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  1. mixmkz

    Measuring Success in WoWS

    Fun is a measurement of success, unfortunately some people find winning 29% of the time fun.
  2. mixmkz

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Being attacked by cv torps, DB and rockets in cruisers with no heal is WG's way of saying "you hate CV at t10? Suck on this big rubber butt plug that I pulled out of my a**hole and let me know if this taste better"
  3. If you watch any wows streamers on twitch, it is universally people complaining about playing against cv. I have not met a denser / ignorant group of game developer, ever
  4. mixmkz

    A different take on CVs

    Did you just make the case that cv is only balanced because it gets occasionally up tiered? Then clearly t10 cv is broken, thank you.
  5. That kind of explains the amount of coop like behaviors I am seeing in our random battles.
  6. Its getting there for me, mainly the battles are pre determined steamrolls makes it less fun. If I want to yolo in and shoot for 3 mins I will play coop.
  7. That I agree, and is so unhealthy for the game / player base. The fact that they 1) offer no training as part of a tutorial and 2) purposely hide armor profile of prem ships shows they are going above and beyond to make this game as confusing and hard to learn as possible.
  8. One would think after 14k battles (looking at you), that knowledge would almost be muscle reflex by now. Its one thing to not care enough, its another to do a repetitive task for 14k times and still at the bottom of the learning curve.
  9. Are you saying that if my enemy dumb is dumb and full of 30% win rate players I have successfully counter the enemy team? NICE! How do I ensure I always get really bad enemy team? I have yet to acquire this level of counter play.
  10. Over match counters cruisers. But cruiser can HE spam back and kill the same bb that over match it. What does dd do again to counter cv?
  11. Last night there was a shima on my team, in a 1 dd per side game, that immediately smoked up when he was spotted by the enemy gearing. He stayed in smoke for so long a lone GK walked up into the middle of the cap unspotted, hydro and killed him using secondaries. It is really things like that makes me wonder why people play dd
  12. Nah, they will play anyways and die first, so everyone will have a horrible experience lol
  13. the exp board in this game does not represent impact / influence during a battle, unfortunately. While I can play the t7 atlanta and pretty much score in the top 3 in a t9 battle easily, the amount of influence I can have is very minimal. At t9, half of the dd can out damage the atlanta, almost all the new super cruisers can one shot an atlanta (who is also a cruiser). You literally can only do opportunistic damage, and if your team derps (which they do all the time), you can't carry as hard because the t9 ships are in another league in terms of power output.
  14. If warship is not tanks, then why do I see so many battleship players side scraping behind islands using only their front guns despite losing 50% of their fire power.
  15. I've been seeing this a lot too, most likely people suiciding to check off objectives. Look at this battle last night, our t7 dd instead of sneaking into the cap, decides to go 1/4 speed in a straight line, and use only his front guns on an ibuki (2 tiers higher) until he was killed. He didn't have camo or flags.