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  1. Fugdanny

    Warship T10 Tierlist

    >tfw people still use "poor HE dpm" and "can't overmatch" as petro criticism in 2022 just a minuscule amount of trolling
  2. Fugdanny

    Hipper or Baltimore?

    Baltimore so much better than hipper that's it's strange they are even considered same tiered ships, Hipper is literally a bottom of the barrel garbageheap when it comes to t8 cruisers, hell, Yorck is a better t8 than hipper and she's t7
  3. Fugdanny

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    you know i'm not even gonna touch the ridiculous strawman that is the rest of your post and just focus on this part here, never once did i imply that you can't disagree with him, what i was trying to highlight is that the people who often call out flamu, for being toxic and a bad influence, are very often just as, if not much more toxic than him and that if you're trying to criticize someone for their bad behavior, it really doesn't help your case if call him names in return
  4. Fugdanny

    It has begun; Flamu on CV imbalance.

    You know, i really thought that we would make it to atleast 3 posts, before the anti-flamu maffia floods this thread with personal attacks, i guess i underestimated their dedication. What's also really funny about all of this, is that you hear people all over this forum/reddit/discord say that flamu is a "toxic a-hole", "wargaming did the right thing by removing him from the CC program" and "he is a bad influence on the game", yet everytime you open a thread like this you see people calling him a manchild who is going through a midlife crisis. Great job you guys, you really proved to me and everyone else that you are clearly the more reasonable side of the debate.
  5. "Don't worry bro, they'll totally balance and fix this system before implementing it, this time will be different"
  6. Fugdanny

    Premium Ship Review - Z-44

    Wait, this is a Tier 9? Really? Is this a joke? I mean this ship is barely Tier 8 material. I feel like this is some weird wargaming experiment to see how bad they can make a ship and have people still buy it. I really hope i'm missing some key piece of information about this ship, because right now, this feels very unsuited for tier 9
  7. Fugdanny

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    I'm sure those german battleship secondaries needed further nerfing, i heard their accuracy was just too high
  8. Fugdanny

    Petropavlovsk - balans Komrades!

    Somehow, people are just unable to admit that petro is just a "bit" overtuned. It's like they can't admit that a russian company could make a russian ship in a russian game too strong, it's all anti-soviet bias to them. It was easlily the most picked ship this KoTS, which has some of the best players in WoWS playing in it. >>>"B-But that's competitive, random battles are completely different!!!" Just how long are you going to bring up that excuse? it's been one of the best performing t10 cruisers ever since release and it's stats have barely gone down at all, it's literally stalingrad all over again. >>>"Don't worry guys, it's just a new ship, once more people get it, they'll stop using it in competitive so much and it's average stats will go way down." Yet here we are, years later, and nothing has changed.
  9. Yeah, i'm sure Ägir and Odin deserved the balance hammer because they were such overperforming ships