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  1. I wonder which one between IFHE and DE would stack the more advatage. Sure you get more pen with IFHE, but as a German ship he penetration is hardly a major issue. Meanwhile, more fire is always nice and more damaging agains foes like other bb and many cruisers.
  2. As long as the next is not 350k base exp
  3. Y_Nagato

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    Easy to do. make Terry Crews do her voice. No more thirsty male output!
  4. As long as they add some eurobeat when torpedoes are nearby!
  5. Y_Nagato

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    The problem would be one of trademark... her avatar comes from Mikakunin de Shinkōkei which is a proper anime/ manga and would probably be against any use of it's character in such manners.
  6. Y_Nagato

    CV Aircraft Rockets. And ships that weren't built.

    Even an exceptional dispersion and landing will not destroy a dd in one or 2 pass, nor do 30k damage to a cruisers. As the other told: learn how they works and you will counter them instead of crying that they are broken while not understanding their basics.
  7. Y_Nagato


    Well, it is almost all cruisers with the exception, maybe, of Hindenburg.
  8. Y_Nagato


    Get within 10km of a cruisers with AP loaded and you can devstrike almost anything. And it gives you the chances to easily disengage if you attract too much attention.
  9. Y_Nagato


    Not really better. Zao got better concealment and better armor layout, with more guns making dealing with dd easier.
  10. Y_Nagato

    ^ Ship Clan Battles

    And I kinda prefer the six ship format since it have a smaller ratio bb/ other ships.
  11. Y_Nagato

    Premium idea: Guntoushio

    Asashio got the same torp and can drop 16 in water at a time. Having a ship 2 tier higher that could do 15 per launch is not that far tfetched. And shima is already challenged as the torp boat by benham so I do not really see an issue there.
  12. A simple idea of a premium, but one that would be effective..... I think... An other type C destroyer and sister ship of Shimakze, Guntoushio (Archipelago tide) would have one difference: Asashio deep water torpedo on a Shimakaze hull.
  13. Y_Nagato

    AA and CV mechanics discussion

    Some good idea. On my side it's the fighter consumable that feel the worst of the current system, becoming basically a short term flare to light ships in it's area. As said elsewhere: make it a consumable that is send to a case of the minimap: that way you could more easily counter enemy planes. The CV vs CV is also quite meh. CV are almost immune to other CV thanks to their high AA, auto fighters and quick damage control. IMO' just remove the quick damage control and make it a consumable that the player must activate.
  14. Torpedo hit per torpedo model. Just to know the effect of speed, range and detection.
  15. Y_Nagato

    CV comparison in the current meta

    I would just add about the IJN that if you got maybe the best agains cruiser and battleship, you are the worst against DD with bomber that can do real damage to them and the worst rocker. If you can stack damage like mad, I feel the British one can have more impact on the game by hunting dd.