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  1. turbo07

    Intermittent disconnects

    It may be some local issue as well. I would recommend you to submit a ticket with WGCheck report done (in the "Check settings" field select "Add game to the firewall exceptions" and "Extended Network Diagnostics") and attached. Make some descriptions about certain time the issues take place. If you have a error message, please attach it either. Write also the type of the connection and the model of your router.
  2. turbo07

    So what's up with the chat bans lately??

    You have a number of violative words in the chat, and a number of reports either. (R) part means you were banned by the system (it's neither ingame report system, nor our Support): I haven't seen issues with it. The system has been working well from the very beginning. If you want to see the reasons of your chat ban - please submit a ticket and you'll receive all your violative logs. Most of our players aren't toxic and don't support violative behaviour. Please change yours for the better one to avoid future restrictions. Locked.
  3. turbo07

    Help understanding abrupt D/Cs

    Before contacting the support please create WGCheck report with extended network diagnostics switch on, it will increase the speed of investigation of the issue. Attach the report to your ticket and also specify the model of your router and type of the connection.
  4. turbo07

    Automatic Chat Bans

    I'm sorry to say that, but it's not about the system. You had some bans before and you still have rare violations in the chat. I see, please go even more kind with your teammates. And there will be no reason for such topics. The system is not so easy to abuse as were written (of course if there is no any violative behaviour in the chat). We have a small number of tickets where players are banned incorrectly. Such bans are deleted with excuses from the support. We are really sorry for such situations. The very first thing is to submit a ticket and ask support for help. But if you try to delete current ban the answer would be negative. You may submit a ticket and see all (the ammount is small, but still you have some) your violative logs there. It also means that the system still works correctly most of the time. I've seen only one topic this year where the ban wasn't well deserved. Locked.
  5. turbo07

    In game name tags.

    That's true. We don't have possibility to have separate nicknames on the same account. And there is no plans at the moment to change this situation. Thank you for reply. Locked.
  6. turbo07

    Tier 8 MM needs to be fixed.

    Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for that at the moment. It's not easy to change as one may think. Depends on many factors. Currently at night or in the morning if there are more 10 Tier ships in the queue than 8-6 Tier there is simply not enough space for "maneuver". We are aware of this and the situation would have been even worse if we hadn't implemented some changes in the previous updates. We do care and work on the MM to make 8 Tier balance more comfortable.
  7. turbo07

    Tirpitz B camo

    Have you tried this? I see it on the account, so you need to check it with your filter in the port.
  8. turbo07

    0.8.0 Postponed

    We don't expect any additional extra weeks to appear after this one. So try to make everything possible with this time.
  9. turbo07

    0.8.0 Postponed

    Yes, to confirm my previous answer - Musashi/Kronshtadt will be available until 0.8.0. What will happen to the activities rolled out in version 0.7.12? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/080-postponed-announcement/
  10. turbo07

    0.8.0 Postponed

    Yes you are right, not earlier than 0.8.0 reliesed. But I can't say more at the moment.
  11. turbo07

    Thanks Support Team

    Thank for your feedback. Appreciate that much and I'll try to transfer your gratitude. We are always glad to help. Locked.
  12. turbo07

    0.8.0 Postponed

    It will be added when it is ready for that. Maybe more patience will be needed than to wait for the Update 0.8.0. Can't say at the moment. We'll see all the info in the patch note.
  13. turbo07

    0.8.0 Postponed

    Similar topics have been merged to the first one, sorry for inconveniences.
  14. Thank for the answers. I'd like to add , that the Update 0.8.0 was postponed: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/080-postponed-announcement/ It will be released one week later - on January 30 and 31, depending on the server.
  15. turbo07

    Chat suspension

    Sorry for your situation in the battles. I see. But there is no need to blame others. You were playing together and had chances to negotiate and plan your actions. You received the ban by complaints from the team you offended. And the first ban ever on the account. It's not bad for your ammout of battles. If you want to know the reasons - please submit a ticket. You'll receive your violative logs. Go easy with your comments, please. Violative behavior deserves punishment always due to its non constructiveness and redundancy. We come to play, to have a good time, and not to see any obscenities. Anything may be said in a constructive and positive way. And with more chances to be heard. I need to lock this topic. It's not allowed by our Forum Rules to discuss penalties.