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  1. Because there needs to be variety in strategies. Lenin/Vlad are so dominate in CBs that if you brought any other BB you are trolling. And a big part of the reason why is ships like Aki/Kiev/Terrible which can just kill any other BB in no time.
  2. DolphinPrincess

    Friendly fire

    Train Friendly Torpedo Gives ample warning Gives ample warning Does not stop (in reasonable time) Does not stop Moves in extremely predictable route Moves in straight line Always have right of way Always have right of way Exist even if accidents happen Exist even if friendly fire is on Dumb people die at crossings for ignorance Dumb people sink by torps due to ignorance Again, the statement is, FAULT LIES IN THE PERSON WHO GETS IN THE WAY because a torpedo knows no friend or foe, does not stop for you, is easily detected and moves in a straight line. If someone is that ignorant and chooses not to move out of the way despite knowing they would be hit then it is completely their fault. Whine about it in game WG will babysit you by turning off friendly fire, whine about it on the forums and people like myself will educate you (and laugh at you, sorry), whine about it in real life on the tracks and natural selection will do its work. Imagine thinking someone is a troll when they are trying to save you from being a laughing stock and endangering yourself.
  3. DolphinPrincess

    Friendly fire

    I expect my team to have basic awareness. Which sadly many don't, and rather than owning up to their incompetency, they complain until friendly fire was removed. Much like hyperfish before, you need to take this advice seriously otherwise that extremely flawed way of thinking can result in severe consequences in real life.
  4. DolphinPrincess

    Friendly fire

    So you are the one who will stand in the middle of a railway intersection, gets hit by a train and blame the train for leaving the station? Look, WG gives you protection in game and even if friendly fire is on, you just sink in a game and nothing matters But if you take that idea in real life natural selection will quickly do its work.
  5. DolphinPrincess

    Friendly fire

    My statement was correct, the fault always lies with the one who got hit as they had no awareness of incoming torpedoes (which, by the way, are spotted the moment they are launched unlike enemy torpedoes)
  6. DolphinPrincess

    Friendly fire

    Players with no map awareness were complaining about being hit by allied torpedoes I just hope those players dont relate game mechanics to real life, cause thats how you get rail crossing accidents.
  7. You get red bonuses from CB missions
  8. DolphinPrincess

    Ohio and other research and steel ships

    What are you talking about? Its 90% Kremlin, if you run an Ohio it will die in less than 3 minutes Ohio is a good BB for random battles, but bringing an Ohio to CB is borderline trolling.
  9. DolphinPrincess

    G.O.A.T. Ship

    Smolensk Tears of secondary spec BBs are delicious
  10. DolphinPrincess

    If you dont spend money..

    um...you do realize its a metaphor right? Same with "Dolphin" The term "DolphinPrincess" refers to Kumano
  11. DolphinPrincess

    If you dont spend money..

    Then how do you explain my 70% solo win rate? I never spent a dime on this game (on myself)
  12. DolphinPrincess

    What is up with all the suiciding players?

    There is another recent thread about pushing, there you can see that some people (assuming they arent trolling), thinks that pushing wins games The leads to suicides and losing the game (and they will likely blame the team)
  13. DolphinPrincess

    Survey about insurance companies? WTH?

    I never got the survey, they might have removed it already. Was honestly quite curious what it was for and what the latter questions would be
  14. DolphinPrincess

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    Simple summary of this topic: It is expected that this upcoming dockyard will be more difficult than the current one as the reward is a T10 instead of a T8, but also be much easier than the original PR dockyard But unlike before, I assure you there will be guides (and I will write one too if that is necessary) to help those in need to complete it quickly and efficiently without committing any more time than they would normally so in the game The current dev blog about transferring signals and camos into tickets will help make things a lot easier as well. With the change no matter how bad someone could be at math, they wouldnt equip a ticket that says "credit increase" when trying to complete a mission for exp.
  15. DolphinPrincess

    what is pushing?

    1: Run in without stopping 2: Get farmed by HE spammers 3: Blame team for being in the back 4: Lose the game and blame matchmaking for win rate 5: Come on the forums to complain about passive meta 6: Stay below unicum forever