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  1. Unless spec as a Secondary build Bismark or Tirpitz :P Some of the most entertaining games I have had in that Tirp have been rushing the CAP, intercepting smoked out camping DD's and charging in while a spotter lays them bare. Secondaries on one, main guns on the other. It does not always work out well but if I can get them to panic and fire early, I can usually thread the needle of torps and might and catch one of them with mine. Where that kind of silly crap gets me killed is by a good DD player, not panicking, and catching me too close to dodge or his buddies are too close behind and I cannot back out of my over extension... either way, great fun :P
  2. This may sound like an odd pick, but the Nelson.... It might be a bad sting of RNG or something I am not getting quite right about her guns, but I can't hit the broad side of a barn Battleship with her.... just ends up straddling almost 70-80% of the time with 0-1 hits. I would love to figure out how to get her on target.... Perhaps I need her closer in?
  3. As a new player that despises the grind of the campaigns and with many holes in my mid/high tier commanders, these are welcome and worth the $$ for me... ask me in a few months and my answer would likely not be the same as I will have leveled more commanders. So, I think its situational on where you are in your time in game.
  4. I would settle for teams that were not camping potatoes......
  5. Collection rewards are kinda meh. Campaign is going to be royally arduous. Doubt many people will bother with it. Agreed on both counts... I dislike the campaign grind with a passion.
  6. Test launcher 'public test' front new page takes you to 0.7.3 test page.....
  7. I figured out the issue.... Clicking on the launcher button in the 7.5 takes me to 7.3 web page.... You guys might want to fix that link :P
  8. I have gone through my stage 1 but do not see a way to join the stage 2 'space battles'.... Anyone have a clue how to do this, or is this not an option quite yet? EDIT: see below.... pic of test launcher and the page it defaults to...... Does this count as bug fixing credit :P
  9. Yamato is not that scary

    I had a pucker moment with my Tirpitz facing a Yammy... I was behind a very small island with my cheeks hanging out, the Yammi was cocky and showed me full flat broadside as she passed the island. I threw it it reverse and unloaded at about 4K range and my pucker factor went away as I watcher her take some serious damage. She got big guns, but up close, full broadside, you can spank her.
  10. And so much salt and tears when things do not go their way.... The chat lights on fire from time to time with 'un-spotsman like' verbiage.
  11. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    Magic eight-ball says..... Nothing but DD's and CA's in every match coming to a game near you! Now I loves me a brawl in my BB but if you care at all about your W/L or stats, these may not be well received.
  12. Historical Ammunition Levels

    Would love to see this as a battle option, ranked or otherwise. Base ships only with realistic ammo supply facing each other. Not something I would want as default but as a special battle mode... good fun
  13. Would be neat to see missions, ranked, etc for all tiers. Including a ranked for base/non premuim class..... I would love to have a reason to go to the early tiers and the option to compete with/against just base grind ships.
  14. Higher tiers?

    Thanks man!.... Just answered my own question. by testing it out, I was looking at the star and assuming it was a free XP requirement.... I wish they used a different symbol between ship XP and Free XP
  15. Higher tiers?

    TY, been searching for the answer but it looks like you need to sell a ship to get a port slot or 300DB will be needed. Is there any info somewhere on the conversion from ship XP to research XP? i.e. how much sip XP you need to grind before just paying base credits not DB... been hunting the interwebs but my google foo is not finding the answer. Example I have a crappo commander with 3859 ship XP on the T1 Hermelin and want to move to the T2 Dresden but it is showing I need to spend 350, even though I have a free port slot, which makes me think that there is a formula (ship xp / x before it unlocks for just credits) EDIT: Never mind... Just answered my own question, I was looking at the star and assuming it was a free XP requirement.... I wish they used a different symbol between ship XP and Free XP