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    Asashio B

    I find it easy to avoid planes as long as I don't rush out right away - I hold back near supporting AA until I see where the first plane sortie is going then boot it out to where I want to be - also usually gives my CV teammate a chance to show me what is going on. The extra 50 second or wait to get going is not that big a loss. I think I've been focused down by a CV 4 times while playing my Asashio - most CV drivers don't have the patience. Asashio's biggest control weapon is its stealth.

    Ops Rework, New Wave Players...

    Ops should not be only playable or non-toxic for people if they are in a Div Still hoping that one day I'll get another shot at Narai...it just doesn't seem to come up for me anymore & that one got me through Covid.

    Asashio B

    Asashio is my main and I love it dearly - 1K + of sorties. Uptiers very well - I fear no tier 10 ships in this. Serious BB area controller - locks down BB"s on a flank & makes them think & dance. Needs a large point captain. Sneaky guns that do serious damage to anything under a BB. A great partner ship with wonderful stealth. Only ship I concern myself about is a decent Cossack captain. LWM review still has value

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Crusaders don't listen - I silence people because of that, not whether I disagree with them. I've on silence people who are pro sub & anti sub, pro CV, & anti CV. The issue is the unwillingness to actually engage.

    Won an Aegis

    Can anybody explain why the NW red squadron is firing on the transport ships BEFORE all the protecting cruisers are destroyed? This makes no sense. In general, Aegis has become the OP that rarely wins - have one win and then only because I managed to act as a meat shield for the one remaining transport to get to home from far to the south. It needs to be recoded. Sure some of you "enjoy the challenge". That's not why most people go into OPS.

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Sigh, your use of "us" when it comes to a game mechanic should be your first clue that you have been played by a bunch of grifters. I've got 6 pages on my ignore post list due to all the crusaders in here - on all sides of the CV & sub debates/whining sessions. Added another one tonight...oh well.
  7. You get the huge XP ego stroke without having to deal with the social interaction of random.

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    I just want to point out that the origin for this meme was a massive troll / grift by the guy in the picture - he had no interest in changing his mind because being challenged made him money in engagement from the disgruntled.

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    That's not how YouTube works. To gain numbers & revenue in YouTube, you pander to engagement - in YouTube & Facebook, engagement is far harder driven by outrage - that's how the algorithms work for those two types of social media. All you need as a creator is a thousand people supporting you & you can do well - see this video by a relatively successful music YouTuber (who doesn't pander to outrage that much but if you look at her catalogue, does focus on engagement) to understand the concept of media engagement.
  10. GRIMLOCK__

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    LOL You really don't understand how the Youtube algorithms that drive engagement & revenue work, do you. Outrage sells on Youtube People who love something? They go on Instagram The assumption that "hatred of subs" is the majority opinion of users & proven by the non-existance of pro sub YouTube videos is....a bad assumption. The only metric WG cares about is eyeballs & revenue. The feels of "Not fun anymore" only comes into play for WG if engagement is also down. Still waiting for somebody to point out if the amount of users is down more then covid fall - many industries that thrived during covid are seeing a 25% drop in revenue this year.
  11. GRIMLOCK__

    CVs in Narai: Please don't attack Lexington early

    I usually do a couple of torp runs on the Clev & get a run in on the Missouri if its around.
  12. GRIMLOCK__

    CVs in Narai: Please don't attack Lexington early

    I have attacked everything else in the bay & nothing moved.
  13. GRIMLOCK__

    Stats viewing

    My stats, hidden, would show 51% WR in random. A few years ago, that was considered bad - now I read that's considered good. In my preferred 2 DD's with over 1800 sorties between them, I'm 59 & 56%. There was a time when unicum meant 70% plus. I'm not sure that is still true. I prefer to make no assumptions about my teammates in random - reduces the stress levels.
  14. GRIMLOCK__

    Operations feedback (Aegis in particular)

    I find in Aegis that the NW entering battle group is way tougher & takes up way more time. Players rushing to take care of the first group are getting cross shot. 5 post change Aegis - only once even saw the 3 BB's.