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  1. Anonymous50

    I said it, now Flambass says it...

    Invested does not always equal high skill. Invested does not always equal playing this game 10+ hours a day. As a proud member of the flying potato squadron of average at best players, I can state the things to enjoy about playing matches in this game are not necessarily found in constantly winning. Some I have seen discussed openly or obliquely in these forums: Getting better Grinding up to get a ship Grinding captains Finishing Directives Getting that one good shot in Getting that one good game in Figuring out how to win during a situation I understand people for whom being the best & winning is the only reason to play a game. The assumption this forum often makes that all of us are interested in being unicum is not true. And a game built around keeping the 10+ hour a day people happy would not be WoW.
  2. Anonymous50

    A Lesson in Doing the Wrong Thing

    You shouldn't expect anything. Its a unique situation requiring a unique approach. Just like every single game we play. Like in all of them, figure it out.
  3. Anonymous50

    A Lesson in Doing the Wrong Thing

    Ya'll do spotting in your BB's and cruisers at the end of game when all the DD's are dead - so why can't you do it when there are no DD's at the beginning?
  4. Anonymous50

    Wants Newer players banned from Ranked

    People who think this are playing the wrong game Seriously...they are in the wrong game. The only mode of this game where somebody can assume a quality of play level for all their teammates is in Clan battles and it is only possible even then if that is a regimented clan. This is not a flaw, it's by design - yes, it's a feature. People who want to limit others with less skill from playing with them are not going to get their wish - can keep yelling about it all they want but, like the anti/pro CV diatribes, WG is working on a different game then what they want.
  5. Anonymous50

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Needs more cowbell
  6. Anonymous50

    ranked spirit or normal ranked 1 v1

    1 v 1 again? Sure...make it IX - there's too many weird VIII or X premium ships while IX has a lot of very good tech lines & the weird premiums will have issues (he says as a Friesland & Benham owner)
  7. The fact that one ship splatted you once unexpectedly is ...a thing. A small thing. Its a sesame seed off a nothing burger, placed into a sandwich that gets stuck in your teeth and then is easily removed with a toothpick so you never have to think about it again.
  8. Anonymous50

    cv's got juiced without any comment

    The supposition that CV players a) want to be given more b) are even on here to complain about CV's being bad is....farcical Enough for me to add to my 5 page anti CV / pro CV polemicist "on ignore they be" list.
  9. Anonymous50

    Is Wargaming censoring CV haters?

    Yeah, that statement alone caused me to put that poster on ignore. BTW, that's the answer to this thread topic. WG isn't censoring cv haters. WG & most people playing the game, just have that whole discussion on ignore now.
  10. a) Clan battles is played by maybe..maybe....20% of all players. CV discussions are about random, not cb. b) I don't remember anybody defending the CV changes based on the metas being different - going to call strawman on this one c) not every discussion has to be about CV's
  11. Humour isn't taking the wee wee.
  12. Anonymous50

    CV vs Halland

    A lot of DD drivers have issues understanding that wasting a CV's planes while they focus on you is actually good DD play.
  13. See that CV name and all I can think is
  14. Anonymous50

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    Grind for a Tier VIII German battleship? Hmmm.....thinka I'm a gonna pass.
  15. Anonymous50

    200% first win is the new norm?

    Dude, don't attempt to obfuscate - nobody is buying it "X are the reasons why" is the same amount of characters as "find the answer here"