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  1. IwetMyPants

    Bit of disappointed with the Baltimore camo

    Even I agree the eagle on the top is overkill, but why not have a little overkill once in a while. Like the steampunk electric skin I've seen once in a while. I have no idea what it is, and it makes no sense in this game, but I WANT it. LOL. As for What if your eyes are burning?" That's why they make Visine.
  2. IwetMyPants

    Bit of disappointed with the Baltimore camo

    Boy, you guys are rough! I just won this camo and I love it. It fits perfectly the retro style of the era. That's why it DOES look like the Chrysler building. Much better than dripping rust on a non-camo ship (although I do like that touch of realism). Watch the WOW video on Night Battles with the team (not sure why this is in Night Battles and not a Fourth of July video, but, oh well). They explain the design process they went through and I think they did a great job. And it's not just because I am an American. I love the old architecture in New York when buildings weren't just glass and metal boxes. Great job to the WOW team. Of course, now I need to get the Baltimore (LOL).
  3. While I understand it is necessary to keep people from deliberately shooting at their teammates, and you need to be aware of your allies when firing guns or torpedoes, there is one aspect of this that is completely unfair. If a ship runs into another ship, it should be the fault of the ship that RAMS the other ship, not the ship that has been rammed. Several times now, I have been parked next to an island or in smoke and received a teamkill penalty when someone else ran into me. How is that my fault? Also, if you fire torpedoes when no one else is around, and then someone enters the area and completely changes course long after firing torpedoes, this should not be the fault of the person firing the torpedoes. Perhaps the easiest way to fix this in gameplay is to penalize anyone who hits a teammate with a torpedo within 15 or 20 seconds. After that, it is clearly the fault of the person who is hit with the torpedo for not checking the area or heeding the torpedo warnings. If you run into danger without looking, it should be your fault, not everyone else's. Thanks!