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  1. took me 2 hrs to get that one done laat night because the game always ends before i finish capping
  2. AiRStYL3

    Narai, Boise and Transports with a mind of their own

    will WG able to give us back one of the other ops first before they pull narai from us to fix it?
  3. exactly why they are pulling it. repair ships in defense of naval base is bugged too. .. don't see them pulling it to "fix" it
  4. AiRStYL3

    ST, changes to test ships and Devonshire

    hmm. ....a 52k bb in a tier X game.
  5. AiRStYL3

    Lol, $230 for all the ARP ships

    and we dont even get the teddy bear?
  6. AiRStYL3

    just wondering

    this might be a stupod question, but why can't we have the 100 mm guns on the shira and hatsu instead of the 127s?
  7. AiRStYL3

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    a place to blow ships up when i am drunk
  8. AiRStYL3

    The 3 New Pan-Asian Premium Ships (Bajie, Wukong, Siliwangi)

    mind if i ask how many crates did you buy?
  9. AiRStYL3

    Recruiting solo players [MOEKA] server NA

  10. AiRStYL3

    Tier 8 operation

    same here, i was gonna buy boise for hermes, bayard and wichita for cherry bossom. i guess my money is safe for now. lol
  11. AiRStYL3

    Raptor Rescue is the most engaging scenario event

    i miss dynamo, cherry blossom and hermes. I wish WG will bring them back.
  12. AiRStYL3

    Recruiting solo players [MOEKA] server NA

    application summited.
  13. I am an active player looking for a clan with minimum requirements. I am on daily for an hour or so usually running operations. Contributed 5650 oil for the last clan i was in over 6 months period of time, can pm pic if need. Looking forward to grow with a new clan! Cheers!