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  1. Agua_Dulce

    PTS accounts duplicating your main.

    How do I get my game back under any account. files or not?
  2. Agua_Dulce

    i give up

    I don't know how to even navigate this site. I just want to play.
  3. Agua_Dulce

    i give up

    Do you want me to quit playing?
  4. Agua_Dulce

    i give up

    Well, thank you . Not asking for sympathy, and playing the game is my only diversion. I am very challenged with my computer and now, I cannot play for days at a time. Frankly, I would just play and enjoy it . If I angered someone by not following streams, or following people, I always thought it was just a game. I spent a lot of money, on improving. Didn't mind, it's my only diversion. HELP.
  5. Agua_Dulce

    i give up

    need help with it all. guess I am too old and too dumb
  6. Agua_Dulce

    Player Stats.

    I am going to be passed over and thus forced into retirement. Secretary of Navy will have your beehind.
  7. Once after 2 years playing, during a ranked battle tourney, I actually achieved #1 rank. I had to request a review of my ranked battle attempts, and the inaccurate # of my total victories in ranked was corrected. Now, the CNO , the Admiral of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Navy, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Secretary of Defense are being given inaccurate, incorrect statistics which have hampered my advancement. I am going to be passed over for promotion. My children will think I embellished my distinguished Naval career, my wife will run away with my cheating backstabbing friend, and I will resort to ingesting ever increasing amounts of edibles, thus becoming the mere shadow of my former self. Accurate service records are important , the total number of wins was incorrect . I was able to get that corrected. Now, my highest achieved rank all seasons, needs to be re-examined. Thank you, Texas_Mojado PS Mojado means wetback
  8. I had this same experience, just yesterday, after a month of trouble free , low fan speeds, indicative of the amount of processing load on my PC. Noticeably , when I logged in and began to play yesterday 02-25, I immediately noticed the game was lagging, and, my pc was overclocking. It had done neither for a while. For some reason, the mods i had been using were missing. The crosshairs I had been using was the clue that something was amiss. Suggest checking modstation, if you use it. Remove and re-select the mods.
  9. Agua_Dulce

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Well put.
  10. Agua_Dulce

    Rank Matters

    After playing some 3 years now, I am getting a little better. Every ranked battle is hard fought. Once again, my stats for seasons past in ranked battles are not reflective of my hard earned rank attained. Once before , I had won enough battles in ranked battles, to be ranked #1. After reporting said mistake to WG WOWS, a thorough of my stats was conducted ( my guess) and I was actually ranked #1, albeit for all of 2 weeks or so. If only for " bragging rights", on my pilot season stats, the highest ranks, all seasons needs to be corrected to #1. I hope I do not have to file formal charges with the Secretary of the Navy to have my service record corrected. Of course, I will do so following the proper chain of command. Please re-examine and correct this glaring error . Respectfully, Fleet Admiral Texas_Mojado ie. Wetback
  11. Agua_Dulce

    0.9.8 Update Pre-load

    Wana Snicker
  12. Well when I started this game, no one would step up and offer any CONSTRUCTIVE pointers, criticism, Nada , zip.....then they have the unmitigated gall to complain about "rentals " in their precious game....Psssh gimme a break. Now, on a more personal level, I still believe , until proven otherwise that points awarded for destroying a vessel are skewed. How can it be time after time after time, that even when I have been the only ship, or the last ship to fire at and destroy an opponent that no points are awarded.. I'm almost positive in the face of it, stick my finger in it and taste of it, I'm not alone. Seems as if you haven't a higher tier ship, you will never win a battle. How about it WOWS?
  13. Agua_Dulce


    I could not have stated it more succinctly my self . How about it WoWs . Still gonna maintain it's a level playing field? Lies Lies Lies. I mean , we ought to be able to play and not be cheated.