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  1. Turn off AA, stay away from caps, dont make yourself a priority target, smoke when necessary, strike when planes are seen elsewhere. Like radar, CVs are nothing more than a simple annoyance, adapt and overcome.
  2. DolphinPrincess

    A simple way to improve the game overall

    MMM doesnt offer an advantage to better players. The reality is, despite it being more advantageous to focus lesser skilled players first, randos are much more likely to target purples and dark purples. So no, MMM does not benefit better players, it is a huge detriment really. That doesnt mean MMM benefits newer players either, cause you are absolutely right on the second point. All it does is create toxicity.
  3. No. Points wins games. Caps give 3 points, kills give a net of 100, do the math. I have a 70% win rate and I never cap.
  4. DolphinPrincess

    19 point captains

    Clan Battles You get tons of steel which I just convert to coal since I don't need the steel anyways All the special camos are rewarded in clan battle missions as well, some from storm level, some from typhoon level.
  5. DolphinPrincess

    19 point captains

    The 2 19 point commanders are special commanders bought at the armory, they started with 10 points 600% net bonus is easy to get with camos like Asian lantern, stack it with XP flags and dragon flags and you can get 100k commander exp from a single good game. Campaign and Missions also give a ton of captain exp Some space battles and clan battles as well
  6. Yeah um.....never do that, ever. Cap is a fake objective that baits newer players to their deaths.
  7. DolphinPrincess

    2 things badly needed.

    Cruiser 101: Out fight what you cannot outspot (DDs), and out wit what you cannot out fight (BBs). If you dont understand how to keep yourself alive via vision control, then cruisers isnt the class for you.
  8. DolphinPrincess

    19 point captains

    My current account have less than 200 battles with 2 19 point captains Are you telling me I have to purposely handicap myself to continue grinding?
  9. DolphinPrincess

    Thunderclap Thursday - Citadel Strikes

    Grozovoi Find a cruiser, stealth up to it with concealment, then enjoy the free citadels
  10. We just got one when CV rework began and another when clan battles began. Wait for the end of clan battles in a month or so for a likely free respec
  11. By 16inch you mean 406mm? These guns will do 1350 overpen damage per shell against a DD. If you shoot 9 of them that is 12,150 damage. For 9 shells to only do 30% a DD would have to have more than 40k HP, as much HP as the Heavy Cruiser Zao
  12. DolphinPrincess

    Man Battlestations Monday - Airstrike Defense

    None. Best AA defense is positioning so that you dont become the target for the CV in the first place.
  13. DolphinPrincess

    Horrid AP overpen in Myoko...

    No, you always want to fire at the stern or bow because the entire bow or stern is less armored than the upper and lower belt of the mid section. Here is an example from a recent space battle: https://streamable.com/v1lgi
  14. DolphinPrincess

    Horrid AP overpen in Myoko...

    Only use AP against cruisers you can overmatch (T5 cruisers and Atlanta/Flint) or if the enemy cruiser is full broadside at less than 8km that isnt Krons nor Alaska Unlike Atago/Ibuki/Zao, the Myoko lacks the concealment to get to ranges where AP would deal more damage than HE, its gun angles are also horrible in that at those ranges the Myoko herself becomes extremely vulnerable to being citadeled. Myoko is a ranged HE spammer and should be played as such. source: #1 Myoko NA
  15. DolphinPrincess

    Ocean - Need it in regular rotation

    One divided by the number of high tier maps Not any more or less frequent than other. I love the ocean map, but I also believe that no map should appear more frequent than others (unless its a new map that needs testing)