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  1. Y_Nagato

    Tech Tree Tuesday - Favorite Line

    I am in love with the French cruiser line. Like the Japanese cruiser one, but globally better.
  2. Y_Nagato

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Mers-el-Kébir : Could be either as a French ship having to escape the Allied assault with Dunkerque, Bretagne and could have some French Cruiser or as a British commander having to sink French BB. Would be nice to see some ''UK vs France'' instead of the classic ''Allied vs German/ Japan''.
  3. I do very like my Richelieu in tier 8. Sure it need to play cautiously, but being able to use 8 guns while showing no broadside is a good thing against tier 10. And her secondaries are surprisingly good. The Edinburgh is nice, but you do feel under-performing in it in comparison with the Fiji. You do not get that much more in comparison, and have to face tier 9 and 10 almost 70% of the time, while Fiji is quite often the top tiered ship.
  4. Y_Nagato

    I think I found out why

    Well, it is sad but when your ''biggest'' creation was Date a Live 2, no wonder. So is it the moment that WOWS will use this ''free collaboration [edited]'' to deal with Kantai Collection? Still waiting for my Yugumo voice!
  5. Y_Nagato

    Four dd's total or Four per side???

    Too many anything make the game hard for their ''counter''. Too many BB make it a hell for Cruisers that have to stay on the defense all game. 2 CV in game make it hell for ships without AA... 4 is a great number, but I wouldn't be against something like: 0-2 CV, 2-4 BB, 2-6 CA, 2-4 DD. Sure matchmaking may be longer but games would be more ''standardized''.
  6. Y_Nagato

    Four dd's total or Four per side???

    More than a DD cap, it's a radar ship cap that should be implemented.
  7. Torpedo will still get hit hard for some reason. First: Wargaming seems to not like the idea of the ''silent killer''. They use the ''if you can kill, he can kill you'' as much as possible and tend to nerf other play. And, high level torpedoing require to do it undetected more often than the opposite. Second: It can possibly one shot a boat. Sure, BB can also do so but at least Cruiser get an alarm of being targeted, which torpedo do not give. And, being devastating strike is not fun for many player. Finally: the focus player base tend to be BB captain, and torpedo are especially good against bad BB captain.
  8. Y_Nagato

    Clan Battle Season 4

    it would be nice to get Clan battle at tier 8. I mean, this tier got at least a fair amount of real ship and many famous one (Richelieu, Bismarck, Tirpitz, North Carolina, Cleveland, Edinburg...) and doesn't make player go bankrupt if rng is against them.
  9. Y_Nagato

    BBs, stop taking Survivability Expert!

    Ce n’est pas tous les capitaines qui font parti de l’aristocratie francophone! on topic: who cares about other people build. Sure it may not be optimal, but it’s their choice. I do have a full secondary Richelieu, whoch shouldn’t be advise, and I love it.
  10. Y_Nagato

    BB's pushing

    Well, the main reason why the ''back liner BB'' get attention is because they stay alive. Cruiser and DD captain, once sink, will check their teammate and nothing is more frustrating than seeing some BB on the border full health after 10 minutes. Also, rank did promote this kind of game play: BB tended to stay back in order to finish first of their team in case of a defeat.
  11. Y_Nagato

    Subs changing the meta in unknown ways

    Well, it may be more the reward system that should be changed instead of mechanics to push people to play more aggressively,
  12. Y_Nagato

    BB's pushing

    Well, I would argue that pushing at the beginning in any kind of ship is a quick trip to port. It's a case of ''high risk, high reward'': sure you may become focus and sink, but if in the end your team win it's all good. Playing conservative at max range may make you live longer, but the impact in the game will be quite smaller (again, it isn't about rushing blindly. There is way to push with a BB without becoming the target of all the red team). And your example about the Shimakaze and the gearing are the same case: sure they cannot make their team win, but they stay alive and stack damage. And since this game give lots for credit/ exp for damage it becomes the individualistic way to play. You risk almost nothing but are sure to finish the game in the green, while the poor DD trying to cap at tier 10 may well finish in debt.
  13. Y_Nagato

    BB's pushing

    Well, I must not play the same game than you. How many time did I saw some German BB snipping at near max range, or BB doing circle at 16 km of the objective? Sure, there is some that will push and support the team. But many prefer to stay in the back: you will survive longer and, if lucky with the RNG, will be able to kill a ship and gain good exp even if you were useless to the team.
  14. Y_Nagato

    help me with Richelieu's captain pls

    I do use it with a Secondary build focus. Sure they aren't that well positionned, but they got rang (10.8km) and high fire chance. Just a little angling and you can engage 2 ships at the same time. Plus, since the turret can reach far in the back, you can also go full retreat mode while using your main battery and all your secondaries.