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  1. Well, the hotel/airline discount sites are useful for checking prices at multiple providers. They are also handy for notifying you if a flight destination goes on sale, since they check multiple airlines. When I find one I want, I go book it with the actual company providing the service. You are usually better off if a problem comes up to be able to deal directly with the hotel chain or airline than having to go through a third-party "discounter" and those websites are almost never cheaper than booking it direct.
  2. Bianchi4Me

    What is that? What the heck is that?!

    I gave up when the author repeated the myth about it taking a gazillion bombs and two gazillion torpedoes to sink a Yamato/Mushashi. The fact they were hit that many times while being swarmed by warplanes does not mean that is the number of hits it would take to sink them. When Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed they were each shot over 50 times. Does that mean it takes 50+ bullets to sink a Bonnie/Clyde class gangster?
  3. When WG says "ends on xx day" they mean that it's over when the server switches over to begin that "game day". In NA that is 6:30 a.m. Eastern/3:30 a.m. Pacific. So the one event does technically end on the 22nd, but it stops in the early morning, which is when the other one begins.
  4. So you want "all of us", including the person who already posted the info here about the Russians, the dance hall (and the aquarium you failed to mention), provided a photograph of ship in it's post-war dance hall state, and cited the source of the info... ...to "go read some history" about the Russians, the dance hall, etc.? I think it would be a lot easier for everybody if you just actually read the thread before posting dismissive comments.
  5. Or maybe you could just read the thread before posting?
  6. I wonder... Would it be possible to encase ship's hulls like the Texas in concrete, so they can be inexpensively saved, but just make a relatively shallow "moat" of water around the perimeter of the hull? You'd want the water set back from the hull just a bit so as to not have it leaking in between the hull plates and the concrete, but visually it would look like the ship was floating there. Obviously, drydock display on supports would be nice, but that apparently requires extensive internal strengthing of the hull.
  7. Hey now, if USS Texas can jump into bed with a Russian video game company, the Mikasa memorial can surely cash in on Japan's loli obsession...
  8. Post WW2 Mikasa, with guns, turrets, and upper works removed. On the plus side, dance hall and aquarium added. Memorial website says Russians wanted ship dismantled, Japanese wanted it preserved, American occupation forces compromised by "de-militarizing" it into a building platform... which was eventually abandoned and left to rust for many years. I very much doubt this ship would exist at all if it had not been concrete bound. It prevented it from sinking during decades of abuse/neglect.
  9. Bianchi4Me

    Disapearing ship nonsense

    OP, you seriously missed that whole Dev blog? See the wiki section "Legendary Module: Cloaking Device"
  10. Bianchi4Me

    Konig Albert is for sale

    Man, if they personally offered me a ship that was pulled from general sale due to being OP, I'd be a little hurt. Like WGing is saying: "Hey, we know most people would abuse this as it's too strong, but we figure you could pribably use the help..."
  11. Bianchi4Me

    Konig Albert is for sale

    Does that include the cost of relocating to Brazil?
  12. Bianchi4Me

    History repeats again..and again...and again

    ...and your point?
  13. The Flags are only a means to earn bonus amounts of what people actually want, right? So those items are clearly not "the hardest things to get" since they only exist to get you something else. And, once again, DID IT WORK to get the numbers they needed? No it didn't. You are certainly entitled to feel like it should be sufficient to motivate people, but the number of folks participating shows it wasn't. It's important to remember that WG is competing against itself in that the live server has incentives going on at the same time. Further if people played all the ships classes and builds WG wanted, why then are we being told the test results were heavily skewed by many people only bringing full AA spec ships? Is that what WG wanted? Or did that also not work?
  14. I can't disagree, but I hope you can agree that the relatively few people they did round up to play with the current incentive structure was insufficient. Also, the small population they did get was apparently not diverse enough to be meaningfully representative. ("AA Spec versus The Bots", as the poster above alluded to.) They didn't control/incentivizing what ships and builds were used to ensure they got a valid sample to test. I think they could have done so, as someone else pointed out, they have all the systems in place.
  15. Playing in Public Test was all AA builds because WG expected players to do the Beta for them for free, and in the case of people with premium time, to PAY WG for the privilege of Beta testing. Which is frankly ridiculous. IF the Devs had instead paid the players, as they should, by offering loot for playing certain classes/ships/builds they could have gotten whatever and however much they wanted on the test server. WG being too cheap and/or too indifferent to properly test their product does not make it "impossible". Have you noticed that other gaming companies manage to release updates that don't alienate the player base like a bunch ants whose hill just got stepped on?