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  1. DolphinPrincess

    What keeps you playing the game?

    I still have around 70 days left on my premium matchmaking Dont really want to waste it, once it expires and I have to deal with potatoes on my team again I will probably be done with the game.
  2. DolphinPrincess

    Are Russian BBs getting nerfed?

    Currently on dev blog, if everything goes well it will go live on the patch on 10/16/2019
  3. DolphinPrincess

    The high tier meta is not fun, WG

    So you were talking about world of warships, you just don't understand anything about the super unicum community. First of all, 189k to us is considered a normal game in the Midway, I average 170k in the Midway and 165k in the Hakuryu. 300k games might not be easy for your average player, but they are very common for the super unicums. Second of all, I do play CVs, I have played over 3000 battles in them and even wrote guides regarding them (though many of them are RTS CVs). You probably only looked up this account that I am currently signed in from, which is used for competitive CB and KoTS, so obviously it does not have many battles in randoms. Many super unicums have multiple accounts, I own accounts in EU and have played in SEA as well. Third of all, average damage of the server means nothing, because the playerbase is vastly different. BBs have been around since the game's release while CV rework was barely half a year old. This means the average player is much more experienced in a BB than CV, leading to higher performance. If you check the top 0.001% of the players (the super unicums), you will find that even Hosho, the T4 CV, can average 100k+ And finally, CVs do not have unlimited planes, that is in theory correct. But why does that even matter? A CV hardly even loses aircraft to begin with so why does it matter either he have unlimited planes or not? The only thing that matters is that the CV would never run out of planes because his reserve would always be sufficient. If a CV rans out of aircraft, that is because the CV is a potato, if you are going to claim CV isn't strong because it can run out of aircraft is the same as saying HE spam isn't strong because if a Smolensk/Harugumo/Worcester just rushed down mid it would die before burning much of anything. Cause for a CV to run out of planes it would nearly had to intentionally suicide its aircraft.
  4. Omaha especially, cursed with a green win rate, mostly because of the amount of influence CVs had
  5. DolphinPrincess

    Why do some people think stat padding is bad?

    The term you are referring to is "Seal Clubbing", not "Stat Padding"
  6. DolphinPrincess

    The high tier meta is not fun, WG

    Are you sure you are talking about World of Warships... Yes you can shoot planes down, but you cant shoot all of them down, if a CV wants to strike you, you will take damage. You could be in the middle of your entire team and you would still take damage, because slingshot exists On the other hand, HE spam is extremely easy to deal with, as I said before, one of the easiest way to do so is just use concealment Fact: HE spammers cant really shoot you if you are stealthed, while CV can easily provide its own spotting. HE Spammers can easily be killed, while CVs can replenish aircraft. No HE spammer comes even close to the power of CVs, even the Smolensk, which is overpowered, can only pull off 300k+ games once or twice a day, and I only average around 170-180k in it As a comparison to a T10 CV, which can achieve 300k easily, average more than 200k, and maintain well over 80% win rate single handedly.
  7. DolphinPrincess

    The high tier meta is not fun, WG

    I am confused, you talk about lack of counterplay yet you prefer CVs over HE Spammers There are so much counterplay to HE Spam, most notably understanding the basic concealment mechanic in the game CVs, however, actually have no counterplay available regardless of skill level
  8. DolphinPrincess

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    Jaysusedboatparts: Highest win rate ship: Georgia with 55% win rate So you are either claiming that 55% is somehow higher than 70% Or you are just completely delusional We arent trying to bully you, we are just shoving some facts because we can easily prove that none of what you said is remotely true.
  9. DolphinPrincess

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    Playing BB at range is not positioning for the objective, it is positioning to win One of the most common mindset of potato BB players is that they think they should "tank" for the team One of the most common mindset of potato DD players is that they think they should """cap"""" Both of which results in your 45% win rate.
  10. DolphinPrincess

    what does it take to get into the top 25%

    Its all in WOWS Numbers You can compare yourself to the 50/25/10/5 percentiles
  11. DolphinPrincess

    Tier 8 Ranked Sprint, by far the most toxic

  12. DolphinPrincess

    observations from the weekend

    280 games in Des Moines 141 games in Worcester More than half of your T10 ships are played by the most OP ships in that tier
  13. DolphinPrincess

    Russian DD

    I have written a guide on RU DDs: TLDR: Ignore caps and torpedoes. You are a gun boat, play like one. https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/ct8uoz/the_uniscum_russian_destroyer_guide/
  14. DolphinPrincess

    Co-ops ending sooner and sooner- less fun-less xp

    Most of us play coop for 1 reason: to complete missions as efficiently as possible. These include, but not limited to: Special events where first win is necessary to obtain rewards (such as the warship anniversary and snow flake event) Legendary Module grind (part 3 requiring 15 wins) Directive secondary battery hits (secondary spec is garbage in randoms so we take it to coop) Torpedo hit related missions (Bots just charge in making them ideal torpedo magnets) So yeah, we play to end the game as fast as possible because the whole point of gaming is to show you are superior to others, and what is the point of showing yourself to be superior to a bot?
  15. Spoken like a true member of the USN playerbase