and back in. Went to web page and armory and see nothing that will allow me to play the other side. Any help appreciated.
  6. HuskerBill

    PSA: Hampshire Web Campaign Info Is Up

    Completed the first Hampshire "navigator" set of missions. Can you do the other set and if so how as I haven't seen an option?
  7. HuskerBill

    PSA: Hampshire Web Campaign Info Is Up

    What is the time delay between the stages. Just finished the "London" stage and trying to go to the "New World" stage?
  8. Absolutely agree. Played one game, just to see if it counted for anything. Doesn't toward daily, directive, combat or even campaign (unless you're playing a specific ship). Sad, because I enjoyed playing it but unfortunately not worth it!
  9. Any update on what's going to be in the next patch?
  10. The one gun that sinks the other guy before he sinks YOU!
  11. HuskerBill

    Neustrashimy torp reload

    Rate of Fire (shots/min) Torpedo Tubes Reload Time (sec) 180° Turn Time (sec) Maximum Damage (HP) Torpedo Speed (knot) Torpedo Range (km) Research price (exp) Purchase price () 53-51 0.5 125 7.2 17,933 65 10
  12. HuskerBill

    Amazon Prime gaming drops finished ?

    Has anyone got their July Amazon prime drop? If so, what did you get?
  13. HuskerBill

    Superships and auction

    I did 175 mil for the Edgar and 150 mil for the Patrie.....lost both
  14. HuskerBill

    WOWS anniversary

    When does WOWS celebrate it's 8th anniversary?
  15. HuskerBill

    The so called "matchmaker"

    Isn't it amazing that no ever complains about MM when they WIN!