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  1. Regvlvs

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Hit 100 ships tonight after a vicious game in Mogami gave me three clan rental ships. Most are research ships I refuse to sell.
  2. Regvlvs

    Frustrated with manual secondaries

    Ah ha! I noticed that in the past too with ships I have a secondary build on. I didn't really notice it so much with Mass but with a built Sinop I really noticed. I thought it was bad internet speed, using my neighbor's connection and such. Edit- And sometimes playing from my phone. Even without manual secondaries I always use the L-ctrl click to select targets on any ship. Habit.
  3. Regvlvs

    Italian premium crate heads up

    I bought zero crates during the Russian bb event and ended up with 5 ,7, 6. But I did play a lot And the last thing I need in port right now is another cruiser line anyway.
  4. RE: HorrorRoach's comment That was how it worked for me during the Russian bb event. Pyotr Velikiy, then Sinop, then Izmail. I don't know if there was a higher chance of getting ships from that event. The only money I spent related to the event was on getting a 10 point captain for Sinop, though I forget which crates dropped the ships.
  5. Regvlvs

    Tsukuba-class cruiser

    Yeah it would be hard to balance without making a multi-gimmick ship. Maybe the follow-on Ibuki class could make it, with 8inch rifles for the secondaries besides the 4.7 torpedo-boat weapons. It reads to me like these were sound ships for the time, but Japan just didn't have the enemy to fight yet.
  6. Regvlvs

    Tsukuba-class cruiser

    Anyone think this could work in-game? A heavy armored cruiser with 12inch rifles. Maybe if they split the IJN cruiser line? The low top speed would work against her though... And they would have to provide torps probably. Wargaming seems to only acknowledge deck-launched torpedoes on surface ships.
  7. Regvlvs

    Premium Ship Review #132 - Smolensk

    Thanks for the review... Tells me this thing is even worse than I initially thought. Basically a Shilka platoon on a speedboat. Bought Yoshino instead.
  8. I love how there are so many ships available for coal right now. Finally have enough for any one but it is a tough decision. The only one I bought before was Agile which was probably a mistake (I mostly just get into trouble playing her).
  9. Regvlvs

    USS Hill

    My big questions are on the history here. The bundle carries a flag commemorating William Lowell Hill, MOH, and the date 1881. The only USS Hill I can find is DE-141, a destroyer escort of the Edsall class. It is named for Chief Boatswain Edwin J. Hill, also Medal of Honor, who was killed during the Pearl Harbor attack while serving on the USS Nevada. These are pictures of sister ships.
  10. I have a quick (theoretical) question regarding bundles in the Premium Shop. Using the current "D-Day" bundle as example, I would be buying Tier V Texas and Tier VI Warspite, one American and one British 10pt Commander for each, port slots for both and the camouflage in the deal. I already own Texas, however. Would I still get the 10pt American captain and an extra port slot, plus doubloons for already owning Texas?
  11. Regvlvs

    Outrageous class

    I did not suggest it would be fun to play. Probably a nightmare. To compensate you can choose to mount the 18-inch guns of Furious and one-shot anything. I would like Lion in the game myself.
  12. Regvlvs

    Outrageous class

    This game is missing something. Namely a ship with the guns of Warspite, the armor of a Japanese destroyer, the speed of an Italian supercar and torps. I.E. The Couragous class