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  1. OP is right, something is wrong..... I keep mashing my 'I WIN BUTTON' but it seems to be broken. Very disappointing, considering the hype and guarantees given to me by WOWS. I have a firmly worded support ticket submitted, I will post here once they respond.
  2. What are you grinding out?

    Commanders, working on my 4th 19 pointer right now.
  3. Balance needs to happen in MM. Complaining that there are too many BB's is about as concerning to me as the fact that DD's have endless torp waves and reloads. Its a game, its not realistic.
  4. #DDLivesMatter

    DD lives matter? pfft... Need more radar, more cowbell.
  5. Blind fire

    Predictive fire works.... Lost sight of a cruiser as it went around an island with just a sliver of heath... Thought to myself, self, why the hell not.... Shot a volley over where I thought he would be. BOOOM dead cruiser and a nasty gram in chat.
  6. Perhaps I need to switch servers :P
  7. Passive is not a play style that wins for most. Most simply miss the opportunities to push, afraid or complacent to take an opportunity when it arises. This is not good game play, this is not good team work, this will kill the game, turning it into Farmville with guns will not get new players or retain the old. I am not advocating a blind rush, but once you know where the other players are on your front, you should be pushing with the rest of your team to at least try and advance the game. JMO...
  8. We have moved from potato status to full blown mushroom syndrome. As a BB player I have elected to find an agessive DD and buddy up, as the rest of the BB's are covered with mushrooms.
  9. To much HE in the game?

    Too much HE? apparently not, considering the proposed DD armor changes.... Seems they want BB's to spam HE as well :P
  10. So, does this not screw DD's when facing Bis/Tirp/etc that use secondary builds?
  11. Lowering armor, to get more ovepens if you are a BB... trying to force BB to switch to HE
  12. Yeah T 6-7--8 seems to be the sweet spot.
  13. As a new player, I can only say I am enjoying the game as it is today.
  14. Having seen some screen shots of 'cheats' that show the incoming fire and where it is expected to hit, I think the hit is not actually calculated until the strike. Once you hit the fire button, it is not a done deal. the ship can still manuver and make a hit a miss as well as change the facing armor angle. I would imagine it is calculated at the time of impact. Purely conjecture on my part.
  15. Yep, I have been one-shotted in a cruiser more than once by a Lyon