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  1. Thank you for response. All the topics you described are watched and included to our feedback, in some we have enough posts providing right point of view not to respond with repeating the same. Some may violate our Forum Guidelines as this one does. If you have any concerns about moderation or locking topics please contact via PM @Radar_X, @Femennenly and/or @iKami. Thank you for understanding. I need to lock this one. Sorry, but as you may see, such topics also create ground for Rule violations and need to be locked sooner or later.
  2. turbo07

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Topic went really non-constructive in the end. And I have to lock it. Some violative posts, trolling and inappropriate conclusions were hidden to prevent future moderation. Thank you for your feedback. Locked.
  3. turbo07

    pay problem T_T

    I see. We may have a solution, but you'll need to submit a ticket here. Thank you for reply. Contact me via PM if you have additional questions. Locked.
  4. turbo07


    Thank you for reply. We've checked. You've got all rewards from Daily Shipments except the last one (1x Air Supply container). Rewards were available from February 28 till March 14, so there is no possibility to get them anymore.
  5. turbo07

    Exeter part 3 glitch?

    Looks like a visual bug, but I don't see it in our list. Does restart help with fixing it? If no, I would like to ask you to report this bug via ticket with WGCheck done and attached. Copy all info from the topic also. We'll investigate the reasons to fix it in the future updates.
  6. turbo07

    Disconnect from game is server in repair?

    We always try to notify about any maintenance in advance. I didn't see any yesterday. It may be some local network issue as well. Thanks for your reports. Inform here if the issue is still actual.
  7. turbo07

    mystery rental

    I checked, the wasn't any money involved in this process. It's a rental ship that was given for a 7 days period for returning in the game. And you can either use it or not. It was credited to the account on the 19 of March. So I guess there is no need to ask for any refund. If you have additional questions - please contact me via PM, or submit a ticket to our Support.
  8. turbo07

    The automated team damage system. I went pink?

    I can't agree with you on these points.You still have chance to dodge your teammates. Or to be a little bit more careful next time. The system works rather well, it's not the ideal one of course. But it deals with 99.9% of such cases really well. It's really hard to go pink without a number of battles with some teamdamage. And all you get for random collisions is pink color. The system is designed in such a way to protect most of the players from intentional teammates attacks. And to place violators in Co-op battles. You've recieved only a warning, if you are careful it will cost you a pair of battles to remove warning. We don't have possibility to investigate every accident. So please don't take it in such a negative way. I need to lock the topic due to a number of non-constructive posts. We have such discussions from time to time and we really care. Thank you all for your feedback, if we see that the system needs some improvements we'll do them for sure in the future. You may PM me about the topic if you have additional questions.
  9. turbo07

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    Now it's working. I see. I've checked our bug list. I think you are lucky enough to see these coincidences in the game. Some mods really may cause issues, so it's a standart way to start investigation. There is no need to take it in a negative way, because starting game in a safe mode, if you use mods, mostly fix issue. Not bad advice.
  10. turbo07

    suicide stole a kill but how ?

    We don't have similar bugs, so I guess this is right point of view: To investigate the situation we need to see replay and afterbattle stats may help as well.
  11. turbo07

    Hey, may i know what is happening?

    Sorry for inconviniencies you're experiencing, but there is no possibility to create two different accounts under same email. It must be different emails for sure.
  12. turbo07

    Racial Slurs in Chat

    You've done right with reporting him. But if you do it via ticket with screenshots attached the impact would be even stronger for violator. It's impossible to make any conclussions without data on the big period of time. So, nobody can predict why and when player became toxic during certain session. My colleagues in the Support check all players bans before implementing restriction, so usually the next hard violation is punished with a longer ban. Sorry, I have to lock this due to a very sensitive topic and because such discussions are not supported by our Forum Guidelines. Thanks, this is the best way if violation can't be left without punishment.
  13. turbo07

    Could really use some help and understanding

    Sorry to hear about such situation. I can't help you with restriction. It's not about getting a chance. The rules are created for everyone. Using forbidden mods is one of the most serious violation in the game for many reasons. Our Forum Guidelines don't support such topics also. So the only way is to submit another one ticket and place all reliable information there. If the responce is the same then you may only start new account to continue playing. Locked.
  14. Perhaps it's something wrong with functionality, because I see new posts on the forum. And even within this topic the number must be higher than currently shown.
  15. turbo07

    Why do people Tier X bot?

    Please if you have any evidence about bot programs which may be used in the game - provide this information via PM to me or anybody from our Community Department. Or you may send it via ticket to Support. At the moment there is no any proven case of bot programs usage in our project. Please feel free to contact us via PM on this topic. Because such open discussions of violative behavior are not supported by our Forum Guidelines.