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  1. mixmkz

    What it takes to kill a Kurfurst

    I hit a GK for a 2x citadel + a few pens in a yammy the other day, could not believe my eyes. I was sneaking up on a GK on a losing flank and was prepared to make a last stand, and that shot totally changed the dynamic of the engagement to my favor. Then I got hit by a bunch of deep water torps haha
  2. mixmkz

    Dev blog announced CE change

    I don't get what is the big deal. As a bb, if a dd spots you today then it will be near impossible to disengage without hard cover. If a dd can keep you perma spotted, then either the dd is within death range of a cruiser or you're in a bad spot position wise. As a cruiser, if you are able to keep a bb perma spotted, then you have direct LOS of a bb within 15km... unless you plan on never shooting, you are risking getting dev striked by a bb at that range. I salivate at the opportunity of a cruiser within 15km of me (at t10).
  3. I bet haha. I am just glad that the sunray mission helped finished off the final stage of the hockey captain mission where you need 500 secondary hits (got like 1500 in one battle), I don't even have a secondary ship so I never thought I was able to complete it.
  4. Now its my turn to be confused lol, taking me longer than usual to spool up my brain this monday. But using the following calc: (3 players * 10 games * 100% wr) + (19 players * 10 games * 43% wr) / (24 players * 10 games) = 46% weighted average Your hypothesis is only true, if the weighted avg calc is the right one to use. Otherwise, I really dont have a terribly good idea what stats to crunch.
  5. So to follow up, regardless if if the remaining 19/24 players are 50% wr players, the only times they can achieve a 50% wr is to play in a match against non division players. If the division players have 0% wr, then the 9/24 chance they end up on the division's team will bring down their wr, making them skew overall above 50% wr since they have 12/24 chance of winning. If the division players have 100% wr, then the 12/24 chance they end up on the opposite team will bring down their wr as they will lose all of those games. So the only way to get a clean weighted avg is to count all the division players as 1, and so your chance of being on the division team is 10.5/21, and the chance of being on the other side is 10.5/21. If you do this math with the above example of the div either having 100% or 0% wr, the remaining players will still achieve a 50% wr regardless of which side they end up on.
  6. @enderland07 Hmm it makes sense to me lol. And please do not think that I am being combative, I am merely having an intellectual debate with ya :) Imagine 10 students took 10 tests, and you want to know what is the average score for each student, and the weighted average for the whole class. But the problem is 3 of the 10 students took the same test, 5x. While the remaining 7 took 10 different tests. Therefore your weighted average calc is skewed. By divisioning, instead of randomly having 12 v 12, you have an unequal odd of being on the same team, therefore skewing either your win or loss higher, and therefore affecting the other players who are still being randomly placed via the mm... but now the chance of the remaining player being on a (higher or lower wr) team is only 9/24, whereas the non division team is 12/24
  7. I did notice something weird with the range, but didn't seem to stop us from bringing down their ships. You may already know this, but if you hit the invulnerability button right before you ram, you can take out the boss ship without hurting yourself. Having the dd torp helps too, as (I am not 100% certain on this) I think the boss has invulnerability too... and that tricks the boss, or at least the cv, to use it on the torps and not your ram.
  8. @enderland07 That assumes the sum of all games played is 240, which is not because of divisioning... the actual # of games loaded on the server is less than 240. To get the true weighted avg, you need to remove the duplicate games, aka isolate the games where the same players played in a divisions and count them as only 1 set of games instead of 3 separate instances in the weighted calc. I suspect this will immediately bring you much closer to 50%
  9. What would be the input for the weighted average calc? I am not following--I don't get what stats could be used in a weighted avg calc that negates the influence of divisions.
  10. We 4 star-ed it but only due to bad luck that we didn't 5 star it... we closed the portal too soon, and the cv was 1 salvo away from dying. At least from my observation you need 3 BB. One to kill / ram rasputin before he get into the filth. One in the filth to ram and kill the cv. One in the middle to follow behing transilvania to mop up pursuing ships. 1 DD to help torp rasputin as he spawns, then race into the filth to help torp the cv. The cruisers stay middle to lend DPM, then pull back with transilvania to help mop up pursuing ships.
  11. That is not true, because of divs. So its not on the whole 12 players losses and 12 player wins, think of these 24 players playing 10 battles together. Of the 24 players, 3 players div together for all 10 battles, and won all 10 battles. The remaining 19 players were randomly split between whether they were on the div's side, or the opposite side. Immediately you have 3 players with 100% wr, and the remaining 19 players with various win rates. The lucky ones that ended up on the div side half the time will get 50% wr, and most will be below... why is that? Because there is only 9/12 spots available for the remaining 19 players, and not all of them will have an equal opportunity to play on the winning side at least 50% of the 10 games.
  12. Interesting stats and thanks for sharing your experience. Lots of lower tier games are not fun when ships are not balanced across tiers. Whenever I play mid tiers I always forget that a battle ship (such as Scharn) can devastate a cruiser at its own tier but completely helpless against a bow tanking cruiser 1 tier higher. Or ships who's role is to outgun ships with smaller guns and outrun those with bigger guns, only to get out run by ships with bigger guns that are 1 tier higher.
  13. It gets tough to play against double kami r divisions, I've never been on such a bad losing streak
  14. mixmkz

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    t9 ship sucks, when compared to the t10 ships. But when compared to t7 ships, most of the t9 ships are pretty crazy. Many of the t9 cruisers can bow tank t7 bb, which makes things like the neptune and buffalo (ships I regularly delete in my yammy) a bit more intimidating to play against in a scharnhorst.
  15. If the unicum players play together in div more often then the average player, then for every time 1 unicum player wins, another 1 or 2 unicum wins as well. Just from this, you will have an unbalance of wr. So even if you have multiple unicum players with 60% wr, they share wins from the same battles.