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  1. I understand this sucks, as we've run into the same problem too. But on the flip side, it depends on whether you want to "barely scrape into storm" or be comfortable of playing at a storm level. When we were in storm, we routinely played against typhoon teams. Being able to compete with teams 2 leagues above you means you will have confidence of being better than the teams who are in the same league as you. It is just part of the struggle.... all the teams who are in storm had to go thru the same mm as well.
  2. mixmkz

    Crusier bad habits....

    Well to be fair at 18km+, unless its a republique, no bb has the shell velocity to hit me when I change my speed lol. But I generally avoid speed juking like a boss against clan tags I recognize. I watched a friend tried to do it to an MIA iowa at 19km and got chunked 80% of his health on the first salvo, haha.
  3. Bad torp angles on cruiser is the IJN "gimmick" lol
  4. mixmkz

    Dynamo Schnellboot kill records

    I don't play dynamo with random ppl anymore. I got negative karma for doing too well and hogging all the kills lol
  5. mixmkz

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    Its the different play style that produce the trends you are seeing. Most DM players like to bow tank, and when you are rushed by multiple bots shooting at you, you are unlikely to come out of that alive. Wooster usually have to show their broadside to get off all of its turrets, and people tend to do that where its safe, aka in the back or behind an island, so they tend to not be "stuck" in the middle of a brawl fest.
  6. In today's environment, less fun. Was in a ranked battle yesterday where our cv did not know how to straif. You can imagine how much "fun" we had, that whole battle was a waste of everyone's time.
  7. mixmkz

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    Different play styles, I guess :)
  8. mixmkz

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    That is not really true about the wooster. The wooster outputs a monstrous dpm, potentially 8k+ per salvo every ~4 secs. Under 10km, against a broadside ship, you should be landing every single salvo. The closer you get caught to a wooster, the more powerful she becomes. I have won so many battles against t10 cruisers by popping up the opposite side of them at 9km, when i have less than half health and completely melt them to 0 health within 6-7 salvos.
  9. mixmkz

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    Both have extremely high skill ceilings. Island camping is the easiest way to play, and if you do so I think DM is more noob friendly as you can just bow in and use the front guns, whereas the wooster needs to have its entire broadside firing for good dpm. I love wooster, and I play open water wooster at that. It is a great ambusher where if I catch anything by surprise under 10km they literally melt to no health before they can get their turret rotated to me. That takes a bit more experience and is a relatively high risk play style however.
  10. CV has an out sized influence on the outcome of the match, and hence why a lot of players feel like they are just along for the ride when in a match of avg CV vs. super unicum CV. Not the most fun experience for the 22 other players, but thankfully CV matches are rare (until recently). It's like being in a 1 DD per side match, where the DD on your team only intends to fire from smoke and torp at max range vs. the enemy DD that plays DD expertly. Just overall poor balancing from WG where a single player's play style or their own choice of personal enjoyment can impact the whole team.
  11. mixmkz


    Actually mogami has the 155mm, not 152.
  12. mixmkz

    IJN everything super Squishy

    The only thought I had from reading this, is you are playing your cruisers wrong. Whether the cruiser is squishy or tanky, you should not be getting into engagement where your outcome depends on surviving citadel shots from 1 or multiple bb. Control your engagement, pick your fights, only get into a stuck-in fight with a bb when you know you can finish them off in that engagement. Then you will do well in your IJN cruisers. Yamato is also super tanky as well, even at ~15km. Instead of bow-in to your certain death against multiple enemies, you point your butt at them. Let the most dangerous bb look at your butt, and point your broadside at the weakest ship, then delete them with your full 9 gun broadside. Repeat on the next weakest, etc. As long as you are moving away at a moderate speed you wont get swarmed, and you can easily 1v3 doing this.
  13. mixmkz

    Hows the Bougogne Is Doing so far

    If this boat is a person, I think he would marry her.
  14. mixmkz

    Hows the Bougogne Is Doing so far

    Do you know that by posting this thread, you have immortalized Katsuragi as the top bon jovi player in NA, and now we will never hear the end of it from him.
  15. mixmkz

    Some perspective

    Yes, the learning curve is high and the game does a very poor job of getting new player ready for it. I bet the churn rate of players by tenure would show a significant amount of them drop out once they hit mid tier random battles.