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  1. As a new(er) player, I am feeling quite burnt out after this clan battle season... but actually for a very different reason. Clan battles showed me how great + fun this game can be when there are coordinated team play, which now makes random a huge frustration. I used to come home after work and play random for hours, now I would rather do something else than roll the dice on randoms, but still look forward to coordinated play with my clanmates.
  2. I think yes, there should be different ships with different floor / ceiling. What I think people are complaining is that ships have disproportionate "ability" to consistently carry.
  3. I have the one for yamato, its nice but did not notice too much of a difference... this is only because (to me) yamato's biggest challenge is positioning and having a team to support and leverage you, which is hard playing solo.
  4. T10 with permanent camo is an awesome credit maker. Also playing in clan battles (with rental or owned t10 with perma camo) makes a lot of money too. This season of clan battles I've played ~180 battles, 90% of them in a rental and made somewhere around 70M credits.
  5. Got one last night when I was in a DD (down to 25% health), was in an awkward spot on the map where the closest friendlies were blocked by island but we were winning. The only area where I felt the enemy DD was located were either in the same cap as me or in the adjacent space behind another island. ... then enemy DD popped up behind the island (full health), followed closely by his cruiser buddy. I snapped a panic shot and tried to high tail it out of there, only to detonate the enemy DD on my first shot
  6. How to Grozovoy

    Having just read this, and being one of the dd players for clan battles (in a rental dd), I really like the groz. What DD Kuro said about kiting USN CL / CA at ~10km is on point. Last night in a clan battle loss, my flank was wiped and I was left alone vs. a worchester so I decided to do some open water gun boating. I pretty much took him from 100-0 at around 8km by kiting, wiggling, slowing and speeding up. The fact that he was bow on chasing me made it even easier to dodge since he couldnt only shoot 2 guns at a time.
  7. I think the game just needs more players, mm will have an easier time, the distribution of skills and bad team will get more spread out. Sure, its no fun going up against 2 divisions of purple clans on the opposite team for sure, but I do appreciate that some of the better players take their time out to division and teach some of us newer players the ropes... so the good balances out the bad. I think a good stat to show how disproportionately unbalanced the game is from highly skilled players division playing together is the WR stat. An example would be (this is very general), when you look at WR average for a ship, it may be ~50%... but when you look at it for the top 50% of the POP, it becomes 56%, then top 65% of the POP, it goes to 65%, etc. Usually when you have a distribution like this, it means you have a very long tail distribution of a very small # of players with ultra high WR. Even when you look at the top 50% of the POP, it is probably composed of high 40% players who's overall WR gets dragged up by the players with ultra high WR. If over half the server POP wins 40% or less, you're going to have a question on whether players consider losing fun, and whether you may lose players because of it. Also another note, I am not sure how its mathematically realistic to have a server "average" win rate above 50%, because for every 12 players that wins, 12 player loses--unless the WR is just an average of everyone's average, then it is some what meaningless as an overall stat to describe the population.
  8. I know not is place...

    I saw you in the game on Sunday, I think. You are one of the 2 people on this forum whom I've stumbled across within the game. I was the Farragut who suicide / point blank torped a fuso and the fuso survived
  9. What would be awesome is if it is a toggle, call spotter up, bring it back down when no longer needed, etc.
  10. Just had the experience of going up against some YIKES botes in random battles... just when I thought I was getting an advanced understanding of the game, they showed me what a huge gulf it is between me and really good
  11. I did not, and did not know I needed to do so. Thanks!
  12. Those are all really great suggestions, so thanks so much for sharing them with me. I agree with the shot timing and survival rate comments a lot, as I catch myself making those mistakes often. The reason why I ask about solo win rate is I wonder if the statistic itself is deceiving. I can't help but wonder if the 52% wr is a factor of the population over indexing higher wr in the lower tiers plus that the median lies in the 40s while there are a few truly great players with high wr that drags the mean artificially higher than where the bulk of the population is distributed. I do pretty well in t4 (both the clemson and the IJN prem BB), but while blapping newbies faster than they can blap me back will be good for stats, it doesn't teach me to be a better player.
  13. Whenever we division up for operations, and chooses to do any operation that is not the current operation of the week, the game would go to the 'queuing screen' for a few seconds then drop everyone in the division back to the login landing page. Was able to replicate this bug with a few different operations and with other division commanders as well.
  14. What is a realistic "good" solo win rate for random battles? Right now I have a 50.x% solo wr for t10 in my yamato over 100+ battles, and I feel like I can't do much more to influence the outcome. I have a 66% solo wr in my t4 IJN premium bb over ~60 battles, yet I have no idea how I am able to do that. Lastly when I play dd (only t5 so far), I am 100% team objective focused (scouting first, killing dd 2nd, capping 3rd) and yet my solo wr is somewhere in the ~30%. I would love to know the secret sauce(s) to get 60% wr as a solo player.