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  1. I stand by my comment. An informed approach would be to watch it and point out what you disagree with. I would actually value your opinion that way.
  2. Yep - at least watch it before you crap on it.
  3. Per Hop on Pop, by Dr. Seuss...
  4. Get_Kraken

    So, I got this email from PayPal and...

    Texas is not a bad ship by any means and can be okay for folks who are relatively new. Tier 5 is tough on new players, though (as it was me).
  5. Get_Kraken

    So, I got this email from PayPal and...

    Starting out with BB's (battleships) for a while gives you the benefit of better ability to survive while you learn the ropes. BB's are also generally slow in low tiers, so it is hard to outrun your support. Just make sure to not go off to the borders of the map alone, where you will be fodder for destroyers and HE spamming cruisers. Good luck!
  6. Get_Kraken

    Thank you, Ashitaka!

    For making the end of the Mighty Prinz campaign fun and rewarding after a long grind (even in defeat). I thought the T-61 was easily my best gift from Santa, but you are giving her a serious run for her money!
  7. Get_Kraken

    How much will "free" cost?

    It may have already been said, but it would be awesome to be able to pull up a grid in port with ships in rows and camo/flags in columns. From that grid you could have a pull down menu in one cell to set your camo and radio buttons or check boxes to select your flags - all on one page for all of your ships. It could have an option to print out the current settings, as well.
  8. Get_Kraken

    Musashi or Kronshtadt (unable to get both)

    I don’t regret getting Musashi. Life will be tougher with more planes, though...
  9. Get_Kraken

    server blow up????

    Probably already said, but Centurylink has a major nationwide outage. Could be affecting access to WG servers?
  10. Get_Kraken

    Thank You, Wargaming

    So easy to just focus on the negative and take the things you like for granted. Nice post!
  11. Get_Kraken


    Very nice gesture! This community has some good peeps...
  12. PEF is not a typical German BB. While it is does not have accurate guns (which is typical for KM BB's) and is pretty strong against planes, it has no turtleback armor scheme and is a lot more fragile. You should read the review by @LittleWhiteMouse before you make a decision to buy it...
  13. Get_Kraken

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    This is why I try to earn these ships rather than buy them.
  14. Get_Kraken

    PSA: Tech Tree Discount

    I think they did the premium ship sale after Christmas last year. I have been patiently hoarding credits for this day. I just spent $46MM on four ships from the tech tree, but saved $9.1MM! I hope that the upgrades go back on sale at some point over the next few weeks...
  15. Get_Kraken

    Alsace - God I still love it to pieces

    That is a fun ship! I didn't get it until after the nerf, but still really like it once it is upgraded.