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  1. mixmkz

    Thunderer Nerf...What Was WG Thinking?

    Doesn't the average player base / forum goer crack you up? lol Your other piece of analysis was very well done. I noticed that while stats show the avg thunderer is on par with conq, if even the worst players will do far better in their thunderer than any other t10 bb they own. It is just too ez to do dmg in that thing, and as your skill increases the threat you bring in a thunderer is soooo much greater and a lot of other t10 bb. People in random battles that average 30k dmg in montana will easily average 70k in thunderer, same player, same skill, but vastly different dmg outputs.
  2. mixmkz

    Sinop in ranked

    Literally just dont move, that is all it takes to not die in the sinop.
  3. mixmkz

    Camouflages need a major rework!!

    My camo should give enemy ships more range, that way they will all shoot at me and not the naked neptune on my team that is broadsiding outside of smoke.
  4. mixmkz

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    Neither do most cv players, it seems.
  5. mixmkz

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    This is the thinking man's action game, I am impressed daily by the amount of thought and analysis the players put into both their random battles, and forum posts
  6. mixmkz

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    The OP only formulates well thought out arguments backed out real facts and personal experience with the subject matter at hand. Wish we had more forum posters like him tbh
  7. mixmkz

    Abuse Of The Testing Privilege

    I think the forums need more posts like this, where the poster did his or her due diligence and formulate arguments supported by facts and defensible logic.
  8. yeah, I will gladly give out compliments for people that surprises me.
  9. Spend 20 mins and read the forums. Then ask yourself if these are the people you think can recognize situations / opportunity you create for them.... then you will understand why you just play for yourself and not count on others.
  10. mixmkz

    MvR - nurfed into the dirt?

    If the bombs hit the corner of the reticule 9/10 times, then use the corner of the reticule when aiming the bomb drop?
  11. mixmkz

    Is AA Really that bad?

    My argument was more around that despite shooting down the kaga's planes, the kaga can still field near full strength squads since her reserves is massive. Not UNL planes. What is your reading experience?
  12. mixmkz

    Is AA Really that bad?

    Yikes, and you're a tester.
  13. mixmkz

    WG Bot detection is horrible

    Looks like the average forum poster
  14. mixmkz

    Is AA Really that bad?

    Are you ok? Did you hit your head? If you have 30 planes in reserve out of 100, it doesn't matter when your squad only uses 10 at a time. Or is that concept too much for you.