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  1. And I said "if you renamed your replay or moved it to a directory that has a space in its path", renaming works fine, just no space anywhere or the game just gets stuck.
  2. Something that should be noted in the main post is that the game does not know how to handle whitespace for replays, so if you renamed your replay or moved it to a directory that has a space in its path the game will not be able to open it and it will take you to login.
  3. This source of damage over time that slowly kills my battleship is overpower and it should be nerfed, now excuse me while I sink some cruisers in a single salvo from full HP with my overmatch.
  4. Ravtec235

    Ramming in 1v1

    The team with the highest points wins if both if you die.
  5. Ravtec235

    Trento in OPs?

    I had some decent runs in Killer whale with her, do note that SAP does NOT deal damage to the forts, you must use AP.
  6. Ravtec235

    done paying for bias

    Players that have not spent any money in the game get some rentals every now and then.
  7. Ravtec235

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    There's a couple issues with anime voices (currently only tested in HSF_Misaki_Akeno), the gun firing voiceline triggers in every single salvo, which quickly gets annoying with fast-firing ships, also, the voiceline for landing a torpedo hit triggers for any torpedo hit caused by your team, so if a team mate lands torpedos you get the notification, it happens if a carrier does land torpedos as well.
  8. Ravtec235

    Can we please fix the Chat Server?

    I had this issue for a while and it was pretty annoying, but using the check and repair in the WGC fixed it for the most part, it still happens every now and then, but not as often and it's usually fixed after restarting the game.
  9. Ravtec235

    Kitakaze and Harugumo Upgrade Torps

    Not for the IJN gunboats, the torpedos are just a complement to your toolset and not worth investing captain skills. It could be an inbetween F3s and 12km for Shima though.
  10. Ravtec235


    double post?