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  1. mixmkz

    EU Migration

    eu concordo, os americanos são tão ignorantes e falam apenas uma língua
  2. mixmkz

    The high tier meta is not fun, WG

    Its not just the HE spammer, but all other "new cruisers" as well. Why would anyone push in when 90% of the cruisers in each t10 battle are long range kiting cruisers (yoshino, henri, venezia, hindy, mosk, etc) who keeps engagement at longer ranges. Instead of contesting for map positions, most cruisers can hang as far back as bb, enabling the death blob, and making most battle hilariously bad.
  3. Guys leave vaku alone, hes a pretty good dd player. I was in a battle with him once, and he was never spotted the entire time, he even chased to the edge of the map trying to torp a kiting GK. Thank god he hit him with a torp tho, I don't know what else I would of done had he not finished the 2k hp GK that I was burning down the entire game.
  4. It doesn't matter, even 1 cv is too many for my liking.
  5. I was in a game with you yesterday on Atlantic, where you were the monty and I was the DM. I saw you rushing the A cap and asked for radar and I didn't give it lol.... I knew from the looks of it you were committed and were going to flush out both their dd and the smol, so I figure I'll just let you flush them out for me to kill instead :D
  6. I stopped playing dd after t10 became more and more infested with cv.
  7. mixmkz

    Balance Smole

    I thought you said the dd died and the smol decided to rush the cap in his stead?
  8. mixmkz

    Balance Smole

    Imagine if the bb held his shot, went dark, and walked into 6km smoke detect range of the smol, then blapped him.
  9. Looking at your stats, it seems you're still new to DM. DM is a much better experience when played "mobile". Give it a shot and maybe you will enjoy her again.
  10. mixmkz

    Kleber buffs when?

    Kleber is such a dumb bote. I don't who thought it was a good idea that anyone, regardless of skills, can simply bring a daring + scroll out a bit and instant counter my ship.
  11. mixmkz

    Why so much French bias?

    Agreed 100%. its about time the des moines gets a courtesy buff.
  12. How dare you bring realistism, fun, or balanced game play into an actual discussion!
  13. mixmkz

    Arc idea: What's old is new again

    This idea is so great, that its already in WG's trash bin.
  14. mixmkz

    Help Interpreting Stats

    When I look on the leaderboard of t10 cruisers, usually the top 10 players in each ship averages close to 170k+, some maintain this over 300 games. There is a reason they are the best. If anyone can farm farm farm and win, then everyone will just do it. That is why most of us just hover some where in the middle.
  15. mixmkz

    Help Interpreting Stats

    I read all the comments in this thread, and to be frank most of them are completely useless. PR by itself is not very useful, as you can definitely farm to lose. So you can choose your impact on games in two ways: 1) focus on doing relevant damage, and take as many ships off the board as you can before you die, hoping you took out enough high impact ships that your team can mop up. anyone can kill a 40% backline camping bb, but you need to take out the dd and cruisers holding strategic map positions. 2) do so much damage that the team runs out of hp, and therefore you ensure your own win. you need to avg ~6x your ship's hp in dmg. if you can avg close to 200k per game in a t10 cruiser, over 100 games, youre going to win more than you lose. I can't do #2, so I have been trying to get better at #1.