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  1. When ever i try to launch Big Hunt.... I get the message that the server is overloaded. IDK if anyone else is getting this issue. But I am completely unable to play the game mode. I played a random and then came back and tried again.... STILL not working.


    You skipped me.... AGAIN!
  3. During clan battles our Alaska had no options.... he attempted to ram 2 ships and see which one he would get the kill on..... HE KILLED BOTH..... https://clips.twitch.tv/EnticingEphemeralCheesecakeDansGame-bjlyZHJTl2ejBQZT
  4. @EvilTactics thanks for the info.
  5. Maybe I am missing something.... But when in division for clan battles, I can not switch between alpha and bravo rating. I have an upgrade purchased in the Naval Port. Am I missing something?

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Currently in port.... 243 waiting on port slots to go on sale and i will have 310
  7. Guys.... I am no rocket surgeon but my guess is they are trying to get the update functional as quickly as possible. Just hang out and relax, this would be a good time to watch a stream or order some more salt from amazon. It will be ready soon!
  8. are you guys really complaining and asking for a day of premium to make up for 30 mins?

    Update 0.9.3 - Bug Reports

    I am having some issues getting to the recruitment center. whenever i try it says website down. It wont let me access anything in game to try to correct it or view anything. When i click on the link it provides it shows another error screen. i attached pics of both screens.
  10. STEEL33EYE

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    I have some questions. Every thread I see always says that WoWs is not accepting new CCs. I have made WoWs my main game, and regularly stream. I currently have almost 1400 followers on twitch, I am an affiliate streamer and have been for 2 years. I have played on the test server, as well as being invited to submarine test. I have themed emotes for WoWs as well as regularly watch other small WoWs streamers and try to promote NON toxic game play and help the newer players and streamers in any way I can. It appears that I meet all the requirements for the program, but what do I have to do to formally apply? I love this game and want to watch it continue to grow. Any help on this would be amazing, and I hope to see everyone in game.