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  1. Bianchi4Me

    Reporting a player

    SuperReports also drop from the Santa Containers, but be careful. First time I got some I had no idea what they were for and accidentally got a whole clan put on Double Secret Probation.
  2. Bianchi4Me

    Reporting a player

    Please, don't give WG any new ideas.
  3. Bianchi4Me

    Santa's Gift

    My mind immediately flashed forward to the 2029 Holiday Sale...
  4. Bianchi4Me

    Dumb co-op questions...

    There was also a lot of concern that with the games taking longer (and they were running about twice as long), and being harder to win, and harder to stay alive in long enough to garner XP, that the changes amounted to a pretty massive drop in earnings. If they suddenly changed altered the reward scheme for Random in a way that meant it would take more than twice as long to complete the daily tasks and finish campaign events, I think you'd notice a bit of an outcry. The "too hard" complaints I saw were concerned that the dumb bots were originally given their "cheats" (always know where everyone is on the map, magic shooting powers, and psychic torpedo detection) to balance their yolo play style. The smart bots still being able to hit reliably on the very first shot at max range on an evading target and having their abnormally high initial fire chance was a bit much... especially when the new smart bots were predisposed to focus fire one ship. Human players actually have to turn turrets and aim after they detect target. Bots already have their turrets pointed in the right direction and have rounds in the air the instant you get "detected".
  5. Perhaps it's not crediting you for spotting the same ship more than once. It's like having a challenge to "date six girls". Second dates with the same gal don't count.
  6. Bianchi4Me

    Magic has no place in this game

    I think we should have the "USS Smith Challenge." You must fire so many torps in one game that their combined weight exceeds the actual gross tonnage of the vessel.
  7. Bianchi4Me

    Magic has no place in this game

    C'mon, no love yet for the magic torpedo tubes that reload in 8 seconds and can so indefinitely? On ships that historically carried no reloads? That's some serious voodoo teleportation hijinks there.
  8. A fundamental point that some Random players fail to grasp: The "competition" in Co-op is not beating the Reds, it's out-performing your teammates. "Winning" is almost a given. Finishing atop the scoreboard is not. To me, surviving (or not) for five minutes in a point-blank knife fight swarming with torpedoes is fun. Hiding at the edges or behind islands and playing "peek-and-pewpew" with everyone blindly shooting at the ocean for 15 minutes? Not as much fun, to me. I'm not sure how this kind of "pancakes versus waffles" debate acquires elitist overtones.
  9. Bianchi4Me

    Tech Tree Premium Discounts on SEA Server

    Yep, I see it's working fine on my phone display, but not the PC. Maybe formatting is allergic to Firefox.
  10. Bianchi4Me

    PSA: Silver Ships - Sale Ending Soon

    Thanks, OP. +1 Got busy and played/free XP'ed my way through the IJN and French cruisers to tier V. Now I have 6 nations with at least one tier V I can use for the last stage of the PEF event... and I've got 24k silver left!
  11. Bianchi4Me

    Tech Tree Premium Discounts on SEA Server

    Image isn't displaying correctly (for me at least). Also not working as a link, if that was the intent.
  12. Bianchi4Me

    Random folks in Co-op please chill out

    Maybe we need a different term for it, but when we have events that require a certain number of kills, I've seen players come into PVE and deliberately just sit and watch a battle without firing until the red ship is almost dead. They let a teammate whittle the red ship's health down to where they can predictably deliver the coup de grace with one salvo. If the teammate dies in the process, so much the better, guaranteed kill for them.
  13. Bianchi4Me

    Premium time sale not what it may appear.

    Nah, the old product is still available at the same price. The new product offers improved benefits for people who only play WoWs... at the same price as the old product. Choice is a good thing. The very first sentence in the WoWs Premium Time item page is: "Warships Premium Account applies only to World of Warships." (It's also named "A Year at Sea" which is a pretty good clue.) I'm not sure why we are supposed to do more than "shrug off" people who buy stuff a $50 item without even bothering to look at what they are buying. I certainly don't see them as victims of some plot.
  14. Bianchi4Me

    PSA 1 year of ships prem 50 percent off

    As mentioned by Duckman: You can accomplish the same thing by spending 12,000 Db in-game. If you have the Db, you're already set If you don't, for $50 the Admiral's Bounty bundle gets you 30 days plus 12,500 Db. So for another $2: 30 days more time 500 Db choose the type of Premium you want
  15. Bianchi4Me

    What happened to DASHA?

    Fanboy waifu fantastists: Look Away. Thought she was off on maternity leave?