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  1. Anonymous50

    Not a Shabby Supercontainer

    I seem to recall getting 100 ramming flag a couple of times....
  2. Anonymous50

    2 questions about the harakaze

    Propulsion if you are going to stop & start Steering if you never touch the S key.
  3. Anonymous50

    Massive amount of sad

    I LOVE the Benham but then I enjoy all the meme destroyers - Loyang, Friesland, Asashio, Benham, Shima. If you enjoy figuring out weirdness, Benham is fun. Torp dancing.
  4. Anonymous50

    Massive amount of sad

    The Epitaph of the World is going to say "Their all going to regret this"
  5. Anonymous50

    Massive amount of sad

    Um The OP whines EVERY SINGLE DAY If people look at his avatar and use that to bolster their opinion of him, WHY DO YOU CARE? Its the internet. People whine and people complain about the whiners. Nothing has changed in over 40 years.
  6. Anonymous50

    How do you get red tracer again?

    FYI American version of Ovechkin has different tracers then Russian version of Ovechkin. I have the American version in my Benham to help with the HP.
  7. Anonymous50

    Will this impact WG Asian player base?

    Hard to keep politics out of something that is inherently a political decision. I am reminded that yesterday was Guy Fawkes day - and the amount of people who show V for Vendetta on that day.
  8. Anonymous50

    Genova is just fine -- Well Done WG DEVS

    A lot of Meh for me. Can make it work but why bother?
  9. Anonymous50

    Opinions on Thunderer

    I chose Thunderer because I know I would not enjoy playing Smolensk - its not my thing. BUT Thunderer is good and all & its not OP enough that WG would likely pull it while all past history indicates Smolensk's days of availability are numbered. Unfortunately, that is where the comparison has to be made. If you would enjoy playing Smolensk, that has to be the choice now.
  10. You think people who play Co-op care about WR? Note - Co-op players are not in it for what the "I only ever play Random because I'm a real man!" types are in it for.
  11. Anonymous50

    the few outweigh the many

    I for one prefer threads like this that trap zealots like flies so I can safely put them on ignore.
  12. Anonymous50

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    I love the Loyang - my second premium - I bought it mostly because of Mouse's review with this particular graphic. The playstyle in co-op is absurd.
  13. Anonymous50

    Thunderer vs Georgia

    Thunderer is a fire starting (63% without buffs) long distance sniper - its OK for tankiness but I stay well back from 20+K. I avoid getting close with it as its just too squishy for me. Fast (ish) reload helps. Georgia is a middle range AP grinder that can be secondary spec'd like a Mass. That speed is useful. 2 different playstyles - I like them both - but definatley 2 different approaches to things.
  14. Anonymous50

    The three most beautiful ships in the game IMHO

    Konig Albert
  15. Cap theology discussions are so weird. Ya'll argue them like your a bunch of JW's on my doorstep.