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  1. Algraxa

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    "the data obtained from the update service is incorrect" launcher will not update or launch... .exe will launch but not connect to servers... Sooooooo guess not playing for now is the only option :P
  2. Algraxa

    Second Ship from Santa Crate

    Soooooo.... I got drunk on New Years. Ended up with Might Mo, Belfast, Kutuzof, that tier 9 Russian cruiser and well... everything in the banner add and a lot more. Don't ask how much I spent :P
  3. Algraxa

    Into the Black

    That clears it up.... Thank you!
  4. Algraxa

    Into the Black

    From the email: "The Black Friday bash begins! Get huge discounts, exclusive ships, and all sorts of surprises in the Premium Shop for a limited time." Sooooo where are the savings? I am not seeing sales prices on the store.
  5. Algraxa

    Can we get a Giulio Cesare buff please?

    OP is right, something is wrong..... I keep mashing my 'I WIN BUTTON' but it seems to be broken. Very disappointing, considering the hype and guarantees given to me by WOWS. I have a firmly worded support ticket submitted, I will post here once they respond.
  6. Algraxa

    What are you grinding out?

    Commanders, working on my 4th 19 pointer right now.
  7. Algraxa

    Battleship numbers control, what is next?

    Balance needs to happen in MM. Complaining that there are too many BB's is about as concerning to me as the fact that DD's have endless torp waves and reloads. Its a game, its not realistic.