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  1. If anything, for the sake of the people who want to stream on twitch. The problem is simple, its simply too easy to rank out in gold due to the overall level of play. People watch me for high level content, and most prefer that I play seriously, the problem is that when I do I rank out in just a few hours lasting thru 2-3 streams at most. Since ranked only refreshes once every 2 weeks, I am left without content for the other 10 days out of 14. I have already resorted to trying to handicap myself as much as possible by playing things like Lighthouse Zao and 0 Range Colbert but it gets boring and stale. Losing ranked on purpose for the sake of de-ranking is considered griefing so that isnt a possible solution either. I just want to be able to show my audience and teach them how to carry with meta ships like Smaland and Des Moines without running out of content. Ideally, as title would suggest, make higher tiers so that I can show how to beat unicums or give us an option to throw away all our stars so we can keep playing.
  2. DolphinPrincess

    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    Awesome! Are there any plans for a Kumano voice mod? Happy Holidays
  3. Daylight savings have occurred this weekend and it have shifted the clan battles time zone from an already uncomfortable time to what is now an unbearable time. Please move the time zone back at least an hour to compensate, I will go over it from a personal and logical point of view. Personal: I am your average exempt pay office worker that is on the job from 9AM to 5PM normally. Having the clan wars start at 3:30 PM means that I have to skip dinner and other activities just to play clan wars for half the duration. Being in a hurricane clan that competes to be the first place finish, missing out on half the battles is not really acceptable. What is more unacceptable, is having to choose between my job and a game. This gets even more absurd when I look at the time it ends, at 7:30 PM, thats 8 whole hours before I normally sleep at 3:30 AM. And it gets even worse once COVID ends, I currently work at home which means at least I do not have to allocate any time towards transportation. Now if I was working a graveyard shift or abnormal work hours then I would totally understand if the clan battle time would conflict. But 9AM to 5PM is as normal as it gets, and should be the majority of the population, either that be students or professionals. So that leaves the main argument against it, that the people on the East coast would have problems if the time is being pushed back, but this isnt a valid argument because: Logic: Currently, for East Coasters, the time zone is 6:30 to 10:30 PM So that is still 5 whole hours that one can push back before any conflicts, but lets say that some people sleep early, and I understand that but: You have to understand, for the people who sleep early, you are having to choose between sleep and clan wars and not your job. While for us, the choice is between our job and clan wars. Assuming the value of the game is equal, then let me ask you just this one question: Would you trade 1 hour of sleep to keep you job? If the sacrifices are equal then sure leave as it is because East coast players outnumber West Coast players. But if you weight the amount of sacrifice per player, then it is clearly a better choice to move the time zone back. I am not even asking for it to move back 5 hours, just back to what it was before to compensate for DST, a single hour. And finally, for WarGaming, I have just one question to you as well: If you want us to play your game and purchase your in game items, please tell me how I can do so when I can only choose one between the game and my income.
  4. DolphinPrincess

    Petro buff?

    You misunderstand I am not saying to compare ARPs to their original tech tree silver ships, I am saying to compare the ARPs to themselves Which means they are on equal footing for everything, available at same time and are all premium, yet their stats are: The number of battles is irrelevant, you and I all know too well that there are players with 30k battles who doent even know the difference between AP and HE Its not about how many times someone does it wrong, its about when they can do it right. Crossfire is the reason why the Petro is used in competitive, because in competitive you have reliable teammates that can back you up. I never said the Petro is bad at competitive, in fact, its really good, if you wanted the King of the Seas you will see that Petro is consistently banned by teams because it is good. This is why I talked about the YY. The YY with radar is very powerful in competitive because it can outspot enemy DDs and its support can help it win DD fights, a vert powerful tool. But is YY good in randoms? Does that radar strat work in randoms? YY suffers the same way Petro does, it needs the enemy to be terrible or it needs its team to be good. Either way, if your team is good and enemy terrible, you would have won regardless. Finally, if I want to win I would also take a Petro over a Yoshino on my team, not for the ship, but for the player. A good player in Petro will do better than a potato in a Yoshino.
  5. DolphinPrincess

    Petro buff?

    It is precisely because overmatch doesnt happen between cruisers that HE DPM comes into play. I dont know why you want to keep talking about AP, in a cruiser vs cruiser fight the Petro is better off using T4 HE and doing 1/3 damage pens rather than T5 AP doing 0 damage The same can be said about Battleships, yes Petro have the ability to citadel Battleships at concealment range, but only if the Battleship is near or at broadside So your entire damage relies on hoping the enemy doesnt know what their rudder does? By that logic the Shimakaze is the best T10 in the game, because against people who dont WASD the Shima will dev strike every ship with ease. As for the kiter argument, this is due to damage itself being of varying efficiency. 100k damage to a conqueror is worth a whole lot less than 20k to a destroyer. Kiting ships would have a lot higher server win rate if they were played by the same players, sadly, we all know this is not true. The average Yoshino who throws torpedoes randomly probably endangers his own team more than the enemy. Now moving to the HE DPM. Being at Ric angle does not mean bow on, Hinden can easily use all 4 of its guns without being at risk. Goliath, however, would need to time its salvos in-between reloads, but fortunately for it, Goliath doent need to. Because despite having lower HE DPM if it can only use 2 guns, it have a super heal which wins it the HE spam dual regardless. And finally, once again, thats not how statistics work. The playerbase behind every ship is different, you yourself does not have the same amount of battles for every ship you play. Alabama vs Alabama ST was the extreme version of this yes, but the same logic applies to every ship. If you are still confused as to why this is, lets use a better example with ships of similar availability Take a look at the ARP Myokos, or the Kongos, there are 4 of each, released at the same time and are identical. Yet they still have different win rates and damages by a wide margin. Server win rates are meaningless, the win rates that matter are the people who are talking. Look, you probably won believe anything a high school drop about has to say, but a graduate would have more credibility and a professor would have the most. There is a reason behind that, I have a 70% win rate because while others struggle against the Petro, I treat it like a T4 ship and just walk over that piece of garbage.
  6. DolphinPrincess

    Petro buff?

    Usually there are limits to how much people can be wrong You both clearly do not recognize such a limit.
  7. DolphinPrincess

    Petro buff?

    Thats not how the game works. This is why tutorials are needed. The way the checks work is in this order: OM > Ric > Pen In other words, if you dont have OM, all the enemy ship have to do is angle at Ric and it doesnt matter if your pen is 10 or 100000 you will bounce. Period. Same thing with the fuse, I assume you meant to not overpen, but to overpen you have to penetrate first, and against any player with a brain you will have to resort to HE, which fuses upon impact regardless. And your second sentence tells me you have no idea how to win games... Between a cruiser that kites and a cruiser that tanks, the former is at least twice as useful as the latter. Please stop making things up. Petro have normal HE pen, so yes a ship (x) will beat it because it can pen just as well as Petro. In fact, a lot of other T10 cruisers have even better pen, such as Hinden and Goliath with 1/4 instead of 1/6 Finally, the last sentence is simple statistics. Server win rate and damage mean absolutly nothing because a ship's performance is not only based on how good it is, but also how good the captain is. A unicum in the Petro will still outperform a potato in the Des Moines. If you want an example of this, just look at the stats for Alabama and Alabama ST They are the exact same ship, yet they have a huge difference in win rate and damage, and according to your theory Alabama ST is the most overpowered T8 BB and standard Alabama is one of the worst T8 BB So yes, Petro is one of the worst T10 cruisers, do you think that a super unicum would not analyze each and every ship and have the credibility to determine if a ship is good or not?
  8. DolphinPrincess

    Petro buff?

    If penetration matters that much then Stalingrad would be a decent ship, but Stalingrad is garbage for the same reason. The difference between Petro's guns and Bismarck's is overmatch. Bis OMs 25 which is a lot of cruisers at T8, this means that it can punish many ships of its tier regardless of angle. Petro does not overmatch any cruiser at T10, not even Mino or Smolensk, which means that simple angling will force Petro to use HE and make it effectively a T4 cruiser's level of firepower. Petro is tanky sure, but what good is tankiness when it can not do any damage? Pretty much every T10 beats the Petro including gun boat destroyers like Khaba Petro is currently one of the worst T10s alongside Stalingrad, and its only uses are in competitive You know what other ship is currently being used in competitive and was unjustly nerfed multiple times because of it? YueYang.
  9. DolphinPrincess

    Petro buff?

    Petro, a T10 cruiser, have the same AP DPM as Konigsberg, a T5 cruiser and less HE DPM than a T4 Kuma Do you think having T4 damage level at T10 is balanced and not in dire need of a buff?
  10. DolphinPrincess

    Boycott query

    I went with a plan that I knew was going to fail. If you want the reasoning then I guess the best one I can say is "desperation" If anything, the boycott was a way to see if WG will react when under pressure. They didnt. There are plenty of casuals who spend $0, there are plenty of unicums who whaled. But in general the casuals spend more than the unicums. This is the same with EU vs NA, the average NA player spends 3 times more than EU, but that doesnt mean there arent free to play NA players and EU whales. However, what it did do was assure that the USN patriots of the NA server gets their hands on the overpowered USN ships, hence the extreme amount of USN bias in this game. It would be great if the unicums are the biggest revenue for WG, then our voices would actually be heard So that one day, when the Battleship players wish for 5 second fire duration, a minute long immunity DCP, infinite range spotting, no superstructure, 100mm deck plating when cruiser players wish for >32mm bow cover to prevent overmatch, consistent damage over time with fire and flooding, best anti air, infinite effective damage range when destroyer players wish for spotting without risk, torpedoes that can be dropped from 3km away, immunity to detonations There wouldnt be a class in the game that can literally do all of the above.
  11. DolphinPrincess

    Boycott query

    Im sorry but do you understand English? I have explained to you over and over again in the most simplistic way possible that the goal was not going to be reached regardless each individual stop playing or not. Just because I stop playing the game doesnt not change anything, it needs to be a group effort, but goes against self interest, hence tragedy of the commons. Now for the 10th time, if stop playing the game means the goal can be reached, I would certainly do so. But we all know that WG will not care if 1 person out of hundreds of thousands of players means absolutely nothing. Why did I persist with the obviously flawed plan that was doomed to fail? Because we are trying to save the game while you casuals sit on your bottoms doing nothing. I was naive to hope that there would be a positive outcome from the boycott, hence why I said "WE TRIED" in the first place, reality hit us hard and the boycott ended in failure. Most players in this game are casuals, and casuals are the biggest source of income for WG, there are so many examples where WG yielded to the demands of casuals and moved the game in the wrong direction Wallets and population talk the loudest, which is why we have all these problems. Petro is getting nerfed next patch even tho its literally the worst T10 cruiser, because casuals think its too good when they just sail flat broadside to it. And you wonder why unicums have no respect toward people who yell out buffs and nerfs without understanding of the game. Unicums can make the game better, but we cant talk over your wallets and your majority vote.
  12. DolphinPrincess

    Boycott query

    2 things First, nothing is more important than stance on CVs in clan wars, thats why the boycott was there to begin with. But as I have said many times, it is tragedy of the commons. This isnt about comparing rivalry to CV removal, as the latter is far more weighted, but instead this is about comparing rivalry to nothing. If we can actually get our stance thru, then it absolutely worth it, but it wont, so there is no point. Secondly, pride and bragging rights is worth a lot more than doubloons or special ship. You cant buy skill and achievements with money
  13. DolphinPrincess

    Boycott query

    See my post above for the reasoning. Boycott only works if everyone corporates, in an IRL boycott there is a trust amongst the participants In the game, clans are a rival to one another, expecting your enemy to cooperate is not a wise move.
  14. DolphinPrincess

    Boycott query

    To earn respect you must first show respect toward others. Take league of legends, for example, or any other popular game, the pros are all respected among the players. Yet in this game people put their own experience above logic and demand things that completely off balance the game. As I have said many times, and it looks like I have to repeat myself yet again, please understand what tragedy of the commons mean first. Of course I know that sacrifices are necessary for the boycott, if I can throw away a season of clan wars for the boycott to be effective and our voices heard, then I would absolutely do so. The problem is, I am not willing to sacrifice for nothing, and I know everyone else thinks the same For the boycott to work, there needs to be a sufficient amount of people who commit to the boycott, but that will not happen because tragedy of the commons. As I make myself clear once again, I do want CVs removed from clan wars bad enough to stop playing. But even if I stopped playing, as long as others play, CVs will not be removed from clan wars. So why should I stop when it makes no difference to the end result? Did you look at the Missouri example I used? Which do you think is worth more? 3000 Doubs or a Missouri? But would anyone pick the Missouri option knowing that it will end in nothing while the 3000 doubloons is guaranteed? If you had the choice bewteen getting 3000 doubloons or getting nothing, which would you choose?
  15. DolphinPrincess

    Boycott query

    Leaderboard position The winner have their names engraved on maps