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  1. Y_Nagato

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    Let's say more the less dangerous one. Because easier.... Which is not really true. Sure you do not have to lead your aim. But you can barely correct your direction, and cannot launch your attack on a DD within the 3 km. And many of those rocket plane are hit quite bad by the RNG (American may work well, but IJN rocket plane are quite tiresome to use).
  2. Y_Nagato

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    That... and since the number of CV encourage the 3 AA Cruiser lines, all of them having radar. More often than not you end up in game with 1 CV and 4 radar ships. CV tend to take the show, but do not forget that the number of radar ships seems even higher than before. It's already the case. I played a lot of CV game lately and rocket plane aren't easy to use at all, and a DD playing well (turning AA on and off at the right time) can make you waste more your time than Taffy 3 did. Again, already the case. You do not find DD soon enough to launch your rocket plane, only the US dive bomber can do the trick. In fact, it is probably the only thing that really need a tweek: US HE Dive bomber are the plane wrecking DD with no real counterplay. This would need a lot of tweek and, since some DD have already awesome AA, could ruin CV (my AA Monaghan already eat plane for breakfast). A simple idea: make Manual Control AA a lower cost skill (level 2 maybe?). Manual AA give a huge boost to the AA of any DD (making it possible to rain 180% AA power at all time on the enemy attack squadron) but it cost far too much right now for any non-AA specialist DD. At level 2, it would become a ''must take'' for DD and would help them quite lot to fend of CV. Well.... 3 destroyer, 6 destroyer escort and 6 escort carrier did stopped and made retreated 4 battleship, 6CA, 2CL, 11 DD....
  3. Y_Nagato

    Advice for new DD players in CV games

    Too often you will see DD main that do not see the value in making the enemy CV wasting its time. Sure, it's better in many case to shot down planes, but a few game DD made me be useless by dodging and making me almost impossible to do a proper attack run.
  4. Well, the main problem is... bad team will still be bad. I saw a few game with a team pushing in group to great success, and DD aren't in such a weak spot right now. Sure, IJN got nerfed badly (worst AA DD and the flood nerf hurted them the most) but even so I do get great game in my Shimakaze. You just need to adapt to the game.
  5. Sure, but it is quite less effective. Wait with a Monaghan for the plane to be at 3km of you to turn in on and they will fall like flies. While cruiser will have a lesser window to do so.
  6. Easy: AA have more range than its detection. Wait until the CV is within your AA range and unable to leave and turn on your aa. Tge CV will be unable to do its attack and suffer major casualties. cruisers cannot do that.
  7. Apart from base, all tour other example.... do not stack. And that nerf is barely noticeable: charging with a squadron against many ships is still a kamikaze mission.
  8. Y_Nagato

    Make WoWs fun and engaging again

    Rocket plane are barely usable and more often use as the ''sacrificing'' spotter at the start of the game. AO bomb can do great damage on BB... only on BB almost. Cruiser can dodge it quite easily and DD only get overpen. In fact, HE bomb are far more of a problem right now. And it is false to claim that player simply blobs in the back line because of CV: they do that even without CV. A decent team work with 3-4 ships pushing one flank can easily be done even with the CV.
  9. Y_Nagato

    Seriously Wargaming?

    Well, people should understand that even the best AA cruisers can get hit by attack aircraft, which is fairly good. No ship should be immune to CV. Still, by overlapping AA suddenly it becomes a nightmare for CV. So you got strategy to counter it, just use it.
  10. Y_Nagato

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    Tier 7 got a good ratio cost/ income and the best matchmaking outside of tier 10. Outside of that the premium tier 9 (Missouri, Musashi, Jean Bart) are quite the money maker themselves.
  11. Y_Nagato

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    Sure, it is not ''forcing''. Open the wallet and you got the credit needed. But, even for the Whales, it push them to play at tier 7-8-9 in order to max their income, and encourage people to keep lower tier in case they need quick and easy money,
  12. Y_Nagato

    Tier 6 Ise-class BBCV

    And that was my proposition for Hyuuga: an 8 gun battleship with spotter aircraft and fighter aircraft on 2 different spot. Not it the sense of making it some kind of ''drop the gun, I control the plane'', but a battleship with more consumable. Quite easy to implement and, in the current meta, could well be quite useful for its enormous AA potential. It is true, but you need some thematic for splitting line. Let's say you made a ''battleship'' line and a ''battlecruiser'' line, you would get from built ships (paper ships): Battleship: Kawachi, Fuso, Ise, Nagato, Yamato, (Tosa), (Kii), (Number 13) Battlecruiser: Kongou. (Amagi) You would need more paper ships to fill a second line with some ''Battlecruiser'' thematic. The only other option is with premium ships to fill in the missing ''real'' ships (god, why Kii before Ise!). And the Ise class have the potential to be some brawler BB for the Japanese, even if tier 6 is kinda low for that.
  13. Y_Nagato

    Tier 6 Ise-class BBCV

    Well, here's how I would do it. Ise Tier 6 Battleship. It is an improved Fuso after all, going 2 knots faster with better protection, a smaller citadel and a better turret placement. It would play fairly like the Fuso, but with better secondaries and speed basically. It could maybe even fill a role of ''brawler'' with its 20 140 mm. Hyuuga Tier 6 Battleship: here come the hybrid. Well, not really in fact. It lose 2 turrets but get better AA and, especially, Fighter aircraft and spotting aircraft in 2 different slots. Thus, it would becomes quite the great AA battleship at tier 6, while playing a more ''long range shooter'' thanks to the spotting aircraft. There is more than that. The citadel was smaller, the armor was more efficient and the secondaries were better.
  14. Sure it is not perfect. But it's still quite useful. 1) it's not only against unskilled captains that it can work. A capturing DD protected by fighter becomes almost immune to the enemy CV for its duration, giving him and easy windows to capture. 2) it can be use to spot any ships. Place them a 7km from the enemy main fleet (far enough from the AA but close enough to spot) and you give vision to your team while keeping your attack potential. But there is still issue. Instead of being some ''drop it there'', it should be place on the tactic map (like you do for way point) in order to effectively protect your fleet. But for now I am quite happy with its current state.