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  1. The presence of subs and jet planes should answer your question.
  2. Karstodes

    So nah shi doh (aka Soshi) are Back ...Forever 1

    Sadly no Jessica. I know it was unlikely (especially after her books) but still.
  3. Karstodes

    Is Puerto Rico Worth it?

    at the end it was stuff like ''get a kraken using either Shimakaze, Yugumo or Kagero with your guns only, while faking being AFK for the 5 first minutes during a full moon night''.
  4. Karstodes

    Homing torps?!

    This game is almost to naval history what Rings of Power will be to Tolkien.
  5. Karstodes

    Colbert ou Vampire?

    Do you prefer baguette or blood?
  6. The Omono do not have DP main guns, only 4x2 100mm. And it got 4 flaks at 5.8km. The tier 10 got also 4 flaks for 4x2 100mm and 18x150mm, only at longer range. Either the 4x100mm have more range, or they became irrelevant and the 18x150mm give in total 4 flaks. neither sound good.
  7. I just wonder how toxic it was for WG to go out and ask people to not division in 3 Kitakami.
  8. well if that means welcome to Kitakami....
  9. Japan didn’t have neither Zao, nor any CL pass tier 7. Nor did the Us have 18” guns. It is a game of napkins ships.
  10. the American at Midway didn’t had splendid AA neither. And even later in the war it was not uncommon to see planes come undetected by radar (like on Bunker Hills if I am correct). Main thing was that the American industry was able to develop and fit new equipment at a far higher pace than the Japanese. The Japanese 100mm is rank second best heavy AA in that video for what it means.
  11. Keep in mind these 4 flaks comes… from the 100 mm dp secondaries. The 150mm do not seems to bring any flak.
  12. Karstodes

    So....everything gets torps and 20 guns???

    While true, in most case it had a causality. Bigger guns require more armor if one’s follow the logic of being protected against their own guns. The only somewhat exception in the latest model was hoe the Brooklyn were a tad heavier than the Portland and New Orlean
  13. Karstodes

    So....everything gets torps and 20 guns???

    The worst part of this line is: it’s an AA line with DP guns and 4 flaks. The tier 10 have 8x100 and 18x150 yet only 4 flaks. they do not seems to have a role: too clumsy to act as “flotilla leader”, no utility, very low HE dpm…. They do power creep Zao in term of health pool (because the Japanese missed the “heavy” part in heavy cruiser) and in range but that’s it pretty much. They had the chance of doing an hybrid cruiser line and missed it.
  14. Karstodes

    Torpedo 'S' Curve

    Repulse had these. Renown had 2 quad deck launcher after her refit.
  15. Karstodes

    Disappointing DEV BLOG

    You know what the game needs less than an other high tier CV? okay yes subs, but what else? an other tier XI cv. shinano would make more sense than an other jet plane carrier.