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  1. Y_Nagato

    PSA: You don’t need a Missouri.

    The problem with the Alabama and the Massachusetts is the MM. Tier 8 still see quite more tier 10 battle, and chances are tier 10 ships will target a small ''tier 8'' like bee targeting an intruder.
  2. Y_Nagato

    World of Warships Product Collaborations we need to happen!

    Still, want my poi girl voice!
  3. Y_Nagato

    Best looking ship in the game?

    The Fuso. Sky is the limit!
  4. Spotting torp could well become a sources of XP when they do not hit.
  5. Y_Nagato

    A crapshot

    Bought the 6 x container. Received Black Tirpitz, Black Massachusetts, Doublon, Type 59 camo and premium time. Quite happy of the result. Oh et bonne chance sur les mers compatriotes!
  6. It's a trap, in reality there is a Submarine aircraft carrier next to the CV.
  7. Y_Nagato

    Could WG Buff US BB Secondaries?

    The problem with US BB isn't that they are under-performing, it's that their ''niche'' is almost non-existent. When you think US BB, you think about AA, since they are probably the only BB line with good AA top to bottom. But there is no CV so it makes this strength almost irrelevant. With the CV rework, thing may change: US BB will be more popular while ships like Musashi and the Tirpitz will drop in popularity.
  8. Y_Nagato

    HMS Vanguard should never have been completed.

    There is the possibility of using a railgun, but even classic guns may have their advantage: they aren't affected by ''electronique warfare'' once in the air and may still be reliable and, well, cost effective.
  9. Y_Nagato

    HMS Vanguard should never have been completed.

    In that regard, few BB should have been completed after 1940. But even so, Vanguard and Jean Bart were completed. There is many reason for that: navy doctrine still though that a navy would need some large gun platform, and navy officer were still people who learned it from the battleship era. In retrospective, both Vanguard and Jean Bart should have not been build/ finish, and even the Iowa class was probably a waste of money. But nobody could predicted the future and even now some think modern Navy need big guns in case new technology got countered.
  10. Y_Nagato

    [WAIFU] Your Waifu is Trash

    You got me with the poi.
  11. Y_Nagato

    THEY WANT YOU TO SHOOT HE. wth is going on with WG?

    Well, it was already fairly unusual to get good strike on DD with a BB, and the main victim of that will still get the ''full damage'' (IJN gunboat and Russian gunboat). For the rest, sure you may have to decide what is your priorities (fighting DD or Cruiser and BB) depending of the enemy team composition/ what should be on your flank. It will also improve the effectiveness of Secondaries build since they can keep DD at bay without using their main guns. I do not see it as a real problem.
  12. Y_Nagato

    Damn you Richelieu...

    I does improve penetration of the 150mm to 47 mm, and it's 3 battery of 2 (6 rounds per side). Not that great, but with Jean Bart (12 per side) it will show its value.
  13. Y_Nagato

    Damn you Richelieu...

    The fire chances on the 100mm is still 1% higher than German's 105mm, and 2% higher than the Massachusetts. And the 152 mm do have a great 12% fire chances (Bismarck 150mm is only at 8%. Add to that that the French BB have higher damage per HE shell compared to the Bismarck and you got something here. Especially since Richelieu can use 100% of her firepower while keeping a bow on profile against dangerous target, while letting her secondaries deal with DD and Cruiser. Sure you may have to grab IFHE to boost penetration of the 100mm to 31 mm, but it is still quite useful and fun to play with.
  14. Y_Nagato

    Damn you Richelieu...

    I did an unorthodox thing with her: secondary build. Strangely enough she do not shy away to Bismarck, can angle well to fire and while retreating fire a storm of HE on enemies.