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  1. Anonymous50

    CVs in Co-op

    I was a lone DD in a game with 2 bot cruisers and nobody else in my area. I'm going to get charged at no matter what & those 2 cruisers are just going to get wrecked ASAP. If the CV had bothered to spot, I could have avoided the onrushing hordes. And we would have won. Instead, he/she focus on 1 BB and the other 4 of us that are not bots are on our own. 16 minutes later - a loss.
  2. Anonymous50

    The CV ruins the game!

    Making it to 17:25 in a DD is the sign of a good DD captain most of the time.
  3. Anonymous50

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Could have been worse. I'm on Steam and it downloaded 8.3.0 already. I have no idea if Steam will be provided an upgrade that will over ride that upgrade that was downloaded.
  4. Anonymous50

    Update the "Victory" Competition!

    Not sure where to put this. I play on Steam. At 7 am Eastern this morning, I logged into Steam & it started downloading a 4GB update. I stopped it because I had to go to work. Saw that 8.3.0 was delayed later this morning at work. Download continued on Steam tonight. Says 8.3.0 is uploaded Won't play (understandable) Is there going to be an issue with on steam once its pushed to the client servers tomorrow?
  5. Anonymous50

    World of CVs

    CV's can't be OP & destroying gameplay & still have 10 ships doing more damage then the best CV available. Oh, and to the people who keep saying "skill isn't the issue", that's funny because as a flying potato CV driver (see my avi) who does more DD & cruiser then CV, I can tell you that CV skill is a BIG part of how CV involved games go down.
  6. Anonymous50

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    Anecdotedly, I'm seeing more Shima's out there then I used to see. But then I am an Asashio main so what do I know.
  7. Anonymous50

    The Current State of DD vs. CV

    Your viewpoint on the mental & strategic capabilities of CV drivers is very kind but doesn't match reality. A LOT of CV drivers, like a lot of players period, will over focus on a particular ship.
  8. Can we just stamp this response over the various CV dealing with it vs. cv-hating it threads that are all over this forum? The unicum have always been among us but the flying potatoes have always been more numerous.
  9. Anonymous50

    There are no hard counters to CVs

    A CV that doesn't move is a CV more likely to die.
  10. Anonymous50

    CVs in Co-op

    Please spot - it really helps. Played a coop with a Shima last night where an Audacious focused on the one ship in front of them. Had 2 bot cruisers and I'm the only DD. Basically, 2/3 of the map was unspotted when 4 of the red came down on me. If he/she had just done a sweep to spot the rest, we might have won.
  11. Anonymous50

    PSA: 0.8.3 delayed a day

    Just curious I play this game on Steam. There was a 4 GB download set to load this morning.
  12. Anonymous50

    People are so angry now :(

    Many people don't talk on forums or use Reddit. The reasons to talk on forums or use Reddit about a game tend to be driven by a need to be heard or understand - these people also are more likely to be either upset with something or be willing to get upset at something. After over 35 years on such forums/discussion groups, I am self aware enough to know this is me & most people in forums / on reddit.
  13. Anonymous50

    People are so angry now :(

    Thank you for proving the OP's point. And giving me the chance to ignore another one of the people that can't find the middle ground.
  14. It also already a point made in a few dozen other threads. To which the OP has contributed.
  15. Anonymous50

    CVs in Co-op

    Took out my new Lexington in its second co-op game yesterday. Was low tier so not expecting much. Do a great work of spotting. Go to say something but look at the roster. Full slate of bots. & I can't aim torps for the life of me. 18 minutes of my life I'm not getting back.