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  1. Aephx

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    @Pigeon_of_War, are there any plans in the future for some modern naval ships to either be added, or perhaps a separate modern naval warfare game?
  2. Aephx

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    @@Pigeon_of_War, how about the option to move and reposition our ships in the bar at the bottom of the port screen? I would love to be able to arrange my ships in a specific order as I want them, rather then just selecting a couple Primary ships. Thanks for your time! Sorry if this was already suggested.
  3. Aephx

    USS Dallas, I actually like it....

    I am considering starting a US Cruiser to play the new line. Just trying to see what others thing of them and if its worth doing. Currently working on UK and French cruisers (mainly).
  4. My most enjoyable ship is my T5 French Cruiser, but eventually I''ll get passed it. I don't hold on to any specific ships yet. But my main goal is just enjoyment, I have a few lines I play, and enjoy them all. Will take longer to get to T10 but eventually lol. Maybe once I've got some higher tiers.
  5. Aephx

    I am New 13 Random battles

    I also play the British Cruiser line. The ships get better, keep working at it. But as already mentioned, you can have and play more then one ship at a time. Try a couple. And again as already mentioned, you might enjoy the French Cruiser line as well. I also play that one, and very much enjoy it :) I would also recommend you try a Destroyer, since you mentioned you were enjoying Torpedoes. Happy Sailing!
  6. I'm curious, on average, how many Battles do you play per day? And, do you have any particular method in how you play? Do you have any particular daily self goals you have set out to complete each session? I'm not aware of how many battles I play per day, but it usually isn't many, unless the XP multiplier is high [200%+] :) But, I have 4 primary ships I'm really in to playing. So I usually log in and will play a minimum of 4 battles, 1 for each, sometimes 1 or 2 more. And I have 4 other ships I haven't spent much time on yet. If I have nothing else to do, Ill also put some XP on them as well. So I suppose on average I play 4-5 games, sometimes can be up to 8-10 games. Basically I will play each of my ships until I get 1 win on each. I am asking this because I feel like my grind is starting to get a lot longer now, and I'm wondering just how much time people are putting in to their grinds. And I suppose if maybe I want to start putting in more time towards my main ships or not. Thanks for your responses!
  7. Aephx

    And for my second tier ten...

    wow, I got bad rep for my post saying congrats? :(
  8. Aephx

    All German

    Congrats! I'm still not sure while tree I will complete first. But the US line seems to be in the lead lol.
  9. Aephx

    And for my second tier ten...

    I voted for Yamato. But I'm just a casual player who's enjoying collecting ships :) And the Yamato would just be a cool one to have I think lol. Could you start all of your choices, and just see which one you end up more towards? I don't have a Tier X yet myself, my mains are all Tier V still :( Congrats on working towards your second Tier X!
  10. Aephx

    Someone defended a "friendly-fire" torper.

    Yeah there are always those who think they're right no matter what. I had a guy fire on me intentionally after I sank and ship that he later said 'was his' and I 'stole his kill'. Then proceeded to shoot me twice and harassing me via chat, trying to dodge in front of me every time I launched torps or shot.
  11. Aephx

    Most games played in?

    I'm still mid grind with all my ships and lines (Couple Tier 6s, Mostly Tier 5s, and a couple Tier 4s). So most of my play time is on ships I don't even have in my rotation anymore. But I do have close to 100 battles on S.Carolina, before I learned how the tech trees really worked and sat on that ship for a while lol. And most of my time is with the US lines, as that's where I started. As well most of my time is currently with Battleships, but lately I've been playing Cruisers most of the time! Really love my French Cruiser :D Once I've got a few Tier 10s, I may go back and buy some older ships that were fun to play.
  12. Aephx

    A suggestion for background music

    That's a pretty cool idea. I don't think I would personally use it all that much, not my favorite type of music. But I can see it being a popular addition for most.
  13. Aephx

    Finally got my first T10!

    Congratulations on Tier 10! Must feel good :D I'm Grinding the German Cruiser line too, but still got a ways to go yet :)
  14. Thanks for letting me know! Appreciate the shout-out.