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  1. It doesn’t. but focussing on that alone fail to see why a ship can over perform. An average ship in PVE can be a great ship in PVP or even being OP since the way the meta work is radically different.
  2. Yes.... and no. consumable have an other value in coop. Radar for instance is nearly useless since everything charge and bothing hide behind island. just like spotting plane or long range accuracy have a smaller value in coop, and any AA value are basically ignored thanks to poor CV. the “charging IA” also punish more Russian ships with their weak side armor protection than the classic bow in meta that we have right now. so no, ship do not work the same in pve than in pvp.
  3. Graff is a meme ships. Full secondary on it for the fun, and for the rage of the poor DD trying to flank you. But AP are for sure less versatile than HE, but the damage it can do is insane. Okay, against DD, CL and US BB you will do less damage than HE bombs, maybe even less than Carpet bomb. But against German BB, CA and the likes, they will steal huge chuck of life at each hit.
  4. Y_Nagato

    Thunderer, Yoshino or Salem

    Thunderer: +a beast of battleship with good AA, good maneuverability, awesome guns that can beat ships with both AP and HE, good dispersion - Squishy, few guns, not a useful pick to be useful in clan battle (everybody got tier 10 bb...) Yoshino: +Great HE spammer, can farm any ships, decent AP, 20k torp, decent AA for a Japanese. -Everything the Yoshino does the Zao can do, and more often better. Totally allergic to BB AP (huge citadel easy to get). Salem: +British heal, let you use your Baltimore captain if you wants to keep the Balti, great AP, good fire rate, radar, great use for Clan Battle. -Almost exactly like a Des Moines, so if you plan on grinding Des Moines no need to get Salem.
  5. Y_Nagato

    So what do you use for your Bismarck?

    Full secondaries (without IFHE). She is still fun to play that way. FDG is built with the standard (boring) tank build.
  6. Y_Nagato

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    At some point they got close enough to use their .50cal AA gun against ships so yeah.
  7. Y_Nagato

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    USS Jonston and the other memebwrs of taffy 3 would like to have a word.
  8. Belfast disagree, hide in smoke, pops radar and wreck a poor dd.
  9. Y_Nagato

    Ban CVs from ranked.

    I failed to see them more op and toxic than the classic Conqueror hugging the border.
  10. Many of those CV would not be operational at all. The fire raging on them made them basically empty shell with to many damage to be considered revivable. The cost to tow them, strip them and rebuild them would be higher than starting from scratch, while having a suboptimal result.
  11. Hood is tier 7 and a step above Renown. And KGV was in theory the equivalent of Bismark and Richelieu, yet it is at tier 7.
  12. Too much range for the tier: it should be roughly at Kongo level at best. for the rest: make it a premium ship for a battlecruiser split line for the UK (Renown being the standard tier 6).
  13. It is a good mechanics. The problem is give to much weigh to damage (thus, the Conqueror in the back firing HE save it quite often). Especially in this mode where every ship heals quite a lot of HP.
  14. Y_Nagato

    New Russian CV!

    Easy Take Kremlin. Remove the aft turret to make it a landing strips. You got soviet CV. 2 type of plane: dive bomber and rocket launcher. Torpedo plane are replace by the main battery. The dive bomber have low penetration but very high fire chance: molotov cocktail are not great against armor but start fire. The rocket launcher have the same sound as the Katiucha (could be Katiucha attach under air balloon also, who knows).
  15. Y_Nagato

    No instructions for using radio location

    There is not. Basically it points you the direction of the closest enemy ships with a slight delay.