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  1. You may send them to my PM aswell. And I'll forward them to Vessery directly. Thanks for you feedback and activity.
  2. turbo07

    It's Comeback Time!

    UPD: Thank you for the alarm, fixed currently.
  3. turbo07

    Another update - so naturally GameCenter doesn't work

    Thank you for your reports. We are aware of the situation. I hope it will be fixed soon.
  4. turbo07

    Clan Tab BROKEN!

    I would recommend to try to add the game to the exceptions of your antivirus and firewall at first. Plus also you may try to "check and repair" in settings in the WGC.
  5. turbo07

    Another update - so naturally GameCenter doesn't work

    Did you use any recommendations from the topic?
  6. Thanks you all for providing this info here, but please do not get personal. It's forbidden and the posts will be hidden because of our Forum Guidelines. The topic was moved here for the same reason. We always face more rule violations in such topics than a number of bots in the game. None of players may have 100% evidence about such kind of violators in the game. Please take this patiently. The reason of such visible behavior may differ greatly. Even if player don't answer others he may be blamed as a bot. So the issue is always taken more biased than actually it is. We are aware of this kind of unsportsmanlike conduct and we do care about it. We investigate all the info from the tickets, from report system (please don't hesitate to put reports in the game, it helps to collect some stats) and from our internal system and with all this we have some violations banned. But we never answer in the tickets about measures because it's forbidden by our guidelines. I'll repeat, it means that we do care and we deal with the problem on a regular basis. Thank you for making it visible from your side and for your reports and feedback. As other violations the evidence is highly likely to be provided via tickets with all info you have. Then it will be sent to the responsible developer and actions will be taken only after further investigations. This may work if you have reliable evidence. Not like a pair of battles where player may experience some connection issues eg. Even I may be considered as a bot then.
  7. turbo07

    Another update - so naturally GameCenter doesn't work

    Regardless, I should ask you to create WGCheck report attached to the ticket with your notes and send it to our Support. Please just try this before searching for the old launcher. Because it's not supported any more and it only could be a very temporary measure.
  8. turbo07

    Loading in late

    Thanks for trying this in Co-op battles. I would recommend to try these options first: to close all unnecessary applications before the start of the game delete modifications if you have any (you may also start game in a "Safe mode", check this with the right edge of "Play" button in WGCenter) "check and repair" client via WGC >> Game Settings (This topic may be helpful with the first two points) delete your preferences.xml file in the game folder and set everything manually again with the next game launch choose another graphic settings and check the result And only if nothing works, then to create a WGCheck report and send it to our Support in the ticket with some notes. We'll investigate what is the reason.
  9. turbo07

    Another update - so naturally GameCenter doesn't work

    Did you try to reinstall it? It may also require turning off your antivirus/firewall or better adding WGC to it's exceptions. If restart of WGC doesn't work sometimes, please submit a ticket with logs of the Game Center (when it starts, of course) attached: We'll try to investigate the issue.
  10. turbo07

    steering bug

    Thanks for the reminder. We are aware of the bug and ready to fix it within next major update. Details may be found in the announcement here:
  11. turbo07

    Why Complain about Mission/Event Completion Requirements

    The topic will be moved to the off-topic section and locked due to non-constructiveness and personal attacks in the comments and for being posted in wrong section from the beginning. Thanks for your replies and understanding.
  12. turbo07

    Apparently WG Has made a Recent Switch

    Last necroposting was hidden and topic was locked to protect our time from reading all the non-constructive posts and personal attacks. This time without warnings. Thanks for understanding.
  13. turbo07

    My ticket is on hold for 2 weeks!

    Sorry for the situation occur. I've found your ticket and I'll try to find the reasons and raise this question once again. UPD: I guess it will be answered soon. Thank you for reply. And don't hesitate to contact me in PM if you have additional questions.
  14. turbo07

    Five Valiant Naval Heroes

    I see your point, please, don't blame us in such a way. Partially everyone may agree with you, because it's a history and there are always too many points to be highlighted. But this was not our task, especially since some of the points you mentioned would be against our own rules. Everyone may find the historical context and become familiar with it on his own, if there is an interest, I hope. And there are some topics even controversial that can't be discussed here because of our EULA. But there are historical forums where such discussions are not limited. Thanks for your feedback. If you have additional questions please don't hesitate to contact me or anyone from our team in PM.
  15. turbo07

    unable to connect to content service

    I can recommend these options to try: 1) At first to temporarily turn off any antivirus or firewall if you use any and then check the result. 2) If it doesn't work, try to perform a clean boot in Windows: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows Start the download process and check for the issue again. 3) If the issue still persist, you'll need to submit a ticket with some info attached (logs of the Game Center) (Plus make some notes or copy link to this topic): And our Support colleagues will investigate the reasons of this issue and try to help you. Thank you for your reply.