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  1. Karstodes

    In the end, only an oil slick will stay

    We had a nice community. Waiting to see if it will shine again on an other sea (rver).
  2. Karstodes

    End of the Forum

    Well, it is not a secret that WG looked more at newer players than the old guard. And newer/ younger players use discord….
  3. Karstodes

    End of the Forum

  4. Karstodes

    End of the Forum

    I would even say that it is a depth too deep for Titan.
  5. Karstodes

    In the end, only an oil slick will stay

    that is why I was not able to quote you! See you around! And keep me in touch for that hypothetical third party forum
  6. Karstodes

    In the end, only an oil slick will stay

    Yep, see you there !
  7. So tomorrow the God Emperor of Manking will shut down the astronomicon from the forum, making my oiled abs cry of sadness. Jokes aside, the forum was on of the most enjoyable part of the game. Between the balance theorycrafting, ship line/ premium proposal, and outrage about the BALANS, the forum was more part of the game than Scenario is (okay, probably because Scenario is the forgotten child of the game). Had a lot of fun to discuss here and to not only learn, but being part of a somewhat small community. Granted, I was on the more pessimist side of the community for the last year, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the community and even now I did return to the game (okay, having 2 computers with my son using one to play Age of Empire II next to me help). For the more personal point: I will wish a good farewell to @ArIskandir, since from what I understand you will sail on your own seas. Your more positive outlook on the game and will to work around the new mechanism of it was a nice way to counter my more pessimistic approach, and I must admit that your were right on the game a fair amount of time (tho, I still find subs unpleasant). In a similar way I will tilt my hat for @Ahskance. It was not easy to be the face of WG on that community and you managed to stay level headed and constructive despite your position. @SaiIor_Moon was always easy to spot thanks to the proper use of gif and how our expectation of the game aligned more often than not. Especially about sniping at long range: For @DolphinPrincess and @Your_SAT_Score, you did bring some Unicum insight in the game that I, a simple man, couldn't catch. And for @Wolfswetpaws , @Lert @paradat, @DrHolmes52, @Pugilistic, @Lord_Slayer, @Sabot_100 and many others, it was a pleasure to discuss here with you. Hope to see you online from time to time! And lastly, a nods to @LittleWhiteMouse for her diligent work on the forum, being often a better source of information than the official sources. On this, see you all on the game for the time it will last!
  8. And by both you are talking about the mod and cm?
  9. You know what is sad? the Forum will have shudown before you get your California buff! was a pleasure to talk with you and see you around in the game!
  10. Karstodes

    ArIskandir's last thread and Farewell

    If a move manage to make WG lose you, it show that they have f*** up. You were always up to the challenge of the new games mechanics, willing to adapt and find how to play with it and for that, I tip my hat. It was a pleasure to sail on the same virtual seas as you.
  11. Karstodes

    Just saw this in the PTS news post...

    Or her sister: Sukasa. Because Mikasa es sukasa.
  12. Karstodes

    Soshi's Last Post

    You do have a way to keep it alive:
  13. Karstodes

    Soshi's Last Post

    damn bringing back the pain of losing Jessica
  14. Karstodes

    please add CS staff

    Why should I add City Skyline staff?