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  1. Ravtec235

    Ship Coupons for Coal/Steel Ships?

    You have a coupon for each section.
  2. Ravtec235

    What's your birthday wish? - 16th - 22nd

    A couple months ago before the shipstorm tournament there was this twitch mission to get a 3 day rental Haida, I had my eye on her before and this allowed me to finally play her before purchasing her, I was pretty excited to play her and she quickly became one of my favourite ships in the game. I remember just experimenting things with the creeping smoke and even getting a cap by reversing right in the face of the enemy and getting away with it, definitively one of the most fun experiences I've had in the game. My wish would be the Admiral's Bounty, if that's not allowed then the Unsinkable Sam: Cossack bundle.
  3. Ravtec235

    DD concealment needs a nerf

    If you take into account that distances are warped in the game making everything be closer then DD concealment isn't that far from reality.
  4. Ravtec235

    Revenge of Summer - Sept 9 - 16th

    Edit: Got a better one
  5. Ravtec235

    Hatsuharu vs. Fubuki

    The line split between gunboat and torpedoboat doesn't start until tier 8, before that they all are the same kind of torpedoboats. Now, between Fubuki and Hatsuharu the main differences are: Fubuki has 1 more torpedo launcher Fubuki has more HP Hatsuharu has better speed and manouverability Hatsuharu has better concealment (best of the tier) Hatsuharu has better AA? (I haven't checked since the last AA changes) Aside of that, the torpedos and the guns are the same, but Hatsuharu has sliiiiiiightly better gun reload, it's not big enough to make a huge difference but it's there, however, the extra torpedo launcher in Fubuki proves more power and versatility with the torpedos.
  6. AA tracers and the sounds are nice, but every time there's a lot of it around it just starts slowing down the game for me, sound starts getting choppy and the fps drops a lot to the point that it's hard to keep playing during that short period of time, a setting or something to remove them for low-end computers would be nice.
  7. I would love to have Haida
  8. I'm talking about the container, not the flags and other things, the container so far has been always given once the update goes live, that has been the case for the previous PTS sessions.
  9. Well, the update is out and I did not get my container despite clearing the conditions for the Mission @Kami @Femennenly
  10. Ravtec235

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    The Main Mission is still stuck at 9/10, being impossible to clear as all other "Missions" quests have been cleared @Kami @Femennenly Can you guys take a look at this? We don't want round 3 to end and this still be uncleared without our rewards.
  11. Mission still stuck at 9/10 with no other "Missions" to clear
  12. It only seems to happen in round 2, if you finished the Main Mission in round 1 then you aren't affected.
  13. It's not possible to complete, he only has 3 combat missions and none of them are of the "Mission One/Two" kind, he completed all the missions that are relevant for the Main Mission, but the Main Mission wasn't cleared.