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  1. Natsukirei

    Signal flags are missing from the shop?

    the flag packs were a main source of progression for alot of players who dont mind spending a few bucks, its a crucial item that many many many players who dont even use this forum buy and use, very poor decision by WG to remove them with no notice
  2. Natsukirei

    Best Clan War BB

    woops, i knew i was forgetting something D: , poor yammy
  3. Natsukirei

    Best Clan War BB

    Hey guys, I have noticed the Meta for Clan battles is that the montana seems like the better ship compared to the republique, kurf, and Conq, i personally have a conq and i enjoy using the AP rounds on cruisers and getting nice cits and good stealth, i have many other other T10's to. But the one T10 that ive come up against and never died to is the Montana in randoms on any of my tier 10's, so im trying to figure out what its strengths are, i have the iowa and i cant seem to penetrate a musashi or most other BB's that easily, you have to aim quite specifically, the only BB's ive citadeled are the F.D.G and Montanas
  4. Natsukirei

    Vanguard Vs. Monarch

    it also depends on whether you are leveling the monarch tree, taking the vanguard means you need to buy it and then pay to convert the xp over.
  5. Natsukirei

    Colorado — American Tier VII battleship.

    Fix the speed of this ship already, you have absolutely no tools to survive a fight or kite, or do anything. Flamu, Notser, everyone agrees that the issue with this ship is just the speed, its to slow at tier 7 to be able to compete with the other battleships and avoid HE spam or get out of a bad situation. It would take you guys a few seconds to fix this ship, one little line of code, and a quick hotfix, it does not even need to be a huge upgrade, were not talking 30 knots here, but at least 25/26, those extra 4 knots can be the difference to dodging a torp or not.
  6. Natsukirei

    Player Skill in Higher Tier Matches

    Simply put, your expecting to much from random, want proper competition? go play clan battles and ranked, end of story
  7. Natsukirei

    Mino or Rooster im stuck!

    Thank's. I ended up getting the Rooster, decided to start with that and then move onto the mino later down the line, and i absolutely love the rooster, its a seriously fun ship to play and really made me actually enjoy the game alot more, i find it challenging but also extremely fun and surprisingly tanky when it counts, my new favourite ship
  8. Natsukirei

    Mino or Rooster im stuck!

    Hey peeps, So, i have made it to the Seattle and the Edinburgh through sheer farming efforts! i love both ships to be honest, but the seattle does have a few off-putting features like its angles, and im just wondering what the T10 ships are like, the mino and the worcester as i almost have enough xp to unlock one tier 10, and im not sure which to aim for. My Experience with Edinburgh and Seattle is this Seattle - fun, especially when you can harass a ship properly and get nice cover, fire starting is fun, contesting caps with radar but firing angles and movement/stopping/starting are abit iffy Edinburgh - fun, i really enjoyed smoking up when i had good cover, and the damage output was decent ( i suck at aiming! ) but it was fun to play and i had a high WR on edinburgh and fiji, but the drawback for me is radar, getting caught out and immediately being deleted ( i know, i said i liked radar with the seattle, its fun to have but sucks when its done to you! hahaha ) My battle style is very aggressive, im not really the best support player, i like to be midrange and be a little aggressive with my gameplay, so i enjoy good Damage output along with the ability to "oh crap" run out of a situation or to purposely pick my targets and burn them down, i actually found that i did very well in the edin and fiji but once i hit the T9/10 battles radar became a problem, i also do love my hindy
  9. Natsukirei

    0.7.7 Update Feedback

    Narai definitely has to much thrown at you, especially for newer player's, its just going to be painful for alot of people
  10. Natsukirei

    Where is Graf Zeppelin?

    in the bin were it belongs
  11. Natsukirei

    are the servers down

    anyone know when rewards are out? i check userbonus daily and nothing yet
  12. I feel like nobody actually READS the post. I do thank you for your understanding of the point i was making, but i disagree with your disagreement because i do not think anyone who has responded negatively has actually read the entire post because their a few points you all missed. First, i never said the OP shouldn't be the way it is, their are plenty of operation's that are available like Hermes which are not weekly operations and offer great game play, but they are private and require a division which is absolutely fine if you have the ship and wish to do that operation go for your life, And cherry blossom should either be changed, or be a private operation in which your clan and division and get people together and have a go to try and beat it. that is fine and that is understandable to have a tough/challenging private operation for the community. What it shouldn't be is a public weekly operation, sitting on our screens saying "you cant do this operation because you haven't gone down these tree's" they should either make a different public version, or choose a more suitable weekly operation for the community in which everyone can access the operation who don't want to spend a week strictly in PVP and don't have the time to find clans/divisions all day due to timezone restrictions or simple time restrictions Second. I keep hearing "its a goal to work towards", no it is not. because its only up for 1 week in which any casual player with a life, kids, and a job will not have the time to farm a new tree in one week and do the operation in random queue, so no its not a goal, not even close. The point is, people have lives, people have other things to do, and having weekly operations anyone can access and not being country restricted or ship restricted would be a much more beneficial upgrade to the community and average player who simply does not have the time to farm other tree's, anything that is "public" should be more accessible to the community and not taunting people that they cant experience it.
  13. no offence but this is the reply i spoke about at the start of the post, you are not considering that not everybody has that kind of time, those flags, those skins, the money or the resources to farm an extra line, it does not take a few days for some of us, and that's only tier 6-7, the grind to 8 is much much larger. their are thousands of people i guarantee who play casually and have jobs and lives, and who love weekly op's because its a chance to relax and do something different. WG Need's to consider the larger community, even one's who dont come to the forums and post threads or comments, who only have a few hours a day to play.
  14. Hey guys I doubt many will agree with me since their are plenty of long time players who have every ship in every line unlocked but. I am fairly new to the game, and i like the game regardless of people saying the game is being killed etc and all the complainers, i really enjoyed the ultimate frontier once i finally got a group, but being new i only have a German line unlocked, and i've been farming my [edited]of for a hipper. Then to come on the test server and see a weekly ship restricted operation, to be honest it angers me, and im sure their has to be other people out there who agree who probably dont even look at the forums, the casual players who are having trouble leveling their first line of cruisers and go jap or german. Also, i have a graf spee and pensacola for the weekly VI operations, because i enjoy having a break from the normal, a break from pvp, doing something different is fun and a breathe of fresh air. I can understand the mission is an allied Operation, and i understand the historical accuracy, and if the operation was a division only operation with special prizes and rewards for doing it with a clan and division, for the people who have these countries unlocked, i can understand the country restriction and it makes sense to get together with your friends and give it a shot if you have the tools to do so. But what i do not agree with is, is a weekly operation being country restricted and leaving out the newer players who dont have the ship or the correct line for the operation, that is unfair on a large portion of the community who have not been able to unlock multiple countries or had the time free to do so, people who work and have a job, people who play casually. Alienating is not okay. even for "historical" accuracy Just my 2 cents.