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  1. What worries me most is how you even know this video exists...
  2. What's worse is that they followed to you port to do that. I feel sorry in a way for folks that have such a crappy life that causes them to act that way. Doubly sad that that they can't afford a keyboard with a working caps lock key...
  3. Get_Kraken

    Good Job on WG

    Encouraged by the change of direction. I'm sure the devs can come up with some interesting reward content besides direct ship buffs.
  4. The dev article clearly states, " Two risks of the new system are an increased economic burden on users and an increase in the gap in combat effectiveness." Neither of these risks are worth it. Please don't go there.
  5. Seem bugged post-update when you scan them in the team rosters in a battle.
  6. Man, some of you have a shipton of battles!
  7. No visible scoring is all part of the "fog of war."
  8. Get_Kraken

    That dude that talks when your ship is on fire

    Only those who cannot appreciate the incredible timing and delivery of a true artist could hate it! It was better than prozac with regard to calming me down in the heat of a raging battle. "Fire alarm...," no big deal, who cares? Definitely not captain Steven. So why should I worry?
  9. Get_Kraken

    That dude that talks when your ship is on fire

    There's an app for that...
  10. Get_Kraken

    That dude that talks when your ship is on fire

    "Fire alarm" was much better with the sleepy monotone of Steven Seagal.
  11. I stand by my comment. An informed approach would be to watch it and point out what you disagree with. I would actually value your opinion that way.
  12. Yep - at least watch it before you crap on it.
  13. Per Hop on Pop, by Dr. Seuss...
  14. Get_Kraken

    So, I got this email from PayPal and...

    Texas is not a bad ship by any means and can be okay for folks who are relatively new. Tier 5 is tough on new players, though (as it was me).