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  1. Karstodes

    bug on french seconday's

    Manual control do not force your secondaries to only shoot at one ship.
  2. I would implement it as an ASW consumable for the coming subs (and give it to more ships with helipad).
  3. as of now, Wargaming did not gave helicopter to any ships despite some having helipad on deck (like the Republique). Tho it would be nice to have such consumable on some ships, even if it would be only for ASW.
  4. Karstodes


    Funny enough, I find it quite the opposite. I found Albermarle to be pretty much a lame cruisers, while Drake was my high point in the line thanks to the massive HE penetration/ damage that it have.
  5. Karstodes

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    either that, or decent secondaries. The other effect were either useless, or the AA part of them was marginal at best. AFt was only good for the range, the AA buff was questionable. Now at least if you build for AA, you get good value out of these skills.
  6. Karstodes

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    Super light cruisers were never the one needing AA. Smolensk, Colbert or the Atlanta's are top dog in term of AA for their tier, and CV will not go after them too often. BFT loss is bad, but the +10% he damage counter it, and AFT was baked in for Atlanta. Granted, the other got nerf due to that, but if Flint and Colbert struggle, nobody will cry over the loss of those 18km ranged Smolensk in smoke.
  7. Karstodes

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    Sure she did not need that nerf. But I would argue that Zoup is right in both case: even if unneeded, the ships is still playable. If prefer my KGV because I am a tea drinking fanatic, but I do not hate that fat California. AA Marksman seems to be better than it seems. +25% to the priority AA sector is a massive boost to damage, and you get =1 flak out of it. It's straight out better than the =10% continuous damage of BFT.
  8. Karstodes

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    Expert AA and AA gunner will give you more AA than BFT and AFT
  9. Karstodes

    A shift of perspective (new NoZoup video)

    the California case is not that 180 degree. Flamu did a similar change of mind about the Vermont. On paper, both of those ships are awful but once you play them enough you start to find the diamond in them. Well, Deadeye is the main point. The rest is either useless skill (like brawler for cruisers) or balance tweak. Sec builds are still there, and even easier to get than before. They may need a tweak, but nothing more. To my experience, DE is more a boggey man. Is it strong? Yes. But not a ''game winning skill'', and too often player will play for Dead Eye instead of trying to win. Dead Eye Yamato can be strong to punish bad play, but almost any ships can at least mitigate it's AP by angling properly. Meanwhile Thunder is somewhat ''herp derp I sling HE'' from the back. BFT/AFT was good for 5 or 6 cruisers only. For the rest it was pretty much useless since the AA skill change.
  10. OP should paint the ship red to make it go faster.
  11. Karstodes

    Petro ? Why is it so fire resitant

    Simple: this ship sit so low in the water that the deck is always wet/ underwater!
  12. Karstodes

    Looking for cruiser builds post rework

    Common radar CA: - gun loader> Priority target> Superintendent > concealment expert> Consummable enhancement> Heavy AP, the rest is yours. Anti concealment build (do no take the concealment module, take the rudder). -gun loader> priority target> Heavy he> Too grade gunner> The rest is yours. Common CL: grease the gear> priority target> consumables expert> Superintendent > top grade gunner/ radio location, the rest is yours (could go for torps or aa skills for the british, ifhe and pyro for the US).
  13. Karstodes

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    could be worst..... Paolo Emilio swarm
  14. Many country misunderstood the American and perceived them as weak willed, Japan being one of them. The issue is that they did not really had any option: American public would not have accepted a loss, regardless of the timeline. Germany declared war on the US, but in reality they were already in a non official war since more than a year. Roosevelt extended the ''neutrality patrol zone'' far beyond what was the norm to help the British, and many fight happened between German U-Boat and US DD. They already ordered 11 Essex and all the South Dakota's were laid down before Pearl. Even the Iowa were already ordered before Pearl.
  15. You base skills up to 10 pts will be the same , even when/ if they rebalance it.