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  1. Thank you for your feedback about this. And generally it works so, but not in the situation when such discussions begin with bad language and blaming. That also causes spreading all kind of forum violations further with reports from players and personal attacks. We all need to provide some civil atmosphere here, because the most of our players don't use swear words. This should work by default just for communication to be efficient.
  2. turbo07

    Update 0.9.0 - Feedback

    Reasons may differ, just before sending ticket to our support I would recommend to check these options: This highly likely help with most standard issues. Thank you for report.
  3. turbo07

    Geforce NOW automatically chooses server

    I don't see the issue among our bugs. How does it look like, could you please provide some additional info about it? What have you tried by now? Did you try to enter Game Setting in the WGC and to try to install additional game instance?
  4. turbo07

    Game crash

    Here is the list to check first when you face any non-critical issue with game client: If nothing helps I would recommend to submit a ticket to our Support with WGCheck Report and some notes attached. Thank you for your report.
  5. turbo07

    Server temporarily unavailable

    We had some login issues yesterday. Is the issue still actual? I don't see any maintenance that could cause this.
  6. turbo07

    How are teams decided MM?

    I see. I also sometimes have a losing streak. Sometimes WR is under 45% and no efforts help. I guess most of players have this from time to time. It depends on a number of reasons. Sometimes you may be simply tired, and it may be better to have some rest and to watch anything. I can see you are trying to play on Bismark, it's not a bad ship, but it's also not easy to use espesially when you have tier X battles. I would recommend to search for some good WoWS replays and reviews to have some additional good examples of tacktics and specs for modernisations and commander skills that may work on the most maps. It will help to icrease your WR better than any random good players can do in your random teams. Also, one more way is to ask for a div with a player who knows the tactics on the ship and may give you a couple of advice in the battle.
  7. turbo07

    How are teams decided MM?

    Let's stop spreading this non-constructivenes further. Win rate is not included in the MM Rules, never was, actually. Here is the Rules (https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics_(WoWS)) which work and there is nothing tricky behind them. You may, and you won't be the first, and highly likely the last also. You won't be banned if you don't break rules. We don't use any tricky mechanicks because there are many players who estimate the numbers carefully. And if it were so, it would have been discovered already. And of course it would bring extremely negative consequence for all of our projects. We greatly appreciate this activity of players who like to investiagate details also, because sometimes, as I can remember it helped us to fix some bugs. But I'll tell you once again, benefit of using any kind of hidden mechanics never justifies the risk. So we simply don't use them.
  8. turbo07

    PTS rewards

    Thank you for quick reports. We have checked everything additionally. Conditions for the first part were not fulfilled. As I can see them here: "Earn 8,000 base XP in Random Battles playing cruisers, destroyers, or aircraft carriers."
  9. turbo07

    285 ships. It takes 75 seconds to authorize and login.

    I still don't see any ticket from you after the Update. Please check if the issue is still actual. Here is the list to check first when you face any non-critical issue with game client: If nothing helps I would recommend to submit a ticket to our Support with WGCheck Report and some notes attached. Thank you for your report.
  10. turbo07

    is it possible to undo research bureu line resets

    Thanks for submitting the ticket, you've done everything right. I can see that your issue was successfully fixed already. Just a couple of minutes ago. Don't hesitate to report your issues here or to our Support. Thanks for your reply.
  11. turbo07

    Directives/Missions Deleted?

    Similar topics were merged just to have all feedback in one. Thank you all for your reports. This will be directed to the dev.team. Sorry for such inconvenience.
  12. turbo07

    Help Game Center!

    Sorry for long response, here you may find all the links - https://steamcommunity.com/app/552990/discussions/0/1486613649680813328/
  13. turbo07

    Teamkill epidemic? It's not rare, that's for sure.

    If there is 100% evidence we don't tolerate such moments. We also check if player already received bans for TK, then bans become harsher up to permanent. Our system does well and prevent most of such moments. We also do not ignore intentional harsh violations that may somehow not handled strong by our system. If you have such replays, please send them to the support for investigation because it's forbidden to post here such replays due to our Forum Guidelines.
  14. turbo07

    Henry John Kaiser boost

    Thank you for the right answer. Here is the notification on the Portal: The whole article is here https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/
  15. turbo07

    Help Game Center!

    Please ask our Steam Support for help if you play the Game from Steam.