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  1. Anonymous50

    Paolo Emilio - Tales of an Average Player

    So a couple of months later, I have some observations First of all PVE - this thing is a monster - in 95% of games, I get 470-650 realxp - 1500 + XP - 100K+ credits -- 100K+ in damage - this is without flags & only the stock camo Game play is fairly simple Note who & what is behind you - this is what you are likely to face Note the opposing team Run forward but not full tilt as you want your teammates to be slighly behind you to maximise any damage they can get on stuff you are ignoring or don't kill Ping the opposing DD with RFP & ignore it, angling away from the ping, even more so if the red DD is a Paolo (true about 50% of the time) Once you are spotted, smoke & run the speed boost firing SAP at what you can Find the opposing cruiser, create the 2 km angle & fire a burst -SAP as you go along Find the opposing BB, create the 2.5 km angle & fire a burst (if a VII or VIII, only one should do them in) - SAP as you go along If there is no second BB or cruiser & the BB is IX or X, work to create the angle to fire a 2nd burst at this target - again firing SAP as you go If there is a 2nd BB or cruiser, find the range & angle & fire a burst, again using SAP as you go along Rely upon your teammates to kill the DD & any cruiser or BB you didn't already destroy By this time, the bots on your flank now done, there is likely only 1-3 opposing red ships left and the game will finish soon Rinse Repeat What I enjoy about this game play is setting up the angles on targets. Its a bit like playing pool, but the balls are moving and have a way of killing you if you are not careful. Things to be careful about in PVE Make sure you take teammates with you Beware torps - running in a straight line to broadside torp a cruiser or DD is a way to die Don't open fire with your guns until you are smoke up or spotted SAP is WAAY more efficient then the HE - usual SAP approach applies (will add PvP information in the next few days)
  2. Anonymous50

    First Research Bureau Ship

    Just to put this out there, as somebody who does PVE with the Paolo most nights now PVE game play for the Paolo is the following 92.5% of the time Check to see who is behind you & note then what you will be facing beyond the incoming opposing DD Check to see whether the bot team also has Paolo Go full tilt forward with a slight angle away from the RFP ping off the opposing destroyer - angle away more if they have a Paolo You will spot the red BB(s), then the red cruiser(s) The DD may fire at your teammates before you spot them - if so, get a few shots in with SAP. Once spotted, smoke, put on the speed burst & go find the right angles to torp a cruiser once, or a VIII BB once or a IX or X BB twice, all while laying in as much SAP as you can. Enjoy the kills Sail away because anything left is coming for you End game See yourself #1 almost every match with 1.5-2K of XP, 480- 620 of realXP & 100K+ of credit profit (this is without flags & using the standard camo) Rinse repeat 2.5% of the time, the DD's go somewhere else & you have a cruiser & BB to yourself 5% of the time, there is an error on your part & you have to adjust somehow Not sure I would call that dumb game play, just different - highly profitable in terms of xp per minute played & credits per minute played (if you look at things that way - I don't - I just like the challenge of that yolo charge) NOT a ship that leads you to be a good team player If I'm a cruiser or BB behind a Paolo I'd be banging in shells on the red DD as soon as it is spotted & looking to see if the Paolo torps missed or didn't fully kill so I had shots at BB's & cruisers YMMV
  3. Anonymous50

    Time to limit the number of BB's per game

    Buy an Asashio
  4. You know, when I want to play something where I can go to happy places with no consequences, I choose to play something else
  5. Uh, no. In this game, WR is one of 3 stats we have to judge the quality of a ship within random game play. WR Average damage per game Average kill per game We should have a decent stat somewhere for damage due to spotting but the internal system for that is wonky - damage done by you or others on a ship once spotted isn't really recorded properly. Its not really an equation.
  6. Anonymous50

    PSA: Team Kong vs Team Godzilla Mission Opt In

    Its a 20 day project - I played my normal 15 or so PVE games last night got 1/3 of the way there.
  7. Anonymous50

    Premium Ship Review - Hyuga

    If there ever was a "quotes that will quicken your understanding of how this game operates" section on this forum, this should be near the top of the list.
  8. Vaguely wondering if having such a thing standing so tall on the ship would make it easier to find the citadel. Do you aim where he poops, where he pees or where his feet are?
  9. Anonymous50

    Thunderer "Balance" is Dangerous

    Dude, I've heard this same arguement on the internet for nigh on 36 years now. It wasn't correct then & it isn't now. Sometimes, people just disagree with you. Deal with it
  10. Hmm....with all these relative freebies, I'm thinking WG is concerned we might be deciding to go outside again....
  11. Skill floor has a lot to do with how so many ships interact. Problem in this forum is people see a ship do something highly skilled twice & think its the ship that is the problem, not the player. We also tend to not notice/care when somebody is a potato.
  12. Anonymous50

    WeeGee owes the player base an explanation

    I find the lack of variety boring There was something more interesting about having no idea how many bots were going to be around. Now, the only interesting thing about bots on your team in co op is what actual ships you and your 1 fellow human are driving. I would note that I'm one of those people that although I enjoy finishing off quests, I play this game not for efficiency but for the experience of what occurs during the game.
  13. Anonymous50

    Thunderer "Balance" is Dangerous

    You know, just because people disagree with you and suggest your wishes are kinda facetious doesn't mean they, or you, are toxic. Internet discussions that are toxic are ones that do or cause physical harm to people. Your views & the views of others on the existence of nerfs to ships in WoW have no more capability of causing harm then me flying a tier X CV in random.
  14. Anonymous50

    In Co-Op, am I wrong?

    I know many denizens of this forum can't understand this but some people actually prefer variety in experience over efficiency. The All or only 2 human thing is a tad monotonous.
  15. Anonymous50

    Does Friesland's captain become Dutch too?

    Euro was a thing from before the Euro DD line. Friesland fit that. That the Dutch cruiser line comes out doesn't have to be because WG is evil. Like seriously, Occam's razor people....administrations sometimes change things. The fact this happens doesn't mean the world is out to get you. Man, tin foil hat much.