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  1. Yep... Which is odd since all others seem to be between 4am central and 6am central. So my morning play time is going to be lacking something...
  2. The advent calender still says it's the first... How logged into it several times. I am not the only player seeing this.
  3. I really have enjoyed this video series. It has helped me alot since coming back to the game from more then a year off. Well done sir.
  4. I have heard that when the Russian cruiser line splits 2 ships will be removed and made premium ships. I have also heard that they will be given to the players as premium ships if they have researched them at the time of the split even if you no longer have the ship in your inventory. I would like have some clarification and specifics if anyone knows about this. Thanks _Gax_
  5. _Gax_

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Welcome, Glad to have you aboard as our new community manager.
  6. _Gax_

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    That happened in 2018.
  7. Ok I've served in the Navy. If your looking at the ship you can see a muzzle flash but your not tracking the shell.
  8. I can actually spot a cleveland before he can radar me. As I believe the case is with all radat cruisers. So if they're popping radar the instance they are spotted they are wasting it in most cases. Removing SA would seriously change the way the game is played. At first there might be some very fast battles till players decided to go to a sneaking game just to stay alive longer.
  9. _Gax_

    NA servers seem wacky today.

    It was not adding. Had to restart twice before it worked. Was able to add. But the first battle after got a DC mid match. Internet is working fine. Had not had any issues Monday or Tuesday.
  10. Been booted several times while in port and having issues adding task in campaign's
  11. _Gax_

    Renting a lap top?

    Well hope you are staying in a decent motel/hotel. Most have slow to poor internets. I hope find a good solution. I also travel for work and understand the need to stay connected.
  12. _Gax_

    Tier 8 Cruiser Thoughts

    I recently aquired the Hipper. My initial feel has been good. Nice accuracy, guns hit hard enough and especially if they turn their broadsides to you. Good maneuverability with B hull. Still use the Hydro instead of Def AA. 10.9 detectability with CE and camo. I wasn't thrilled with the armor when I first looked at it before taking her out. But I was surprised how many shots deflected when I kept her angled.
  13. I'm using Icarus ATM. At tier 6 she has a 6nm Detectable range with a 10 point commander and 7k torps. So you can stealth Torp carefully. The short duration smoke but quick reload can also get you out of tight spots. But using Islands are your best chance and then use your low detectability to spot for your CA and BB alies.