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  1. elcAMXbis

    resolution and UI sizing issue

    I dont think It's a bug though.
  2. elcAMXbis

    resolution and UI sizing issue

    Hi, I use a Surface pro 4 laptop and have always played this game in windowed in 720 resolution. After I tried to change the screen resolution I could not get the UI camera to look like what It was before (even in 720 windowed). I have tried deleting the preferences.XML file but it did not seem to work. Please If someone knows how to fix this you are welcome to post suggestions! Thank you. (this is the UI appearance before I toggled the resolution) what it looks like now... (this is the current setting).. (as you can see, the UI looks weird and the icons are so small....
  3. elcAMXbis

    About accelerating captain skill pints

    thank you for the reply guys! Although I don't think i have a 19 point captain right now...;D
  4. Hi WOWS NA! I recently used the "Accelerating captain training" (little plus sign beside captain exp) to increase the skill points by 1. (9pt-10pt). However, after i trained my captain, I didn't see a loss of exp or anything,so i am just wondering how all this works, thank you. It looked similar to the screenshot.